TomTom sucks


10 May 2006, 14:21

This has nothing to do with music, altough I can listen longer to my car stereo when TomTom guides the, that thing has the direction sense of a 2 year old girl in a maze.

I have seen it calculate the most ridiculous routes, warn me too late to take an exit. Tell me to change lanes left when I had to go right and so on and so forth.

Today marked a new episode. I need to go to a specific place in Europe so I figured I check out their website and enter the address in TomTom (against better judgement).
TomTom did not recognise the address. OK, that can happen..many little streets and roads harm done, I just follow the roadmap that the website has provided.
Of the last 5 directions on that map, TomTom did not recognise a single one of them! But yes, it holds the map of this major city, yes it is very detailed....NOT!
How come stockprice is so high for that damned thing? Are investors using TomTom to guide their portfolios or something?
~puzzled~Map Of The World


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