CYBER10 Elektro Sektor II


23 Ene 2011, 6:05

This is the second volume of the Elektro Sektor compilation of CYBER10 (also available on LastFM). This time the range of styles is wider, covering dark electro, industrial, futurepop, electronic, ebm and some other sub-genres that can be found in the track list. As always, the projects are from several countries around the globe, starting this sequence of songs with the futurepop of Go Indigo and finishing with the dark electro of Tears of the Soul, from South America to Macedonia at Elektro Sektor II.

8 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:59
Playlist length: 31 minutes 54 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Go Indigo - Victims Make Victims [Radio Edit] (3:34)
2. Reactor7x - Breath on Crack (4:11)
3. Subliminal Code - Lost In The Loneliness (spanish Version) (4:35)
4. [sv] - Epic (4:03)
5. Liberty Machine - The Air We Breathe (4:08)
6. Gunstar Music - The Attack of the Cyber-Intruders (2:44)
7. Tatari Gami - Final Resolution (4:00)
8. Tears Of The Soul - Destruction (4:39)



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