• Best Albums of 2013

    1 Mar 2014, 21:23

    Aosoth- IV:An Arrow in Heart
    Avatarium- Avatarium
    Cult of Fire मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान
    Darkthrone The Underground Resistance
    Imperium Dekadenz-Meadows of Nostalgia
    October Falls-The Plague of a Coming Age
    Rotting christ- Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
    The Ruins of Beverast-Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel of Heinrich Kramer
    Wardruna-Runaljod - Yggdrasil
    SubRosa-More Constant Than the Gods
    Carcass- Surgical Steel
    Tribulation-The Formulas of Death
  • My year in music, 2012

    7 Feb 2013, 17:45

    So this is my 2012 list. I've listened to less metal this year than I have in any year since I got into this stuff in the late 90's, and I'm especially not very knowledgeable about newer bands, but as it is, here are my favorites ( and least favorite) of the year.


    1. Enslaved- RIITIIR I'm definitely very critical every time Enslaved releases a new album, but that's the territory that comes when a band is as consistently brilliant as they are, and RIITIIR delivers. Enslaved are a truly unique and remarkable band. They release albums every couple years like most bands, yet manage to reinvent themselves constantly while staying true to their sound. Some elements, such as the clean vocals, have never been better. The only way this album could have been better was if they included their version of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" as a bonus, since I think it's the best cover song I"ve ever heard. I guess the fact that I briefly thought about going all the way to Pittsburgh on their upcoming tour is good way to show how I really feel about this band. I believe the name of that tour is the "Hey, let's skip the southeast" tour.

    2. Katatonia- Dead End Kings I was starting to get the feeling that I would never really fall in love with another Katatonia album ever again. 2006's Great Cold Distance was very good, but signaled that things may be changing in the Katatonia camp, and sure enough, the follow up Night is the New Day is the weakest album of their career. Needless to say I was ecstatic when I heard DEK for the first time and realized that, while they had kept the sound they established on the previous effort, they managed to actually write enjoyable songs to match that sound. I'm not too sure if the female vocals on "The One You Are Looking for Is Not Here" totally work, but other than that, it delivers everything I want out of a Katatonia album.

    3. Borknagar- Urd I don't think Borknagar really needed to invite ICS Vortex back into the band, Urd was going to rule whether he was in the fold or not. Now, though, they simply have an embarrassment of riches. Why have one legendary vocalist when you can have two? Of course it wouldn't matter who the vocalists were if the music wasn't good enough to accompany them, but Urd is fantastic. They continue the momentum they built on "Universal", which was a bit of a rebirth for the band after a four year absence. "The Earthling" and "The Beauty of Dead Cities" are two of the best songs they've ever done, and I look forward to where they can possibly go from here.

    4. My Dying Bride- A Map of All Our Failures. Another band I'm extremely critical of is My Dying Bride, since they were the first doom metal I ever heard, and have remained one of my favorites ever since. If I could pick one word to describe this album, it would be "gloomy". This album has a very dark, oppressive atmosphere unlike anything I've ever heard from them. Unfortunately I don't think the songs can quite live up the the atmosphere, but it tries its damnedest. The lyrics and vocals are fantastic as always, as Aaron Stainthorpe takes us on a tour through woe, misery and loneliness like only he can.

    5. Agalloch- Faustian Echoes EP It's hard to know where to place this album, since it's just one 21 minute song, but it's one of the best songs of the year,and my favorite song by the band since they released The Mantle way back in 2002. Some bands are very bad at using samples in their music, but Agalloch has proven this to not be a problem in the past, and here it is used to great effect, including some that were also used by Forgotten Tomb on their "Negative Megalomania" album. The EP has more of a black metal sound than ever, but it mixes perfectly with the Agalloch sound, and it's also nice to hear a much better production than on the previous album, Marrow of the Spirit, which sounded a bit to low-fi to me. I'm more than ready for the next full length.


