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FightstarWaste A Moment ayer por la noche
FightstarWaste A Moment ayer por la noche
FightstarWaste A Moment ayer por la noche
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FightstarWaste A Moment 30 Jul 17:07
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  • surrender_xx

    Yup. What a shame though...! Was it worse than part 2? Mm-hmm, I totally agree. That's why I prefer to have the in-home experience. I watched The Babadook, which was a pretty awesome psychological horror movie! And I also saw Paper Towns at the cinema last weekend. :3

    30 Jul 20:08 Responder
  • Isaaa_cx

    Loool! It was drowned >w< & yeah I've been logging in a lot more than before I like that you noticed! ^_^

    30 Jul 18:46 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    That's hard to believe! :b Seen anything new recently?

    28 Jul 4:41 Responder
  • Isaaa_cx

    I'm doing great a lot of activity these past three days x.x Surprisingly, not dead! Haha How have you beeen!?

    27 Jul 16:35 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Hey there.~ Well not a whole lot tbh. c: Just hanging out and the usual stuff for now. What about you?

    26 Jul 14:43 Responder
  • Isaaa_cx

    Heeeello! c:

    25 Jul 20:42 Responder
  • FightToTheFire

    you have the perfect mix of good music and horror qt's

    24 Jul 20:41 Responder
  • sillysaint

    Haha, well it is indeed I. What matters more is our musical compatibility. Super.

    23 Jul 20:38 Responder
  • beachdude42

    Yeah nobody deserves to be cheated on.

    21 Jul 21:01 Responder
  • DrawRedFromRock

    Anyway, what's up? What's new?

    13 Jul 19:07 Responder
  • DrawRedFromRock

    Yeah that's awesome bro. sorry it took so long for me to reply. Hey nah, there's nothing to forgive (not knowing what im replying to that is...) Yeah, tell me when u see Annabelle, some say it's epic some say it's not. The texas chainsaw massacre? hahaha your comment lol! Speaking of which, I just don't *get* movies like these. the one's with unnecessary, almost senseless bloodshed coz they don't even bother to have a solid plot sometimes! Bugs the hell outta me. Yeah? I'm guessing now that you're not someone who can easily be scared! Actually, you seem to be a downright expert on horror - i mean watching horror to 'warm up' is insane! (the good insane)

    13 Jul 19:07 Responder
  • Isaaa_cx


    10 Jul 16:32 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Mm-hmm! Very true. I feel terrible for 'em too. Especially when it's the mother who acts like a cold bitch throughout the whole situation and insists on having nothing to do with her family. :L It's unfair, I hate to see these things or even hear about them. I will never understand why someone would choose to deprive their own child of maternal love like that. It gives the impression that they aren't wanted or liked and then that messes with their future in drastic ways… Haha, I bet that explaining same-sex partnerships to young ones is awkward since they don't have much of an idea about the concept. But there's nothing problematic about that as long as the dads/moms are nurturing and supportive. :)

    10 Jul 5:56 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Hiya, thank you for that! :3 Yup, he actually became a father at the age of 19, which was really scary for him back then. I guess, but he isn't in a relationship with the mother of the child anymore; they ended it a long time ago. Lol, all cool.

    10 Jul 4:48 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Do you have any plans on how you'll spend your spare time? Haha. I was surprised to know that Neymar Jr. has a son because he's so young, only 23 years old. That's great! I never even bothered to try any of it, stuff like that just never appealed to me. Definitely. Oh, they actually have the full film up on YouTube for the sake of convenience. :b

    6 Jul 2:54 Responder
  • DrawRedFromRock

    That's epic, man. I mean, u don;t let stuff bring u down that easy huh? That's epic. Lol, in that case, u do that hahaha. You... do? ;) Hahaha it sure is. But i guess they preserve it or smth... hopefully. Yeah... i see what u mean. That's true. Yeah, it is. Insane!!! Poor guy yeah. *hands you gun* What dyu thikn of movie like the Conjuring? The supernatural stuff?

    5 Jul 11:41 Responder
  • ChrisisaSTUD

    are they the ongoing concept band? if so then I think I've heard them before

    3 Jul 2:30 Responder
  • beachdude42

    Oh yeah wow, that's what it seems like considering he removed all mention of her.

    2 Jul 19:48 Responder
  • beachdude42

    Nice haha... and yeah that was their first song without the screamer I think.

    2 Jul 19:00 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    [2/2] So I agree with you entirely! He's a great person. :) It's about a serial killer who targets children and the whole plot focuses around the citizens trying to find out who is responsible for the crimes. It's done brilliantly, you just have to see the film! That's awesome. :D I totally get ya, it always make things 10x more interesting than they are without the additional context/references.

    2 Jul 4:32 Responder
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