• Minimalist Masterpieces

    7 Oct 2007, 21:41

    Interpol - The Lighthouse

    Lovely end of a killer new album. Notice how the guitar riff (can this be called a riff ?) embodies the rolling waves on the beach. The subtle play of louder/softer which puts a lot of feeling into this particular song. What do the waves have to say now ?

    Doves - Ambition

    Yet again a closing track of an album. You actually think the previous song killed your speakers, because this one starts so quiet it's nigh un-hearable. Softly, with small steps, the Williams brothers start weaving a melody, which grows to a great crescendo somewhere around 2:03, followed by an immersing silence. Underrated ? Yes sir. The Doves are often compared to Coldplay, I can only guess why.

    Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

    A short (just over 2 minutes), simple track which completely thrives on the main voice. It's songs like this that make you believe modern music still has its wonders. It's the kind of song that even my dad likes, whilst still sounding fresh. There's a version of this song performed in an elevator (using the shredding of magazines as cymbals) floating around the net, I warmly recommend it.