• Where are my f***king earphones?

    9 Mar 2012, 2:53

    You know the days that you know are going to be brutal from the moment you stand on the lego's you left next to your bed the night before?

    Well maybe not, but certainly the days were you know that nothing is going to go your way. These are the days that keep your feet on the ground, remind you that you are human and tests your friends tolerances of you.

    Music plays quite an integral part in my day-to-day life (like may other users of It seems to melt away the time when I'm walking without company or when on the daily trip to college and gently takes me from the cruel surrounding reality to a melody infused world in which wild lyrics, rampant notes and carnivorous riffs run freely and there are no set rules which to abide.

    At this point I would be quite understanding if you had abandoned reading this with the thought that the author is a nutter, most probably in some illicit substance educed trance, and off on a completely unstructured rant/confession. Well you would be partly right........I am in an off-the-cuff confession with sobriety as the co-writer. Well it is 1.37am so tiredness might play a part. Anyway I thank you for venturing this far to the end of the fourth paragraph.

    Where my stoner-esque style description of musics involvement in my day is trying to portray is the important role music is to me as do I think it does to you [bearing in mind that you have an account on a music forum]. I hold music in high regard as it is a creative medium such is Art. Which is why the two go hand in hand. They both have the power to purposefully and deliberately evoke emotions; which emotions these are are all dependent on the person viewing or listening to the subject. This is what I love about creative media despite something being viewed by millions possibly billions, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa for example or Salvador Dali's Butterfly Boat make the viewer feel something. That something may be the exact feeling the creator wanted to conjure but more likely not at all because -here's another dimension that adds to the lustre- not only is it the person in general but more the mood the person is in that decides what is provoked.

    This may seem rather mundane but I find the fact that you can study at a piece of art be it a painting, a sculpture, a good book or a music track at one point and feel minimal arousal [I can hear the titling as I write this] but the next time, when approached in a different frame of mid, can provoke anything from anger to mild epiphanies. Its as if Art is living thing and reveals its secrets to people when it pleases and can manipulate us by our most basic means, our emotions.

    Got a bit hardcore there for a minute, don't know if I like that! So that's the role music plays to me and quite possible that same for you.

    So back to my day, yes I have returned back to the original thought, didn't think that would happen did you? 'cause I didn't, It was one of those days that just need to be finished just as it begins nothing was going right; a couple too many alarm "snoozes", broken bracelet, missing money, no breakfast and to top it all off my earphones had went run-a-bout and as far as I knew as I left for my bus never to be seen again.

    You won't miss the water, Till the river runs dry, You won't miss the sunset, Till it burns out the sky
    You won't miss what you have, Till it's finally lost[/align
    Bring Me Horizon - Blacklist

    This was pretty much the mood of the day, fair enough I don't only listen to music, I have to congregate and communicate with people at college and sometimes at work [NB: I work in a fashion shop so its inevitable that I speak to someone.* ] but I do really enjoy my time with my 120GB buddy none-the-less.
    Seems the most relevant lyric for this scenario despite hardly listening to BMTH but anyhoo point still stands.

    I was so used to my music being there that when it was gone it left quite the void that was rapidly filled with the real world and when you are in Dundee, Scotland that's not a good thing nor is it when you are sitting on a bus for an hour each way.

    Anyway thats pretty much it just getting a load off of my chest. I prefer to write things down when I have an idea but can't seem to find my decent pen - its been one of those days- so the laptop will have to suffice. Thanks for reading all the way through it genuinely means a lot as I know that modern people hardly read any-more never mind internet rantings from an unknown source so thank you.

    Feel free to comment and have a chat if you want.


    I've noticed that after reading it over that it is a very unstructured rant/confession that ends rather abruptly for that I apologise.

    I seem no have grown quite fond of the parenthesis keys on my keyboard but I don't think I'm going to change anything.

    * Generally I am a sociable that can speak to anyone but that day I was not and I think it shows.
  • Seen Live

    14 Jul 2011, 0:13

    The list of "seen acts" has increased quite a bit since coming back from T in The Park so I'll make a journal of it.

    This is so I can have a list so please have a read. So not in any particular order:

    T in The Park 2010:
    The Courteeners
    Jamie T
    30 Seconds to Mars
    Muse F*ck yeah :)
    3oh3 "Not my choice BTW
    The Prodigy
    The Big Pink

    T in The Park 2011
    Big Country
    The View
    Twin Atlantic
    White Lies
    Artic Monkeys Amazing
    Manic Street Preachers
    Slash(With Myles Kennedy) Starstruck *_*
    Jimmy Eat World meh
    The Strokes Boom!
    Kids in Glass Houses
    Miles Kane
    My Chemical Romance
    Beady Eye Starstruck *_*
    Foo Fighters Amazing

    T in The Park 2012:
    The Darkness
    Kaiser Chiefs
    The Cribs
    Snow Patrol
    Enter Shikari Great as always
    The Courteeners
    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    The Stone Roses Wow
    The Subways
    Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls
    Kasabian Very good indeed!

