• When I met Noel Gallagher in NYC and my life changed

    17 Nov 2006, 6:00

    The Date: November 4th, 2006
    The Time: 2pm-6pm
    The Place: New York City – The Director’s Guild Theater
    The Why: CMJ Film Festival
    The What: Meeting My Idol of 9 Years
    The Who: Noel Gallagher of Oasis

    The event for CMJ was the world premiere of the new Oasis documentary “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down”, with an appearance of Noel Gallagher after the screening. He would be there to talk about the film with the interviewer and then receive questions from the audience.

    Before I had even reached said destination, the drama that went on here at school was intense. Minnie, the friend who bought tickets with me, had to cancel last minute (very last minute), and I had to find a replacement – Kerrie. Furthermore, when we even arrived in New York City, the people working at the CMJ Film Festival said they found no tickets under Minnie’s credit card. Kerrie and I panicked, but the extremely kind worker gave Kerrie a ticket anyway, giving us the benefit of the doubt. Kerrie and I even took the subway the wrong way! So, after all this stress had finally been complete (and believe me, this is the short-and version), we jumped into a taxi to head to the Director’s Guild Theater.

    We arrived at the theater at about 10:30am and I had panicked thinking the line would be all the way around the block. Surprisingly, by this time in the morning there were only 30 so people in line. I then knew I was GUARENTEED a spot to be the in same theater as Noel. (Tickets to the even do not guarantee seating; first come first serve, etc). I was ecstatic. However, Kerrie and I had a while to wait and we were starving so she ran to pick up bagels and muffins. It made us feel much better after starving on the train into the city and getting up so early.

    Now, all we had to do was wait. Wait in the freezing streets of New York with our winter attire on. Yet, it wasn’t all bad. The people waiting in line were really friendly and talkative, and I was able to have conversations with several of them. Finally, it was about 1:30pm and I was about to kill someone with anxiety. At about 1:45 people working for CMJ came outside with note cards and pens and told us we were supposed to write down a question for Noel and only a few would be selected by the panel before he came on. I had no idea what to ask. Do I ask something serious about their album? Do I request he serenade me with “Slide Away”? Do I ask him if he remembers during the Milwaukee concert a girl who was denied going onstage because of the jackass security guard (me)? I wasn’t really sure and wrote down a semi-serious question.

    Finally it was 2pm and we were allowed in. They put people in by groups of 10 as to avoid a rush, and Kerrie and I managed 3rd row center aisle seats – perfect! The best part was the attractive boy to my right who was a theater major at NYU who seemed to be flirting with me, which I did not mind at all. 

    The film then began and I thought it was very well done. It was predominantly in black and white with very few color shots. It had many hilarious backstage moments, interviews, concert clips, and other random thoughts by the band. I was impressed and then it was over.

    My stomach fell to the floor.

    The interviewer came on stage (Matt Pinfield from MTV, the bald, fat white guy…) and welcomed everyone. He then said, “Everyone please welcome Noel Gallagher!” Every audience member began to scream and look frantically for Noel. Suddenly, I saw him 1 foot away from me; he had walked exactly down the aisle I was sitting in. I did a sort of retarded scream like I did at the concert and Kerrie took a picture of him walking away on my phone. (It’s not my screen saver, haha).

    Noel answered some basic questions about “Stop the Clocks”, their new greatest hits album, his opinion of the film, and other common questions. Matt then announced it was time for audience questions.

    I really didn’t think I would get picked. The funny thing is that the cute boy from NYU got to ask a question and after his minute or so was over I sort of yelled at him. I was in just such shock that I was so close to Noel that I didn’t realize when Matt said, “Robyn W…?”

    I think I died at the very moment.

    I sort of raised my hand, stood up and took the microphone. I dropped my phone and camera on the floor. I had completely forgotten what question I wrote down and thought I must had looked stupid in front of the 400 people in the theater. After a second or so I noticed Noel was looking at me and smiling. Noel fucking Gallagher.

    Still in shock I said, “Uh, what’s up Noel?” and giggled stupidly. He said hello. HE SAID HELLO TO ME.

