Fixation: like children, treat it with suspicion.


10 Ene 2007, 5:32

Okay so I have this problem where I get totally fixated on a song and listen to it on loop for hours on end over a period of roughly 2 weeks. Recently, these are the tracks that I've been doing that with:

1) Sex Beat
2) Ever Fallen in Love?
3) C'mon Let's Spawn
4) Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
5) I Got The Feelin
6) Grand Fraud
7) Just Drums
8) Rip Her to Shreds

I feel like these songs kind of explain what I want to hear right now: loud, screamy boys (or the odd girl) with throaty, sexy voices saying "yeah!" and "alright!" on top of raging, raw guitars and a driving bass line, of course with sexual under(or over)tones; with the obvious exception being Brian Eno, but i just really dig that song, you know?

I just needed to share. Anyone who reads this: what songs do you do this with?


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