    6. Woods of Ypres- Grey Skies & Electric Light
    7. Therion-Les Fleurs du Mal .
    8. Mgla- With Hearts Towards None
    9. Deathspell Omega- Drought EP
    10. Shining-Redefining Darkness

    Most disappointing of the year- Devin Townsend Project- Epicloud. To say I was a little excited to hear the news that Devin had reunited with the wonderful Annekke van Giersbergen would be a massive understatement, since I adore their previous album under the DTP name , Addicted!. But this! What the hell is this! It's absolutely unlistenable. Maybe hearing some of these songs live will change my mind, but as of right now, I can't get through the entire album. I know Devin would never repeat himself and record Addicted! Part Two, but I kind of wish he had.

    Best video of the year- Therion- Poupée de cire, poupée de son This is a rather great idea. Have a skeleton crew of Therioners perform on a dive bar stage with the others mock them, and drink excessively. Fights and sexual situations ensue. An unclassy video for a classy band. And entertaining as hell. Lori Lewis has never looked or sounded better.

    Favorite live bands of the year


    Iron Maiden

    Dead Can Dance

    While Heaven Wept


    Negura Bunget


    Iced Earth

    The Devil's Blood

  • Seen Live

    24 Dic 2010, 15:23

    here's a list of all the shows I've seen since the beginning of 2008. It could be grander, but I missed a few thanks to illness and circumstances out of my control. I didn't see any shows between Feb 2005-Feb 2008, and all the bands/tours I saw pre-2005 are rather fuzzy to me.

    Note: All forgettable locals and other bands I hate are not mentioned.


    Feb- Nightwish/Paradise Lost
    May- Dimmu Borgir/Behemoth/Keep of kalessin
    May- Dream Theater/Opeth/Between the buried and me/3
    may Ensiferum/Turisas/Týr/Eluvetie
    may- Satan's host/Drawn & Quartered
    Sep-Obituary/Unleashed/Prime Mover
    Sep Iced Earth/Saviours/Into Eternity
    Sep-Amorphis/Samael/Virgin Black
    Kataklysm/Dying Fetus/Eluvetie/Keep of kalessin
    Opeth/High on Fire/Baroness
    Kamelot/Halcyon Way/Eclipsed By Sanity


    Feb Amon Amarth/Skeletonwitch/Goatwhore/The Absence
    Sep Sunn0)))/Eagle Twin
    Sep Satyricon/Toxic Holocaust/Chthonic
    Oct-Moonspell/Secrets of the Moon
    Nov Ensiferum/Lazerus AD
    Nov Queensryche/Lita Ford
    Nov Eluvetie/Belphegor/Alestorm/Vreid/Kivimetsan Druidi
    Dec Marduk/Nachtmystium/Manic Ritual/Merrimack


    Jan-Korpiklaani/Týr/White Wizzard
    Jan-Zoso (Led Zeppelin tribute)
    Jan- Alas Tyranny/Stygian Apotgem
    Feb-Nile/Immolation/Krisiun/Dreaming Dead
    Feb-Epica/Threat Signal
    May-Cage/Halcyon Way/Eclipsed By Sanity/Destroy/Destroy/Destroy/Veins Iced Over/Brazen Angel
    July Woods of Ypres/Incarceri 9
    Aug- Destroyer 666/Pathology/Wolves & Jackals
    Sep-Kamelot/Nocturnal Rites/Tyr/Leaves Eyes/Seventh Wonder
    Oct-Katatonia/Swallow the Sun/Orphaned Land
    Nov-Dimmu Borgir/Enslaved/Blood Red Throne/Dawn of Ashes
    Nov-Watain/Goatwhore/Black Anvil
    Dec- Blind Guardian/Holy Grail/Seven Kingdoms


