8 Oct 2008, 2:35

Some thoughts on Boa's single, Eat You Up, which is geared to get her to break through into the American music market:

-The song is definitely very, very different from her original style and puts more on an emphasis on the sexy background music instead of the actual sound of her voice. There's a lot of synthesizing.
-There's no opportunity for BoA to show off her strong voice...which Americans probably wouldn't care about anyway
-The words aren't outright explicit (by American standards), but hint at enough
-Her accent isn't obvious, but it's there, which, sadly enough, may hurt her chances of success greatly
-It is, however, pretty catchy
-Oh, and the video has an awesome dance, I can't wait to see the whole thing

Overall, by starting with a thick layer of sex, not doing any strenuous singing, adding synthesizers over her voice, and dancing after getting sprayed by sprinklers, BoA couldn't have done a better job trying to squeeze into the American market. Hopefully if she is accepted, she can start to branch out, but since Americans are just a teeny-tiny bit close-minded, until she fits into the American mold she doesn't have a chance. :(


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