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I grew up in the late 80's and 90's, my first memory of music wasn't 80's or 90's music, hell no! My first recollection of listening to music as a child was listening to tapes my parents made for me. Tapes with 50's and 60's music, most of them contained albums of The Beatles, John Lennon and Elvis Presley. Other ones were mixed with all kinds of Rock 'n Roll artists. To this day I'm very happy I grew up listening to these kind of great influential names in music. As I started my teenage years I was, like almost everyone, more into pop music. I liked artists like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. During that period of time in the mid 90's a big hype saw the daylight in Holland. The Hardcore (Gabber) house was making a big impact in the youth culture in Holland. During that time I was also listening to this big new thing in House music. It didn't last long though.


As I was turning into a high school student I began listening to (Hard)Rock and Hiphop. I liked artists like Necro, Non Phixion, Ali Vegas, Copywrite in the Hiphop genre and bands like Metallica, Dog Eat Dog and Nirvana in the Hardrock genre. I was a Hiphop head for quite a few years. It wasn't until I went to college that I really got into electronic music. It started with Hardstyle, which was a sort of fake ass Hardcore and also contained elements of Oldschool and Hardhouse. But it was a fun time, I started to go to parties very regularly, both Hardstyle and Hardcore parties. But it didn't last long before my first encounter with Techno music occured. I was on a big party named Shockers, I heard Rush and Speedy J during that night and I was amazed. I knew this was a big new thing for me, as I never felt House music the way I did that night. After that night a quick transformation followed in my daily musical routines. Techno, techno, techno it was. I was going to Techno parties once or twice a week, every night discovering new artists and DJ's. Unlike Hardcore and Hardstyle, I found a genre which is very broad, there are so many different styles and sounds within this genre. At first I really liked Hardtechno the most, probably because I was used to the harder styles in electronic music. Later that same year I heard Jeff Mills spinning his records for the first time. I was amazed by his sound. I guess it was since then I really started getting into Detroit techno. I also liked performers like Johannes Heil and Alexander Kowalski with their Kanzleramt sound.


My first encounter with Electro wasn't far away. One of the first Electro tracks I heard was a track made by Drexciya, it's a track called Hydro Theory. It sounded weird to me but I very much liked the broken beats. Nowadays Electro still is my favorite genre in electronic music. I searched the web for downloads and livesets and got to know many of the essential names. After Drexciya; Anthony Rother and Dopplereffekt followed. During this time I also was exploring the history of Detroit electronic music. I was stunned by the productions of Model 500, Cybotron, Underground Resistance, Derrick May, The Martian, Aux 88 etc etc. One thing Detroit techno stands out in is putting soul in electronic music. Galaxy 2 Galaxy is the best example of that in my opinion. Another interesting thing which makes Detroit techno and electro so good is the way they produce music matching certain themes, like the universe or the sea for example. Unlike many other artists in electronic music they make serious music with a serious message. They stand out in the way they deliver their music. As I was getting interested in broken beats I also became a fan of the UK sound. Artists like Richard D James, Autechre, Mick Harris and Future Sound Of London are way up there when it comes to quality electronic MUSIC. No cheesy House or whatever, but serious essential music. Now I'm a couple of years further and have explored many other fields like Drum and Bass, Acid, Ambient and TeKno. But I don't find them as interesting as Techno, Electro and Electronica (some people call it IDM), but I go to all kinds of parties. I think it is good to explore all possible genres in music. As was getting deeper into all kinds of music, I also fell back on the original music I liked: Rock 'n Roll. I started listening to the likes of The Beatles, Elvis Presley and off course my alltime hero John Lennon again. This time I was 15 years older, so I listened to the music another way and started to really get into every aspect off the music. That way I discovered the genius off John Lennon, his songwriting is unparallelled in my opinion. His music is deep and very diverse. Through my dad I was introduced to his favorite music genres: Blues and Jazz. Wow! What an eye opener that was. These are the two most influential genres in modern music. I started listening to Blues artists like Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and Sonny Boy Williamson. The Jazz I love is the good old (big band) swing jazz from the 30's-50's. Louis Armstrong is my favorite Jazz musician and singer. He and his bands played Jazz music with such a positive vibe, and it swings like hell, it makes me feel good everytime I listen to it. Together with Ella Fitzgerald (what a voice!) he also formes a great couple, they share a great dynamic. One of the greatest LP's I own is the '38 Carnagie Hall Concert of Benny Goodman and his band. This legendary concert put Jazz on the map in the mainstream culture in those days. He, as a white man, took this black music to the mainstream public, and boy...are we glad he did! Kind off the same way The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley took other black music like Blues to the mainstream. Today I collect all kinds of vinyl. My main goal is to get every Drexciya related record, It will be hard but I'm on my way. Most of my records are Detroit Techno and Electro related. The UK sound I love is represented by records from Aphex Twin, Autechre, The Future Sound Of London and Scorn. I also collect old Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rock and Rock 'n Roll records. I mainly get those at second hand shops for very good prices. So this is my history when it comes to music. I'm sure I've forgotten to write down some important stuff, but this should do it for now.