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22 Ene 2006, 17:12

After being encouraged to get for ages, I've eventually gotten around to doing it. Sundays are boring like that.

Anyways, I feel like writing away so instead of doing English coursework, or anything else that could possibly be construed as constructed, I think I'll just set up my own little music profile on here instead. So here goes...

Artist: Queen
Favourite songs: Love of My Life, Don't Stop Me Now, No-One But You

Artist: McFly
Favourite songs: Obviously, All About You, That Girl

Artist: Jason Robert Brown
Favourite songs: The Next Ten Minutes, Goodbye Until Tomorrow, Climbing Uphill

Artist: Jimmy Buffet
Favourite songs: Come Monday, Fruitcakes, You'll Never Work In Dis Business Again

Artist: Rem
Favourite songs: everybody hurts, man on the moon, Losing My Religion

Artist: The Thrills
Favourite songs: Faded Beauty Queens, Deckchairs and Cigarettes, Whatever Happened To Corey Haim

Artist: Letters to Cleo
Favourite songs: Little Rosa, Acid Jed, Sparkle Girl

Artist: Matchbox 20
Favourite songs: Hand Me Down, 3am, Shame

Artist: Robbie Williams
Favourite songs: Angels- of course!,Advertising Space, Come Undone

Artist: The Beatles
Favourite songs: Lady Madonna, Eleanor Rigby, Let It Be

Artist: Cheap Trick
Favourite songs: I Want You to Want Me, Surrender, Southern Girls

Artist: The Calling
Favourite songs: Wherever You Will Go, Adrienne, Final Answer

And other songs which generally rock, most for obvious reasons:
Livin’ On A Prayer
Sweet child o’ mine
Summer of ‘69- Bryan Adams
Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
Angel- Aerosmith
I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
Accidentally in Love
God Only Knows
Somebody Told Me


  • giveuptheghost

    Those are great Letters to Cleo songs, off my favorite album of theirs. Have you heard their cover of Cheap Trick's I Want You to Want Me, incidentally? LTC's covers are the bomb-diggy. Also, you might like My Culture, an introspective number featuring Robbie Williams alongside Maxi Jazz of Faithless (his collaborative side-project with Dido).

    22 Ene 2006, 17:25
  • ElusiveMoose

    I love that cover! Possibly more than I like the original, actually... Thanks for the recommendations :)

    22 Ene 2006, 17:31
  • ClandestineBats

    How is McFly? I've been meaning to listen to them but never did. I'll give them a listen if they're worth it.

    22 Ene 2006, 18:03
  • ElusiveMoose

    They're sort of... Beatles combined with Busted. Not exactly the highest quality of music, but sometimes you just need some good pop fun ;)

    23 Ene 2006, 19:51
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