    I then remembered my question and asked (from what I cam recall), “Well, Matt already answered a bit of my question but it’s about Stop the Clocks. It’s known to the fans that you wrote the song “Stop the Clocks” and claimed it was your best, but I think “The Masterplan” is the best, yet it’s not on the album… why? Is it even a real song and have you performed it live?

    For the next minute or so Noel talked to me. He talked to me like I was one of his mates in Manchester. He joked with me and smiled. I don’t remember most of his comment. I just stared into his eyes with a stupid grin, and laughed whenever he made a joke. What I do remember is this:
    “Well, I think every song I write is my best. (Laugher and I die) The reason it’s not on the album is that we’ve done so many demos of it but haven’t nailed it yet. It’s not quite perfect. And yes, I have performed it live. We did it in a pub in Dublin and it was in front of a lot of student. The song was several minutes and their head went under, (he said some weird expression and from the look on my face he must have understood that I didn’t have a clue what the hell he was saying so he continued...) you know, because the song was so long. (Laughter. He laughs. I laugh. I smile).”

    That was the majority of the answer. I sat down and squeezed Kerrie’s leg and was silently screaming at her. She was freaking out and she’s not even that big of a fan! I looked to the guy on my right and apologized for being jealous, and told him that my life was pretty much complete. He just laughed.

    The questions continued and ranged from favorite Beatle album, to why he hates “Be Here Now”, on songwriting (NYU boy), when he felt everything was changing (from some weird extreme fan who asked like a 3 minute question. His response was after he wrote “Live Forever), to their most “Beatley” song, to who was more influential: his mom or the Beatles (his response was simply brilliant, “Uh… God. Well, seeing as my mum isn’t here right now… The Beatles.”). Noel seemed really eager to answer questions and enjoyed it. Matt started to want to wrap things up, but Noel actually said, “No, we ended on a bad question. Let’s end on something good.” The man wanted to keep going! I forgot the last question but I’m sure it was something about the damn Beatles, haha. He finally got up and left and I went off to the free merchandise table. They were handing out free shoes... yeah, weird, I know. I didn’t give a damn about shows.

    After a hour of waiting Noel came back out. I tried to get a picture with him or autograph, but the fans were fucking crazy and violent! I was pushed back by a lot of girls and even these old beggar women who came out of fucking nowhere. (Me and Kerrie laugh about the old women now and how weird they were).

    Okay, so I didn’t get a picture or autograph. But, I got something much more valuable. I got a hello, a conversation, an intimate moment. He saw me and I saw him. If he only knew how important his music has been to me these past 9 years. How it’s dragged me out of depression and lifting my spirits, to being my running music, to encouraging me to teach myself the guitar. But in those 90 seconds Noel’s eyes were on me and he respected me. I felt sort of stupid after my embarrassing “what’s up?” comment, but that’s how I talk to my friends and I consider Noel that. Kerrie thought he sort of knew I was one of the normal fans and I can only hope so.

    Oh, but I did manage to find a picture with Noel and I in it on an Oasis forum! Thank you random person. :)

    That about sums up that moment.

    I can’t say that I haven’t completed two of my most important goals in life:
    1.) See Oasis in concert
    2.) Talk to Noel Gallagher

    The Feeling: Indescribable
    The Price Tag: $50, but really priceless
    The Accomplishment: Too important to describe
  • My Lollapalooza Experience on Day One

    10 Ago 2006, 5:32

    Wow, the past week has been completely awesome. The only bad part is that my body sort of shut down on me (i.e.: terrible sunburn, blisters, sore feet, etc).

    Last Friday was my glorious day in Chicago with Michael at the opening day of Lollapalooza. It was a beautiful Chicago afternoon without a cloud in the sky. The temperature was probably in the high 80's or low 90's, therefore leaving me with a burned exterior. But, that's beside the point. The experience was completely surreal. Living in WI has left me feeling alienated. Everyone hear listens to complete shit music (popular rap and country) and here I was... surrounded by masses of people who knew the bands I knew, listened to the bands I did, and could talk about music in general.