    Feb, March Finntroll/Ensiferum/Rotten Sound/Barren Earth x2
    March Cradle of Filth/Nachtmystium/Turisas
    March Agalloch/Worm Ouroboros/Loss
    Apr Rotting Christ/Melechesh/Hate/Abagail Williams/Lecherous Nocturne
    May Amon Amarth
    May Space Vikings/Enders Game
    July Children Of Bodom/Devin Townsend Project/Septic Flesh/Obscura
    Aug Seven Kingdoms/Artizan/Widow/Creation's End/The Shield
    Sep Sanctuary/Ihsahn/Mob Rules/Eldritch
    Sep Therion/Forbidden/Labyrinth/Red Circuit/While Heaven Wept/Haken
    Sep Wolves in The Throne Room/Megaton Leviathan/Wizard Smoke/Uberchriist
    Sep Opeth/Katatonia
    Oct Sabaton/Brazen Angel/Mandroid Academy/Space Vikings
    Nov Abney Park/Devilish Presley/The Mists of Avalon/Cryogenica
    Nov Iced Earth/White Wizzard/Fury UK
    Nov Gorgoroth/Vader/Valkyrja
    Dec Mayhem/Keep Of Kalessin/Hate/Abagail Williams
    Dec Korpiklaani/Arkona/Polkadot Cadaver/Forged In Flame


    Feb- Tool/YOB
    March- Iced Earth/Warbringer/Halcyon Way
    March- Bruce Springsteen
    March- Alcest/Deafheaven/Uberchriist
    Apr- Turisas/Alestorm/Arkona/Huntress/Prime Mover
    May Behemoth/Watain/The Devils Blood/In Solitude/Royal Thunder
    May Mastodon/Opeth/Ghost
    May-Negura Bunget/Eclipse Eternal/Din Brad/Revocation
    May Autopsy/Agalloch/Absu/Extermanation Angel
    May Setherial/Godflesh/Napalm Death/Negura Bunget/Macabre/Demigod/Ghoul/Castevet
    May Winter/Haemorrhage/Tsjuder/Morbid Angel/Brujeria/Horna/The Devils Blood/Archgoat/Black Witchery/Dragged into Sunlight
    May- Mortuary Drape/Bethlehem/Sargeist/Electric Wizard/Saint Vitus/YOB/Suffocation/Ulcerate
    May-Horna/Kommandant/Hellgoat/Sadistic Ritual
    June-Roger Waters
    June-Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper x2
    July-While Heaven Wept/Theocracy/Brave/Machinage/
    Sep-Dead Can Dance
    Sep Primordial/Vektor/While Heaven Wept/Cormorant/Nemesis
    Sep-Saint Vitus
    Sep-Morbid Angel/Dark Funeral/Grave/VadimVon
    Oct- Kreator/Swallow The Sun/Disfigurement
    Oct- Tombs/16
    Nov- Raven/A Sound of Thunder/Burning Shadows/Fiakra
    Dec- Neurosis/Rwake/Primate/US Christmas
    Dec- Royal Thunder/Spirits & The Melchizedek Children/Demonaut


    Jan- Graveyard/The Shrine/Brother Hawk
    Feb- Down/Warbeast/Venomous Maximus
    Feb Turisas/Firewind/Stolen Babies
    Feb Pallbearer/Halmos
    Mar Marduk/Moonspell/Inquisition/the Foreshadowing/Death Wolf
    May Opeth/Katatonia
    May Venom/Carcass/Bolt Thrower/Cruciamentum/Deiphago/Abigail/Speedwolf/Ihsahn/Cobalt/Pallbearer/Manilla Road/Evoken/Benediction/Convulse/Pelican/Anhedonist/Antaeus/Aosoth/Asthma Castle/Down/Iniquity/Kommandant/Loss/The Obsessed/Vinterland/Ascension/Glorior Belli/Midnight/Pagan Altar/Pentagram/Sacred Reich
    May Krisiun/Luna's Lament
    May Anhedonist/Cruciamentum/Speedwolf/Abigail
    June Lazer/Wolf
    July Volahn/Arizmenda/Blue Hummingbird on the Left/Bilirubin
    Sep Iron Maiden/Megadeth
    Sep Sabaton/Xandria/Ashes of Ares/Armored Saint/Wolf/Wolverine/Myrath/Heaven's Cry/Damnation Angels
    Oct Watain/In Solitude/Tribulation


