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  • HamishMack

    Hey Don! How do we know each other? Says we became friends on here last night!

    9 Nov 2011 Responder
  • sjeriee

    haha, i think we are listening to two different bands. i listen to the New Adventures from the netherlands..its a old dutch band, music from the sixties/seventies. on the newadventures lastfm page are also pictures of 2 bands...what kind of music is your 'newadventure music'?

    2 Sep 2009 Responder
  • sjeriee

    aah! you are listening to the new adventures. how cool is that

    24 Jul 2009 Responder
  • jakeenvy

    im only at 6k songs mr 30k, but i just play whatever radio station and let it meander till it plays devendra banhart, then i start all over again, god i hate him

    9 Oct 2008 Responder
  • vacantlips

    I don't remember if I told you or not, but the worst and most disappointing part of Lollapalooza was that The Weakerthans canceled. :(

    7 Ago 2008 Responder
  • vacantlips

    Well, I don't think either of them influenced each other's music as a whole at all, but I know plenty of bands that have been influenced by another's single song (I was exclusively talking about "Lost and Found" and "Hide and Seek" - no other songs by either of the artists nor their sound as a whole) and incorporate ideas from it into their song. Just because they both started over a decade ago doesn't mean they'll never be influenced by another artist or song that came out after they started ever again and American artists are inspired by European artists all the time and vice versa. Anyway, I'm sure you're right that they weren't influenced by that song at all in creating "Lost and Found", so perhaps I should have said it just reminded me of "Hide and Seek". I do think it's fair to say a song released two years after another reminds you of the first I hope haha. Glad I didn't call it a rip-off or anything. ;) Anyway, I appreciate your response. Have a great day!

    30 Jul 2008 Responder
  • vacantlips

    Just an FYI in response to what you wrote to me and calling me ignorant on the Last Days of April page - Imogen Heap has actually been around for a decade since she released her first album I Megaphone in 1998. I heard "Lost and Found" on Last Days of April's MySpace page where it says it was released on the album Might As Well Live in 2007(edit). I thought it was pretty sensible to think that it "seems to be inspired" by "Hide and Seek" given the sound, title, lyrics, etc. if it was released two years after Imogen's 2005 album Speak For Yourself where that song appears. No reason to get hostile though. Wonderful music taste by the way. Can't wait to see The Weakerthans and Iron & Wine at Lollapalooza this weekend.

    28 Jul 2008 Responder
  • muffinmcmuffin

    Yeah, I listened to TSP a lot more when I first registered. Also, I just let winamp play 24/7 in the past. That+a library with a lot of TSP=top artist forever.

    17 Oct 2007 Responder
  • craigverse

    We're high. :)

    9 Oct 2007 Responder
  • Joeda

    i had a pbr and i thought of you.

    15 Ago 2007 Responder
  • spams13

    Hey sorry I'm just now responding to your question. I guess the reason I'm into this type of music is because I not only have an ecletic taste in music, but also because I was adoped by a white family when I was 3 days old, so I have been introduced to all kinds of music, and I tend to be more attracted to rock and indie. I really dont like rap and R&B at all. Its weird, but thats me!

    3 Jul 2007 Responder
  • AbstractRealism

    The only types of music i am not really into is gangsta rap/hip hop, contemporary country, and electronica.' i second that.

    29 Abr 2007 Responder
  • melanger

    hey man great emo discussion on the music snob forum. i think its the first thread ive read in that group that actually has people talking and abusing rather than the regular abusing.

    2 Mar 2007 Responder
  • felixk32

    Neighbourino! I need new tunes! As I was walking to school today, I was skipping through lots of the songs on my iPod and realized that I am in serious need of some new music. What would be your #1 recommendation that you don't see on my charts?

    4 Dic 2006 Responder
  • stephen_b

    and the fact that you like say hi to your mom so much makes your judgement credible.

    18 Ago 2006 Responder
  • annaklara

    How could I not, they're great! If you haven't heard Jawbreaker and Against Me yet, you need to check them out! Similar stuff. Awesome stuff.

    12 Jul 2006 Responder
  • annaklara

    I am, thanks for noticing! Dl'ing Lucero right now, I think they will fit my taste. You have a lot of great stuff on your list too!

    30 Jun 2006 Responder


I have a very broad taste in music, but it is very focused on good shit, as opposed to shit that is no good. The only types of music i am not really into is gangsta rap, contemporary country and 80's GLAM rock. Other than that, im open to many different styles and sounds. Recently i have been getting into Indie Hip-hop (13 and God) and different types of electronica (M83, Dntel). Hit me up, if you want to talk about any music or anything....

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