    We got off the bus and walked the 1.5 miles to Grant Park. We stopped in on SOUNDteam. They were pretty good, but had a small crowd due to the early set time. We then walked over to The Subways who fucking rocked. The female bassist was just... cool. I wanted to be her, lol. Now every time I hear "[track]Oh Yeah[/track]" I'll smile.

    We then headed over to the east side of the park to see Aqualung who was great. We got pretty close but the smell of pot at 1:30pm is a bit much. They closed with Queen's [track]Somebody to Love[/track] which I sang all the way to the Eels' set. The Eels were by far the biggest disappointment for me. Now, if anyone listens to them or knows any generally, you'll understand that they experiment all the time. This time he picked some stupid punk songs so we left.
    By this time we were hot and tired, so we sat by a tree under the shade and enjoyed some random band playing behind us. We finally walked back to Stars where I ran into Joe, Sean and Drew. I was waiting to hear my favorites, but by this time I could really start to feel my skin burning and it hurt to even touch my arms. Sadly, we left a but early and I bought some 1 oz. bottle of sunscreen for $4. However, I got to see Jeremy Enigk sing my favorite song.

    I wanted to see Ryan Adams, but Mikey and I were starving by then. We got some food and met two different groups of people. The first were two girls from MI who were a year older than me and very friendly. They later left to see Mates of State; we were shortly joined by a couple who sat on the other side of the table. They also were very nice.

    The biggest surprise of the night was how amazing The Secret Machines were. I was scared Michael wouldn't like them because they were more of a harder electronic rock, but they ended up being his favorite. I really enjoyed their set.

    It was finally time for The Raconteurs... and I was amped. No, not because I was a Jack White worshipper but rather a huge fan of Brendan Benson and his fantastic solo work. We got pretty good standing ground but it was packed to the max. I mean, I'm probably pregnant from all the guys behind me. I really wanted to dance when I heard "Steady as She Goes" but I was pretty much unable to move, lol. We left before the encore and missed their cover of Gnarl Barkley's [track]Crazy[/track]. (I heard two other bands do that song, I swear. It was kind of ridiculous).

    After that we sort of passed out in rarely vacated chairs in the air-conditioned AT&T hut. The Violent Femmes were playing near us and once I heard [track]Big Hands[/track] I ran out and started dancing and singing. But, seeing as I had already seen them live I left and headed towards Sleater-Kinney. Apparently it was their their final performance, but I barely knew their songs so I wasn't completely drawn in. However, they sounded pretty good live.

    Finally, Death Cab for Cutie came on. I was really anticipating seeing them live. For about a year I stopped listening to Death Cab because I got sick of them and the hype, but recently became obsessed. Check out their new album "[album]Plans[/album]"; it's rather good. They played the classics and everyone seemed to be enjoying it, although we were farther back because by that time we were sick of the crowds. It was about 9:45 and we needed to be at Greyhound by 10:30 and Michael wanted to go, but I refused because I wanted to hear [track]The Sound of Settling[/track]. Finally they played it and I became instantly happy. We walked out and I heard their encore. Regrettably, it was some of my favorite songs off of [album]Plans[/album].

    It was an extremely long day and by the time we reached the bus we pretty much passed out. I was exhausted, badly sun burnt, and my feet had died. The bad parts: the crowds, massive amounts of pot (I hate the smell), lack of shade and seating. The best parts: Chicago, attractive men, hearing great music wherever you went, and spending time with my bff before I left for college.
  • Lollapalooza help... please!

    22 Jul 2006, 6:40

    Okay, this journal is a call to all music lovers to help me. I've never been to Lollapalooza before, so if anyone who has been there recently could comment and tell me what to expect. I understand there will be masses of people sweating in humid Chicago heat, but besides that I'm lost. Is food and drink more expensive than normal venues and outside concerts?

    Sadly, because of lack of cash and high prices of Chicago hotels, I'll only be there the opening day on August 4th. However, I'm still extremely amped about since many bands that I haven't seen live (and always wanted to) are playing.

