The big five-o! 50,000 tracks :D


28 Dic 2007, 5:04

Epic stuff! After what, three and a half years I've finally done it - I've reached fifty thousand tracks played. Crazy.

Just had a look to see what it was, too.. Apparently RJD2's The Breezeblock Mix, Radio 1 was the track to take the honour. Awesome mix actually, well worthy :D

This is the part where I list my Top 10s so far, after all this time... :)

1. RJD2 (2,215)
2. DJ Shadow (1,164)
3. Jedi Mind Tricks (1,043)
4. Sahara Hotnights (861)
5. Modest Mouse (806)
6. Bloc Party (765)
7. The Chemical Brothers (754)
8. CunninLynguists (683)
9. Madvillain (602)
10. The Prodigy (538)

S'funny looking at this, it hasn't changed much at all since I registered, RJ is still a country mile ahead.. Apparently I just consistently listen to him a lot lol. I don't really listen to all of these artists much though, just random tracks here and there for the most part, with the occasional big binge.. I do love them all, it's just that I'm careering along the path of finding more and more different music and it's hard to listen to everybody all the time heh. I guess the average over a long time is enough though.. 10 artists isn't enough to show my taste however, it feels so bloody limiting haha. Doubt this list will ever really change much. :)

1. GrandadbobMmmnn (139)
2. Jedi Mind TricksSaviorself ft. Killah Priest (119)
3. DJ FraneSpin (104)
4. AFXPWSteal.Ldpinch.D (98)
5. The Chemical BrothersHold Tight London (ft. Anna Lynne) (84)
6. DJ ShadowWhat Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3) (83)
7. BattleTendency (78)
8. DANGERDOOMSofa King (77)
8. The Mars VoltaInertiatic ESP (77)
10. LCD SoundsystemTribulations (72)

Ah God, I miss some of these tracks, ain't listened in ages. Gonna have to make a wee playlist, to be honest.. S'odd how I don't listen that much, but like with the artists, they're just consistently played every once in a while I guess (or I binge out like Inertiatic ESP <3). 10 tracks is just as limiting as the 10 artists are.

Also, cool, apparently you can see a rolling chart for my past 3 months..
1. Emancipator (163))
2. RJD2 (45)
3. Minus the Bear (36)
4. And So I Watch You From Afar (34)
4. 65daysofstatic (34)
6. At the Drive-In (24)
7. Jedi Mind Tricks (22)
8. Dr. Dre (21)
8. Arcade Fire (21)
10. Infected Mushroom (20)

These don't seem accurate at all, at least in their play-counts.. Still, I guess the artists are pretty accurate as of late. Emancipator's album is amazing stuff, especially for being a random 19 year old student making his own shit.. Check out his MySpace, Anthem is a good starter though they're all good. Great for just chillaxing to in the background, but awesome enough to have and actually sit and listen to it. Well worth the look. Other than that, s'all just other kick-ass music heh. I don't understand though I can think of tracks I've listened to at least 20 times in the past fortnight, let alone the past 3 months.. For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti is an example. Ah well. :)

What have I been listening to and loving recently though? Well.. The aforementioned Emancipator album is awesome, but there's plenty more. Been on a bit of an electronic/dancey/anything with a good beat binge, so Justice, Digitalism and Vitalic have been getting a lot of love from my ears the past couple weeks. Ratatat's Remixes Volume 2 is an example of crap music set to awesome beats that I've been listening to, too.. Ratatat make shit folk like Young Jeezy tolerable.. Whodathunkit? What's best is they're offering it for free on their website, here. Wicked. Then there's old classics like The Pharcyde's Passing Me By.. Ah, just lots of good music. :D

Epic and entirely pointless post, but meh, I sux. Reply to make me feel like I didn't waste my time, haha. :o


  • Trows

    You wasted your time, suxboy.

    28 Dic 2007, 5:06
  • EmSixTeen

    predictable response <3

    28 Dic 2007, 5:07
  • mlue

    you should ditch the girl with the snaggletooth sincerely, mlue

    28 Dic 2007, 5:08
  • 40ozfreak

    You're sexy.

    28 Dic 2007, 9:11
  • rigoisphat


    5 Jul 2008, 6:14
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