• Indie

    4 Jun 2006, 13:58

    I just had a look at my top artists, and it looks like I'm such a damn indie kid. I need to get some more jazz/ambient/electronica/hip hop up there. Thank you, Richard D. James, for the work of genius that is the Analord series.
  • Spatterik's review of A Silver Mt. Elegies live concert performance

    11 Mar 2006, 22:35

    the beautiful constellation label brings us hangedup as the accompanying band for a fraction of thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra, and also as the band that is to play before the cooperation. Mesmerizing compositions, canon-singing, the slightly deranged and broken voice of the silver mt. singer, Efrim, make this evening every bit as intense as being a soldier at the frontline, feeling all the distress of this young band, these young people, as they live in a world made ugly by commercialism, conditioning the brains of their ever-greedier consumers. they are the weeping of all that do not want this, the cries against governments, the wails for our own ideas to be unleashed into the world even though they don't conform to this society's standard. The concert was accompanied by Efrim being nervous about using another guitar then he usually does, saying that this one plays other notes than you tell it to, so he changes strings like a frantic canadian, only to change guitars once more. After this there are no more pauses, except just before the 2 encores, the first one being a hangedup track, i hate this fucking place, and actually the only song not especially written for this small tour with only a small part of the entire memorial orchestra and tralalaband, the second another new track.
    one of the best shows, for me, this century.

    All props to Spatterik for writing this.