    The rundown:

    11:45-12:30: Sound Team
    12:30-1:30: The Subways(+)/Blue October
    1:30-2:30: Aqualung/Cursive (tie)
    2:30-3:30: Panic! at the Disco/Eels(+)
    3:30-4:30: Stars(+)/Editors/Jeremy Enigk/Mute Math
    4:30-5:30: Ryan Adams
    5:30-6:30: Iron & Wine/The Secret Machines (tie)
    6:30-7:30: The Raconteurs
    7:30-8:30: Sleater-Kinney/Violent Femmes (tie)
    8:30-10:00: Death Cab for Cutie

    (+)= What I would most likely see

    I missed Aqualung when they came to Summerfest due to the weather, so I would love to see him, but I do love Cursive. I may see Eels in concert a few days in Madison before Chicago. I guess it depends how good they are in concert if I want to see them again or be bothered with 14 year-old emo kids screaming. I love Stars more than the other three bands, but because of their more "studio produced sound" I'm worried that they'll be a crap live act, and I'm thinking the Editors would have more energy, or Jeremy Enigk more soul, or even Mute Math would make me wanna bust a move. I like Iron & Wine but then again they're such a chill-out band that I'm afraid I'll fall asleep listening to them while The Secret Machines would do the opposite. I've already seen the Violent Femmes in concert (bad experience with many high and drunken middle aged people), but I don't really know that much Sleater-Kinney. I heard the band is calling it quits and perhaps I should check them out before they retire.

    I'm very excited to see The Raconteurs because I love Brendan Benson. (I'm one of the few who believed the White Stripes and Jack White's writing abilities were grossly exaggerated). I also cannot wait for Death Cab. For about a year I stopped listening to them because they annoyed me, but lately I've been enjoying their new album.

    I want to make this a highlight of my summer before I have to leave for college.

    I cannot wait! :)
  • Pete Yorn live in Madison

    5 Jul 2006, 4:45

    So on Sunday, July 2nd I was able to see Pete Yorn live once again.

    The trip out to the Annex started off badly; my friend woke up late to pick me up and then we sped down the highway making great time, and then I fucked up my giving bad directions. However, we got there right at 8:05 and Mr. Yorn didn’t even take the stage until 8:30.

    Unfortunately, we were both crammed in the back and I happened to be next to a crowd of skanky drunk girls (Hmm, sounds familiar. *coughKeaneCONCERTcough*). Yet, everyone else around us was really cool and I enjoyed making conversation about how to best shut up said drunken whores.

    Pete played great. He started off with For Nancy acoustically and then went back and forth acoustic and electrics sounds. Three other guys joined him onstage (two of who kept walking past me at the Annex to get more beers or whatever) and played more of off his Westerns EP which I didn’t even realize existed.

    Compared to his great performance at Summerfest last year, Pete Yorn had a lot more energy and stage presence. He talked to the crowd, took requests and discussed the meaning of Burrito. Ironically, he told us, he was actually eating at Taco John’s minutes before his show. Not only was he incredibly sexy, but he was witty and talented and just a great musician.

    One of the most fun moments was when he played a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Atlantic City and the crowd went insane. Strangely, it was actually a pretty old crowd. I’m so used to the Annex sporting the little indie kids or just obnoxiously intoxicated men.

    But all in all a great show.


    For Nancy
    Intro > Come Back Home
    I Feel Good Again (Junior Kimbrough)
    All At Once
    Life On A Chain
    Strange Condition
    Pass Me By
    Just Another
    For Us
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths)
    The Good Advice
    Broken Bottle
    When You See The Light
    Never My Love (The Association)
    Don't Mean Nothing,
    Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen )
    Crystal Village (I actually yelled out to play this. I'm sure he didn't hear me but I was pumped!)

    A Girl Like You
    Splendid Isolation (Warren Zevon)
    The Golden Road
    The Man
  • Keane & The Redwalls: Live at Summerfest

    1 Jul 2006, 4:45

    Wisconsin is a pretty shitty state to live in for music. I mean yes, you have Milwaukee and Madison for some decent shows, but mostly I end up seeing my most loved bands head to Chicago and pass me by.

