• Top 10 Metallica tracks - My personal opinion

    19 Dic 2007, 17:18

    Well. Metallica has been my favourite band for 7 years now. When i was 12 years old, i listened to all kind of crap music, mainstream shitty trance, hiphop etc. But ofc, i was only 12 at that time, so i've changed, and thats something im very happy about. So, me and my cuz were at his place and downloaded from some Napster look-a-like thingy (hehe...), and some of the songs were Metallica. The songs we downloaded were Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandmanand Sad But True. So, can you imagine what it was like for a 12 year old boy, to hear real music for the first time in his life? The heavy metal thunder as Steppenwolf famously sung. The riffs, the vocals, the drums, everything was perfect. Ofcourse, I began to listen to other bands, like Iron Maiden, Ac/Dc and Guns N'Roses. But, Metallica is that band I allways return too. I've seen them live three times. Two nights on their opening stage for the Madly in Anger with the World tour in Oslo, Norway and first time outdoors this summer in Oslo, infront of 40.000 norwegian metalheads. Best times of my life.

    10. The Outlaw Torn from Load(1996)

    Well, I'm a hardcore fan of Metallicas thrash period in the 80s, but im also a huge fan of their bluesy hard rock they made on the Load-albums. This song is the best post-1988 Metallica song in my opinion. The slow drum/riff start and later builds up with a great lyrical performance by James Hetfield and evolves into one of the sickest wah soloes ive ever heard. It's an orgasmic explotion. It also contains a great blues-inspired part right before the highlight of the song; the solo.

    9. For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ride the Lightning (1984)

    Yeah, you've all heard it, the well known bass intro. Made famous by the best bass player ever, mr. Cliff Burton (RIP). The intro with the awesome bass and the following riff makes this to one of the best Metallica songs ever. Good lyrics taken from Ernest Hemningway novel with the same name.

    8. One- ...and Justice for All (1988)

    Overplayed, but not overrated. The war theme, the explotions. The beautiful intro with later evolvs into a real masterpiece. Its like Stairway to Heaven: Begins slowly and becomes faster and faster. The highlight of this song is with no doubt the machine gun riffing / double bass, its just insane. And lets not forget the solo by Kirk Hammet and the twin solos with him and James Hetfield.

    7. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Master of Puppets (1986)

    The best Metallica ballad ever. Some people prefer Fade to Black, but to me, this is the best one. Spinechilling lyrics and a powerful melody. Simply great.

    6. Creeping Death- Ride the Lightning (1984)

    Metallicas opening song for their recent tour is this great song. Egyptian-themed lyrics and atmosphere. The hightlight of the song is Kirks solo and the following riff, made famous by the "DIE DIE DIE" chant on concerts. Too be a part of this chant during a Metallica concerts is just great.

    5. The Thing That Should Not Be - Master of Puppets (1986)

    Inspired by HP Lovecraft, Cliff Burton wrote this song. This song contains one of the most badass riffs ever in metal history, doomy and epic. This gives this song a great atmosphere. The solo from Kirk here is one of the most evil solos ive ever heard and fits perfectly into the song.

    4. Disposable Heroes- Master of Puppets(1986)

    One of the many masterpieces on MoP. The song is about war and is a real killer. Great lyrics and some sick riffs and solos. Highlight of the song is when James Hetfield screams out: "I was born for Dying!!". Im so glad they've begun to play this song live again. The intro is funky and sick in both ways. Just great.

    3. ...and Justice for All - ... And Justice For All (1988)

    Halls of justice painted green, money talkin. Hands down, best lyrical song ever. So fuckin glad they have begun to play this live again, for the first time since 88. It's so progressive and technical, Metallica at their best. Fast changes in the riffs and solos.

    2. Orion - Master of Puppets (1986)

    Hands down, best intstrumental ever made. Thank you Cliff, the lead bass is the best ive ever heard in bass playing, its insane that you can play this on a bass guitar. Both beautiful and heavy. Epic riff. I cried when i saw the live stream of Rock am Ring in 2006.

    1. Blackened - ....and Justice for All(1988)

    One of the best intros in metal history. The best riff in metal history, the most badass song in metal history, the greatest thrash vocals in metal history...and the list goes on. Fast as hell, a thrash masterpiece, and the lyrics are so badass that I nearly mastrubates every time i hear this song. I've seen this song being played live. They opened with it in 2003, life cant be better. Best song ever made, hands down.

    Other honorable mentions: Dyers Eve, Fight Fire with Fire, The Four Horsemen, Seek & Destroy, Whiplash, Leper Messiah, The Frayed Ends of Sanity.
  • Top 10 thingy

    19 Dic 2007, 16:31

    I've seen people have this on their pages, so i'll give it a try...

    I'll take my top 10 list.


    First song I heard: Nothing Else Matters
    Song that made me fall in love: Enter Sandman
    Favourite song: Blackened
    Favourite album: ...and Justice for All
    Favourite member: James Hetfield
    Worst album: Reload


    First song I heard: Airbag
    Song that made me fall in love: Karma Police
    Favourite song: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    Favourite album: Kid A
    Favourite member: Jonny Greenwood
    Worst album: Pablo Honey


    First song I heard: Stinkfist
    Song that made me fall in love: Ænema
    Favourite song: Lateralus
    Favourite album: Lateralus
    Favourite member: Maynard James Keenan
    Worst album: Undertow


    First song I heard: Angel of Death
    Song that made me fall in love: South Of Heaven
    Favourite song: Seasons In The Abyss
    Favourite album: Seasons in the Abyss
    Favourite member: Jeff Hanneman
    Worst album: Diabolus In Musica

    5.Iron Maiden

    First song I heard: Run to the Hills
    Song that made me fall in love: Number of the Beast
    Favourite song: Alexander the Great
    Favourite album: Somewhere In Time
    Favourite member: Adrian Smith
    Worst album: Virtual XI

    6.System of a Down

    First song I heard: Toxicity
    Song that made me fall in love: Old School Hollywood
    Favourite song: War?
    Favourite album: System of a Down
    Favourite member: Serj Tankian
    Worst album: Mezmerize


    First song I heard: Beautiful Day
    Song that made me fall in love: Beautiful Day
    Favourite song: Where the Streets Have No Name
    Favourite album: Achtung Baby
    Favourite member: The Edge
    Worst album: Pop

    8. Bruce Springsteen (& E Street Band)

    First song I heard: Born in the USA
    Song that made me fall in love: Downbound Train
    Favourite song: Racing in the Street
    Favourite album: Nebraska
    Favourite member: Little Steven
    Worst album: Lucky Town

    9. Muse

    First song I heard: Time Is Running Out
    Song that made me fall in love: Map of the Problematique
    Favourite song: Interlude / Hysteria
    Favourite album: Absolution
    Favourite member: Matthew Bellamy
    Worst album: Showbiz

    10. Pink Floyd

    First song I heard: Money
    Song that made me fall in love: Comfortably Numb
    Favourite song: Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    Favourite album: Animals
    Favourite member: Roger Waters
    Worst album: A Momentary Lapse of Reason

    The most boring thing about this is actually to tag all this shit....