    Jan-Amon Amarth/Enslaved/Skeletonwitch
    Feb-Dark Tranquillity/Omnium Gatherum/Exmortus
    Mar- Carcass/Gorguts/Noisem
    Apr Iced Earth/Sabaton/ReVamp
    May Ghost/King Dude
    May Torche/Coffins/Crowbar/The Ruins of Beverast/Necros Christos/Mgla/Solstifir/Taake/Agalloch/Enthroned/Incantation/Sarke/God Macabre/Unleashed/Bolzer/Hooded Menace/Pungent Stench/Ashpyx/Wrathprayer/Inquisition/Gorguts/Candlemass/My Dying Bride/Ulcerate/Immolation
    June Agalloch/Vex

    Going to add old shows as I remember them

    Opeth/Nevermore/Into Eternity

    Iced Earth/Evergrey/Children Of Bodom
    A Perfect Circle/The Mars Volta

    Dimmu Borgir/Nevermore/Children of Bodom/Hypocrisy
    Iron Maiden/Motorhead/Dio
    Type O Negative

    Dimmu Borgir/Cryptopsy/Krisiun/Diabolic
    Iced Earth/In Flames/Jag Panzer
    Moonspell/Lacuna Coil


    In Flames/Shadows Fall/Nevermore
    Iron Maiden/Queensryche/Halford
    Dio/Yngwie Malmsteen
    Type O Negative


    Samael/Dimmu Borgir/Monstrosity/Epoch of Unlight
    Iced Earth/Jag Panzer/Destiny's End
    Manowar/Six Feet Under
  • Questions about your top fifty

    27 Sep 2010, 16:37

    01. What's your favourite song by no.27? Moonspell? Alma Mater for sure.

    02. Do you own any album of no.8?Amorphis. Yes, I own all their full lengths.

    03. Do you think you might become a fan of no.33 in the future? Shining. Already a huge fan. Like them more now than ever.

    04. How did you get into no.15? Deathspell Omega. Ha! Don't remember. I recall liking their name and hearing good things about them.

    05. What was your first opinion about no.18? My Dying Bride! Some of the first doom metal I ever heard. I remember hearing the album The Angel and the Dark River 11 years ago! Loved it from the start.

    06. How long have you known and listened to artist no.9? Burzum. Known and listened to them for nearly a decade.

    07. Do you wish to become a member of no.13? immolation. No not really. Don't join many groups.

    08. What song of no. 28 pay your attention the most and makes that you can listen to others? De Profundis. Their best songs are cold is the grave and cease to be. Most underrated band ever.

    09. Is there any negative association with no.39? SIG AR TYR? No, only positives.

    10. What's the most noticeable track of no.34 for you? Vreid. Definitely Alarm though the entire Milorg album is brilliant.

    11. Do you associate something that happened in the past with no.47? Fejd. I recall a past facebook post where I mentioned they make me happy. :)

    12. What is your fav song of artist's no.20 first album? Opeth, that would be Forest of October

    13. What is the most characteristic for you in artist no.43? Mael Mordha. The unique vocals and amazing melodies.

    14. Who is the favourite member of no.6 in your opinion? Satyricon. Probably Satyr in spite of his rock star persona. Frost rules as well.

    15. Is there a song by no.25 that makes you feel worst? Arckanum. Can't think of one, no.

    16. What is your opinion about the frontman of no.24? Samael. Oh, Vorphalak is a hell of a front man!

    17. What do you think about no.37's fans? Ensiferum's fans are some of the best people I know. Lots of fun.

    18. What was your reaction when you first time saw no.21's music video? Gorgoroth don't do 'music' videos. Only clips of Gaahl saying "Satan" and drinking wine.