    However, we have Summerfest… bitches!

    Yesterday was the big opening day. Unfortunately, they actually lost power leaving bands unable to play and other food and drinks unavailable to the public. So I thought, “Shit… It’s opening day and things are already turning out badly”. However, the power eventually came back on two hours later.

    My friends and I stayed at the Rock 102.1 stage in preparations for The Redwalls and Keane show (where we had to get front row…).

    Let me get the negative aspects out the way. It’s really irritating when you’ve been waiting in one spot for hours and some skank ass girls go in front of you and shove their way through. Luckily, I was on the first row bench so no one’s head was in my way, although I was awkwardly cramped in an uncomfortable position.

    BUT! The Redwalls played great. They seemed much more polished than from the 1st and even 2nd times I’ve seen them live. Their vocals weren’t as tight as their performance at The Rave almost 1.5 years ago, but it was a much more enjoyable show. The boys looked great as well; I just wish they were, well, bigger. Haha. The obvious highlights were the opening with Falling Down and the totally unexpected closer of my all-time favorite Front Page. I pretty much screamed the lyrics.

    Keane came on pretty late. They did also did a great set with my new favorites of Hamburg Song and Bad dream, as well as the oldies like Somewhere Only We Know, Everybody's Changing and We Might as Well Be Strangers.

    This was also my 2nd time seeing Keane (who actually had The Redwalls open for them at the Rave about 1.5 years ago). This time Tom was much more personal on stage and really worked the crowd. For once he didn't wear a white belt, but metallic. He really was going wild, 'eh?

    Sadly, we had to catch out 12:15 bus so we left before the encore; I heard Atlantic in the background as I angrily left. We should have stayed and watched (as I suggested!) since we didn’t catch a bus until about 30 minutes later.

    But overall, probably the best night at Summerfest I’ve had in a while.

    On a different note, I enjoyed watching the different levels of drunkenness. The first we have is the funny guy drunk who’ll hit on you. The second is the TOTALLY obnoxious drunk who says “fuck” in every possible slot. The third is the one I saw last night who verbally and physically attacked a police offer. Dumbass. *laughs*
  • The Stills and Rogue Wave live in Madison... and brilliant!

    24 Jun 2006, 4:33

    On Thursday I was able to see The Stills and Rogue Wave at the Annex.

    I got into Rogue Wave at the beginning of 2006 and I’m not even sure how. However, I instantaneously became obsessed and nearly cried with delight when I saw they were on tour and coming to … *gasp*… Wisconsin!

    The Stills have been an indie band that has been floating around my iPod, but barely played. I always
    liked them but in all honesty, there are hundreds of bands that sound like them and most of the time I forgot to listen to the band. So, I was mainly excited to see Rogue Wave instead of the headlining Stills.

    The Annex is a really small, intimate venue (which I love). Going to concerts is probably my most beloved pastime although I never really get to go to many. The reasons? My friends listen to shit music, are cheap and don’t want to drive out to Milwaukee… but really listen to crap “bands”.

    Finally, it was 9:30 and Rogue Wave got on. They played AMAZING. I really think Zach’s voice sounded better live compared to on record. Some of the best moments of the night was when the Stills joined Rogue Wave onstage and played a few songs. Still, I was incredibly impressed even with their short set of 45 minutes. Sadly, they didn’t play "California" (my request) or “Kicking the Heart Out” (Ian’s). Yet they did play “Eyes”, “Publish My Love”, “Bird On a Wire”, "Every Moment" and “Falcon Settles Me”. They played more songs of their more recent release Descended Like Vultures. I really wished they had played more off of Out of the Shadow, but both are equally top albums.

    There was a break before the Stills went on and the band was walking around. Lauren and I knew we had to meet them to express our gratitude and groupie-ness (minus the whoring part). We were about to approach Zach when some dumb kid got to him first and starting asking about the “life and death themes” of his lyrics. I wanted to shoot him.