    Any other acts that I've seen on my travels

    Dundee Caird Hall, 12th Oct. 2009
    Franz Ferdinand
    Music Go Music

    Dundee Doghouse, 31st Oct. 2009
    Twisted Wheel
    The Brogues

    Fat Sam's, Dundee, 30th Nov 2009
    Trash Talk

    Glasgow 02 Academy, 14th Mar 2010
    The Courteeners
    Gold Hawks

    Fat Sam's, Dundee, 20th Oct 2010
    Plan B Rubbish; left half-way through2010
    Clare Maguire
    Faith SFX

    AECC, Aberdeen, 3rd Dec 2010
    30 Seconds to Mars
    Enter Shikari The gig that converted me
    Funeral Party

    Glasgow Barrowlands, 16th Feb 2011
    White Lies

    Glasgow Barrowlands, 13th Oct 2011
    Enter Shikari Fantastic!
    Your Demise

    Edinburgh HMV Picture House, 29th Oct 2011
    The Blackout
    We Are the Ocean Great!

    Glasgow 02 Glasgow ABC, 26th Nov 2011
    Feed Me One of my best gigs; both Feed Me and Skrillex were amazing

    Fat Sam's, Dundee, 12th Dec 2011
    Twin Atlantic
    Dinosaur Pile-Up
    Arcane Roots

    AECC, Aberdeen, 14th Feb 2012
    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    Reverend and the Makers

    Newcastle Metro Arena, 29th Feb 2012
    Rammstein Had to have been my best gig yet; simply amazing

    Dundee Doghouse, 10th March 2012
    Sound of Guns Good gig despite a minor death threat incident
    Lost City Soul
    Carly Connor

    Glasgow 02 Academy, 19th Oct 2012
    The Gaslight Anthem
    Blood Red Shoes
    Dave Hause

    Beat Generator Dundee, 27th Apr 2013
    We Were Promised Jetpacks
    The Mirror Trap
    Copper Lungs
  • Cannibalistic music

    13 May 2011, 17:31

    The Digital revolution has taken its toll on many industries. Once were you had to go to specialist shops to find goods now only eBay is needed. Once when you had to research something or engross yourself in a fantasy world there is now Wikipedia and plentiful RPG sites.

    This theme can be applied to many other amenities but considering this is a social music hub I shall use it to show a point that everyone can relate, The music store.

    When the Digital age first dawned everyone was enthusiastic, the advantages were instant, access to pretty much anything at your fingertips. The use and uses of the internet were growing rapidly so fast in fact that everyone was blissfully unaware of the impending threat.

    Clothing stores made use of on-line immensely, shops that you would normally go to on the high street became quieter as people decided that the extra money for delivery more than justified the quest to nearest city centre, looking through all of the shops, finding the item that they were looking for and then the arduous journey back home. This is all well with the clothing companies because the sites are the same company as on the street so no loss made. This isn't the same for the music industry.

    Before the only place to get an album from your favourite artist was the independent music store down the road.Since music downloads-legit or otherwise- became readily available over the net, these independent record stores have rapidly decreased. This I am sure you will have noticed. Only the strong still stand, yet wounded like a bull waiting for the Tercio de Muerte.

    I myself do not see the attraction of downloading music. I find it to be a very sterile process;
    1. Login
    2. Find music
    3. Make Payment
    4. Download to hard drive

    I enjoy going into a music store without a clue of what to buy and becoming surrounded by so many different genres. The first 4 minutes are usually just randomly looking at all of the album covers and not really registering. Then deciding out of 7 minutes of filtering down albums to a select 1-3. When I pay for the albums a feeling of satisfaction triggers much similar to when I give to charity because the money that I am giving to them gets sieved down through tiers that have been severely malnourished. -Mainly the shop, the record label and the artists (what's left of it)
    I even enjoy the feeling taking of the cellophane and reading the inlet. I am sure that I am not alone even with the cellophane idée fixe.

    Obviously the internet is a marvellous tool that provides countless services but music distribution should not be one of them. Yes the process of downloading music files is much simpler that actually physically purchasing albums and yes it might be cheaper (<£1/$1/€1 per track) and yes it will be readily available to transfer any device of your choice. but what can beat having a physical copy, something that you can use without looking through electronic files and eventually forgetting about. It is also a snapshot of a part of your life. People have collections ranging through the decades, despite not being musically desirable to them any more but do not get rid of the like a corrupt mp3 but instead keep them as it is part of their lives and has served it purpose.

    Mp3 files do not have offer the same qualities. When you look up an album that you haven't listened to in a couple of years on your computer memories of you listening to it or any connotations of this particular song do not come flooding back but instead you relies that you need the extra space to download an email attachment so you delete it and forget about it.

    I am not trying to start a revolution to boycott iTunes, Napster, eMusic and such, but instead just hopefully sell a few extra albums that would have been left in the music store. I know that there are very few people that have disposable income because I am one of them but if you are ever walking past a music shop please have a look in even if not to buy but to just browse(r).

    Thank you very much for reading. Even if one album is sold under the influence of this article I will find it a huge success. and please leave a comment.

    I am not an English teacher and I can hold my hands up to any errors, so please if you are to comment please make it on the points raised rather than the grammar.