Temas (14)
Tema Álbum Duración Scrobblings
All We Need Is A Little Energon And A Lot Of Luck Tema favorito 3:44 9
Well You Damn Well Should! 2:33 9
You're Doomed 2:20 7
Right This Way, You Maverick Renegade 5:28 6
I Am Champagne And You Are Shit 4:51 5
I Beat Up The Bathroom, I'm Sorry 5:03 5
You Said Your Finger Was A Gun 5:14 4
I've Got Knives In My Eyes, I'm Going Home Sick Tema favorito 4:34 4
The Torso Has Been Severed in Mid Thorax Tema favorito 4:23 3
Eins Zwei Drei Hasselhoff! 5:50 3
Why thank you, Suzie 4:12 2
The Kid Who Had His Ear Slapped By The Druggist 4:31 2
Come to New York, There Were Fewer Murders Last Year
5:30 2
What Happened To You Dylan? You Used To Be Someone I Could Trust 5:07 1