    After about 5 minutes of the lame kid speaking and standing about awkwardly, he turned around and Lauren just sort of lunged at him and said, “Can I just shake your hand?!” He was a very nice humble guy who seemed to really appreciate his fans. Lauren sort of turned into a 13 year-old girl (haha), so I did most of the talking. I asked why he didn’t play “California” and he said that he actually had his guitar tuned to it, but that it had to be cut out due to all the Stills duets. So, being slick I told him to “screw the Stills and play the jams so I don’t get depressed”. He laughed and I felt content… in my lame moment. I also asked him about how long he had been playing guitar to which he replied since high school, so about 15 years. I said that I was teaching myself and at the crappy stages. Zach just told me as long as you can play chords and look cool that’s pretty much all you need. Ian then walked over and kinda yelled for not playing his song, which was also kicked out because of the Stills.

    Thursday was also the last night they were touring with the Stills and now being their other summer concerts. They’re actually playing in Chicago tonight and later in July (which I’m going to try to get to). I suggested they play in Milwaukee and the Rave and also to come to New Jersey so I’ll be able to see them in college. They are going to Jersey but before school starts, but they will hit Brooklyn in September.

    So after a good long conversation he had to go and Lauren and I ran away giggling like awkward middle school girls who just talked to their crush.
    Finally at 10:02 (only because I had predicted that time in a joke… creepy) The Stills went on. After seeing them live I have become a hardcore Stills fan; they were fantastic! The band was also very personable and had a lot of little jokes and anecdotes they shared with us. Apparently “Without Feathers” was written when all the guys were lacking sex and good relationships, haha. Later on the rest of Rogue Wave joined them again for another great few songs.

    Oh and P.S. – The men of the Stills… very good looking! :)

    We weren’t aware they were doing an encore so we left to get shirts (that the keyboard player for Rogue Wave was selling, bahaha. Gotta love the pre-success). He was cool and we talked out Mates of State with him and then left, stealing a poster and some free pins.

    The funny thing is that I didn’t even realize the Stills had released a new album so I only had Logic Will Break Your Heart. So last night I quickly got Without Feathers. It’s a solid album but in my opinion their debut was better.

    Overall, it probably was my 2nd favorite concert tied with my first time seeing Coldplay. I think a big reason why it left such an imprint was how intimate the Annex was and how cool the bands were. They treated their fans like friends; not as some consumer.

    I recommend seeing either band live because it was well worth the $10 I spent.
  • Keane - Under the Iron Sea/ Snow Patrol - Eyes Open... Thoughts?

    21 Jun 2006, 5:00

    Today I purchased Keane's new album Under the Iron Sea. After a few listens I admit that the album is good, yet I am not impressed. Perhaps a few more plays will grab my attention. Actually, usually every CD I own grows on me. It took me a while to love the entire playlist of Hopes and Fears. I will admit to loving Hamburg Song, Bad dream, Is It Any Wonder and Nothing in My Way.

    When I first listened to Snow Patrol's new album Eyes Open I thought it was good, with a few stellar tracks (i.e - Chasing Cars, Shut Your Eyes, Open Your Eyes & Set the Fire to the Third Bar). But a few more listens has allowed me to fully appreciate the new CD.

    Any thoughts on these new CD's? Loved it, hated it?

    I know I keep hearing criticism towards Keane and their sounds becoming more like U2. To me that's utter bullshit. Whether they sound like U2 is besides the point. What matters to me is if they produce a quality record and are showing musical and lyrical progress as a band.

    However, I am very exited that I get to see Keane again. Last time I saw them last year in February at the Rave where I was front row and Tom sang to me. The funniest part was not even my total shock, but that the three other male friends I was with and their jealousy. :) Sometimes it helps being a girl, haha.
  • Happy Birthday Noel Gallagher

    30 May 2006, 1:30

    A simple post dedicated to the man who showed me the world of music and created the best band. I hope he's inspired people half as much as he's influenced me.

    So, Happy Birthday to The Chief
    (39 already? Jesus, man.)


