• Exploring new styles, re-visiting old albums.

    27 Feb 2008, 17:32

    First of all we scored tickets to Radiohead in WPB on May 5... Unbelievable how excited I am over this, I feel like an little kid going to Disney for the first time.

    One thing is for certain, I'm not much of a "post-rock" kind of guy, Sigur Ros and Mogwai are pretty dull and boring to me. "Hey guys check out my soundscape!" is more like "Really expensive elevator music" in my book.

    Revisted Clinic again, this time giving special attention to all their albums, and I must say, I really dig their sound and style. A lot. Hypnotic, yet with a driving beats/basslines to keep you awake, and cryptic/poetic lyrics to mull over for a while as you listen. Definitely think these guys are severely overlooked by most music lovers.

    Also read about Cloud Cult and the lead singers loss a while back, I have to say I was extremely touched, and revived a new interest in their music. Sad stuff.

    Anyway I have to go, Chulogordito wants me to listen to Alcest despite the fact I hardly ever get into shoegaze style music. Hopefully I'll like it :)
  • Rock Band / Boston / A little frustration

    25 Ene 2008, 14:50

    My arms/hands get a little sore from hours of pretending to be a rock star at home. I'm hoping all the excercise I'm putting on my fingers/wrists/elbows/shoulders strengthens me up for someday learning to play the real deal.

    In any case since I was sore, I decided to give drums a go on RB. I've realized that drums will never be "my thing" I have this utter inability to coordinate my foot with my hand at times, mainly because my right foot wants to automatically tap the beat of the song. After a few songs I stopped all pissed off because I couldn't beat Reptilia by the Strokes in a convincing manner.

    So I started singing, apparently the game (on expert) really hates my voice, and the only way to pass songs (even on hard) is to make your voice this unfun retarded whine, I think it sucks. I love to sing in my car while driving and I noticed that I'm always doing this falsetto crap that's completely unnatural to me.

    Screw that.. I've read up on Boston the band, awesome story, listening to their greatest hits and trying to appreciate some more classic rock this week.
  • Utilizing Last.FM a little more

    16 Ene 2008, 18:53

    Decided to check out Last FMs ability to find similar artists, lo and behold it actually works it seems. As far as artists similar to "New Pornographers" it worked like a charm. Found several new artists to check out.

    Also, I had a pile of We Are the Scientists songs to go through and haven't until today. Really good fun stuff on their CD's remind me of Weezer a great deal.
  • Rock Band Influence

    14 Ene 2008, 17:01

    Been listening to a lot of the bands in Rock Band off and on, I keep falling to my safety net (Radiohead) as usual, a lot.. however the New Pornographers have me tickled pink as of late. I've heard their stuff a while ago, but I recently picked them again and enjoying them all over again. A bit dissappointed by their latest effort, not quite up to par with the quirky, silly, and fun Twin Cinema album.