• Ode to 2010

    28 May 2011, 20:16

    2010 has come and is about to be gone,
    How the memories were fond.
    As we wrap up the year initialed 10,
    Time to remember the memories again.

    The year began back in school,
    knowing we were so cool.
    Senior year began to end,
    we started writing "Sen10r's" as a trend.

    Prom came and went,
    The evening we all molded and bent.
    Graduation was a cheer,
    With the moms shedding tears.
    The party food was so tempting that we bit,
    While singing to I Made It.
    To us Rice guys, we sat around a fire,
    Talking about Waz and Dwyer.

    The summer came with the heat,
    we all knew how to beat.
    Beaches, pools, jobs, and sun,
    Any of the above was fun.
    Work came with the money,
    So that we could spend it on our honey's.
    The fourth came with a bang,
    As ours bells went clang clang.

    August rolled around,
    Like a DJ bringing the record right round.
    College came into our lives,
    The next four years would be the best of our time.

    NIU, SIU, EIU, Iowa, BC, Valpo, NW, ND, all of these schools came to be,
    As we stepped onto campus, quivering to the knees.
    The roommate acted how he or she did,
    As we started running around like a kid.
    Parties, booze, and the Frats came around,
    If we get caught, the parents would frown.

    Now we enter the next year in 4 days,
    2011 will be the craze.
    So I begin to read off the list,
    while sitting in front of the Christmas tree with it's glitz.

    To my NIU gang, from Ashley to Trevor, Erin and Devin, Lauren to LoLo,
    How we manage to survive 1st semester, that's a big "I Don't Know".
    To my friends from the southside, the rules we had to abide,
    How we managed to survive, will be on our imaginary alibi.

    To those from the school of St. Linus,
    We treated each other to the highest.
    Whether the dances, games or White Pines,
    We all knew we had a good time.
    To those still there and grinding through,
    Cherish the moments now before you renew.

    To my family, whom I have known.
    The time has really flown.
    The moments we had together,
    will always be cherished forever.

    So now I say goodbye to the year,
    I probably might shed a tear.
    2011 is soon to be,
    I'm sure everyone is glee.
    So from Abby to Ian, Kelsey to the Nicole's, Peter to Terese, and all those dear,
    I wish you all a very good and Happy New Year.

    To those that know who to contact,
    That are part of the Pack,
    Pass this on,
    Before the year that is 2010 is gone.