    19. What is the worst album of no.1 in your opinion? Woods of Ypres. Saying worst is harsh. My least played is the first one, even though it has the classic Meeting Place and Time on it.

    20. What is the worst song of no.7? Katatonia. They have some dull songs unfortunately. I guess I'd pick Sweet Nurse

    21. Would you like to go to a no.31's concert? Urgehal. Hell yeah, good clean Satanic fun!

    22. Why did you start listen to no.19? Epica. Well, thanks to Nightwish and a few others, I started to listen to a lot of female fronted metal, so Epica was the next natural step, I suppose.

    23. Is there a song by no.42 that makes you feel better? Metallica. Yeah, Fade to Black hahahaha

    24. How could you describe no.50's music? Forefather. In a word, epic. In more words, how the hell are the 50th? They should be a lot higher.

    25. What brings you to no.23? Pantheon I. Usually what brings me to their music is sheer perversion. xD

    26. Why don't you listen to no.46 anymore to lift them up in stats? Bloodaxe. Because I'm only in the mood for them just so often.

    27. What is the lyric of no.2 that you remember the best? Darkthrone. I'm too old, and too cold.

    28. Is there a good memory you have involving no.16? Nevermore. Yeah. Driving to see them open for In Flames in the snow, then walking in on them playing "Inside Four Walls' Too bad their upcoming show has horrible openers.

    29. Do you know anyone in real life who listen to no.41? Lifelover. Not in real life, a few in virtual life I think.

    30. What's the maximum amount of money you would pay to see no.5 live? Primordial? ONE MILLION DOLLARS

    31. Do you associate anyone you know with no.32? Agalloch. Yeah, I associate myself with Agalloch

    32. Is there any song of no.17 that you can't stand? Marduk. Yeah there's a few. I actually can't believe they're that high up.

    33. What do you think about the name of no.48? Vintersorg. Great name! winter sorrow. Plus a hero of a book. Great pagan name.

    34. What is the most unique in no.22? Arkona. Their mix of metal with Russian folk music and wonderful female vocals is extremely unique.

    35. What artist could be similar to no.40 in your opinion? Månegarm. The most similar band to them is Thyrfing.

    36. What's the music video by no.14 you enjoy the most? Immortal. Funny you asked! haha

    37. What is the song of no.49 that you heard last? Satan's Host. Erm Probably Satanic Magick

    38. What is your favourite lyric by no.10? Drudkh. Who knows? Its Ukranian!

    39. Does no.29 inspire you? Watain? Yeah, they inspire me to beat the shit out of something.

    40. What would you change in no.35's music? Novembers Doom. Well, their newest albums all kind of sound the same. I suppose I just want more variety from them, while still sounding like themselves.

    41. Who is the worst member of no.12 in your opinion? Black Messiah. None, they're perfect the way they are.

    42. Do you think no.44 is underrated or overrated? Nachtmystium. Probably a bit overrated, tbh. They still rock though.

    43. Do you know anyone that hates no.38? Mgla. I don't know anyone else aware of their existence.

    44. Do you like no.45's style of clothing? Horna. Um, sure, yeah.

    45. What was the first song of no.11 you've ever heard Enslaved. Not sure. Slaget I Skogen Brotenfor probably, though I didn't really start listening to them until they got "proggy".

    46. Why your no 4 is on fourth place of your top artists and e.g. not higher? Belphegor. Honestly I'm surprised they're that high. Good drinking metal I suppose The top 3 bands are simply better.

    47. Do you find anything beautiful in any no.26's song? Therion? They're nothing but beautiful. That is the reason I love them.

    48. Does any lyric of no.30 describe you? Ihsahn. Your hell is not my hell. your sins are not my sins Your god is not my god

    49. Who is the most talented member of no.36? Nazxul. Erm, I think all the guys are equally talented.

    50. What's your favourite album of no.3? TYR-Eric the red. One of my favorite folk/viking metal albums ever.