    Noel Gallagher

    And a Happy-Almost-Graduating-Soon to me!
  • Pink Floyd and the wonders of The Dark Side of the Moon

    22 May 2006, 3:31

    Have you ever noticed that by having such a large musical collection you forget about certain artists?

    I love Pink Floyd but haven't listened to them in a while. God, "Dark Side of the Moon" is an amazing album; it always relaxes me and at the same time energizes me. Example - "Us and Them"

    I wish Pink Floyd would could play a concert for me... during the 1970's. Damn being born in the late 1980's. :(

    Pink Floyd
    Dark Side of the Moon
  • I finally gave in and did an annoying survey... at least it's not the mainstream one.

    2 May 2006, 4:16

    1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
    Oasis, 7 or 8

    2. What was the last song you listened to?
    Radiohead - Airbag

    3. What's in your CD player right now?
    Oasis – Heathen Chemistry

    4. What was the last show you attended?

    5. What was the greatest show you've ever been to?
    Most definitely the Oasis show in March (read my journal for the reason why…)

    6. What's the worst show you've ever been to?
    I would have to say at Summerfest last year when I went to see the Violent Femmes. We had shit seats, the smell of pot and flavored cigars filled the air and masses of middle-aged drunk and high adults pissed me off.

    7. What's the most musically involved you have ever been?
    Well, I’ve sang for forever and been in choir my entire life, started the drums in 5th grade and played throughout 9th, started piano in 6th grade… (But am in need of lessons again!), picked up the guitar and started teaching myself about a month ago, been writing and composing music since I was 9 too. So, you could say music rules my life.

    8. What show are you looking forward to?
    Lollapalooza – August 4-6. Top bands would have to be The Shins, Death Cab, Broken Social Scene, Stars, Cursive, The Editors, Aqualung, The Subways, Of Montreal, and Eels. They have a fantastic line-up this year!

    10. What is your favorite band shirt?
    Definitely my Oasis one, but Coldplay and Keane rank up there as well.

    11. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
    Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney and John Lennon :(

    12. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?
    A lot of the stuff I listen to is overseas, so it’s big over there but not nescessarily over here. Richard Ashcroft got huge with the Verve in 1997, so him… his new solo album is ace. I also wish Oasis would be recognized more instead of the band that plays “Wonderwall” or “Champagne Supernova”… or the ad music on AT&T!

    13. Who is one band/artist you've never seen live but always wanted to?
    Elliott Smith, Radiohead, The Doves, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd (back in the glory days), and probably Verve.

    14. Name 4 or MORE flawless albums:
    Obviously, I’d say every Oasis album, so I’ll limit myself to one :
    Oasis – Definitely Maybe, Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head, Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, and The Verve – Urban Hymns, and Snow Patrols’ Final Straw is pretty great.

    15. How many music related videos/DVDs do you own?
    Less than 10. What can I say? I am broke!

    16. How many concerts/shows have you been to, total?
    Uh, probably a little more than 10, but that will be adding up quite soon.

    17. Who have you seen the most live?
    Coldplay and The Redwalls

    18. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
    Moulin Rouge, Garden State has brilliant stuff that got overplayed by the “indie” crowd, Phantom of the Opera, and Velvet Goldmine

    19. What was your last musical "phase" before you wisened up?
    Hmm, last kick I had was “glam rock”, but I still enjoy it. Now, I’m trying to get into new Brit alternative music that I haven’t gotten to - Babyshambles, The Libertines, etc

    20. What's your "guilty pleasure" that you hate to admit to liking?
    I enjoy all my musical influences. I will proudly state I was into Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls! I remember when I was 9 I had four constant CD’s on playback: Spice Girls, Beck – Odelay, Oasis – Be Here Now and The Verve – Urban Hymns. Pretty damn good for a 4th grade girl in the US. :)

    Urban HymnsBe Here NowOdelayDefinitely MaybeThe LibertinesBabyshamblesA Rush of Blood to the HeadRadioheadHeathen ChemistryPink FloydRichard AshcroftPink FloydElliott SmithViolent Femmes