Hammock - I thought I swore off ambient forever


6 Abr 2010, 15:46

Time for serious blogging!

It's really strange when you rediscover something that used to be important -- someone I used to really care about sent me some songs a few years ago, two that stood out were "... Like Starlight Into Day" and "The Air Between Us". I can't remember why he sent me these, only that emotions were involved. Good ones, mostly, not bad ones. I really liked these songs and listened to them quite often; I still listen, but only every once in a blue moon.

I don't know that person any more, and it's likely better that I don't, but today I remembered these songs. I wasn't feeling well, downright awful really, and a friend mentioned a song that made him feel better recently. It struck me as startlingly similar, and only by the end did I realise why I recognised it.

It did make me feel a little better, and it also reintroduced me to a band I used to find wonderful and rather soothing. It's the same group that my friend shared with me a long while back, and it may help me get through these things. So, thank you to that person who shared Breathturn with me. :3


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