• Fairport Convention at The Brook, Southampton (2nd Feb 2007)

    6 Feb 2007, 10:47

    On Friday I went to see Fairport Convention as a birthday present for my mum.

    The support group were a group of young ladys called Tiny Tin Lady. I would describe them as Emo Folk, think Avril Lavigne crossed with The Levellers.

    They did a few tracks which were good, but not really my thing. They were then joined by three members of Fairport for their final track.

    Fairport then came out and proceded to play a mix of new stuff and old stuff mainly from Leige and Lief. The new stuff is more folk rock than straight folk of the old stuff all of which was played excellently, but Who Knows Where the Time Goes? didn't sound as good without Sandy Denny singing.

    They finished the gig with Matty Groves and then did two encores with Tiny Tin Lady joining them on stage for the second one Meet On The Ledge

  • Something in the (Icelandic) air

    13 Jul 2006, 10:30

    There must be something about [link=http://www.last.fm/place/Iceland]Iceland[/link].

    Not only has the country produced great artists like Sigur Rós, Björk and múm, but you only need to visit to produce fantastic music like In A Safe Place. The person behind The Album Leaf is American, but this album was recorded in Iceland.
  • Sigur Rós: Southampton Guildhall 11th July 2006

    12 Jul 2006, 8:00

    Yesterday I went to see Sigur Rós at the Southampton Guildhall. We ended up going for free as my friends uncle got us onto the guest list, so I got my money back for my ticket :-)

    As ever Amiina opened and were as good as I remember them from the Hammersmith gig:

    As with Hammersmith Sigur Rós opened with Takk... followed by Glósóli and proceeded to play most/all of the Takk... album:

    There were less older songs than the Hammersmith gig (to the disappointment of my friend they didn't play Untitled 4, his favorite after hearing it on Vanilla Sky), but they did finish with Untitled 8 again which rocked:

    I would say it wasn't quite as good as the Hammersmith gig, possibly because the stage was a bit smaller and thus more cramped. I was closer to the stage though so I got a better feel of the music, which was good.

    More photos: [link=http://public.fotki.com/ditchdigger/music/sigur_rs_southampton/]Here[/link].
  • Sigur Rós coming to my City, Yay

    2 May 2006, 10:29

    Sigur Rós are coming to Southampton on the 11th July.

    Of course I have brought a ticket making it two Sigur Rós concerts this year! I think it's the first time they've been here!
  • Mogwai: Southampton Uni SU 30th March 2006

    19 Abr 2006, 12:09

    Better late than never - I just got the photos from the Mogwai gig that I saw two days after the Sigur Rós concert in the last week of March.

    The opening act was The Magnificents. They were a sort of retro electro pop band, and were OK:

    Mogwai were fantastic, they played a lot of the new album, but also plenty of older ones including my favorite from the last album, Hunted by a Freak:

    Being in a smaller venue (and closer to the stage) than Sigur Rós, I could feel the music more, at one point I thought my fillings would come out with the vibrations that were coming from the floor and wall! I would say that Sigur Rós just shaded it as my favourite gig of the two I saw that week.

    They finished with Mogwai Fear Satan:

    More larger photos: [link=http://public.fotki.com/ditchdigger/music/mogwai/]here[/link]


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  • Another plug

    13 Abr 2006, 12:43

    No not that type of plug!

    Super Surround Sound Barrier are playing at the Winston Hotel on the corner of Hill Lane and Archers Road, tomorrow (Friday 14th April).

    They will be playing some new stuff one of which (Gathering Speed) you can hear [link=http://www.myspace.com/supersurroundsoundbarrier]here[/link].
  • Sigur Rós: Hammersmith Apollo 28th March 2006

    4 Abr 2006, 13:18

    Last Tuesday I went to see Sigur Rós at the Hammersmith Apollo, and I now have my photos from the concert.

    The opening act was Amiina who play most of the string intruments (apart from guitar) on Sigur Rós albums. They have an EP out at the moment and I hope they get to do an album of their own. My favorite song had to be the one where one of them played the saw at the beginning and end, along with a plucked stringed intrument laid flat on a table and what seemed to be some toy bells. Here's the saw in action:

    Then came Sigur Rós. The first two songs Takk... and Glósóli were performed behind a thin vail on which you could see their shadows:

    The vail lifted and they proceeded to play most of Takk... and a fair few old favorites such as Untiled 4 and Olsen Olsen. One of the many highlights was a mini marching band for Sé Lest:

    The final song of the night was Untitled 8 for which the veil came back down, and absolutely rocked. All in all an awsome night:

    More photos, and bigger originals of above, here: [link=http://public.fotki.com/ditchdigger/music/sigur_rs/]Sigur Rós Concert[/link]

    Mogwai concert to follow when I have the photos.
  • Lets Have a Revolution

    10 Feb 2006, 12:05

    Hurrah the revolutions are back.

    So all fans of the Levellers join the [link=http://www.last.fm/group/Levellers]Levellers Group[/link] and join the revolution as the founder and leader hasn't been on Last.fm for nearly two years, and the group page needs some work done to it.
  • A Small Plug

    6 Feb 2006, 15:17

    My mates band Super Surround Sound Barrier (they've got more than two songs, but that's all Last.fm has registered) are playing at The Nexus, Southampton on friday 10th Feb.: [link=http://www.thenexusclub.com/live.htm]Nexus Live[/link]

    Here's their homepage (see for influences, I didn't want to clog up other artist pages): [link=http://www.sssb.20m.com/]SSSB[/link]
  • The Perfect Week

    2 Feb 2006, 12:43

    I have just purchased tickets to go and see Mogwai at the Southampton University Student Union on the 30th of March. That's two days after the Sigur Rós concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. Both first time of seeing them.

    The only way it would be more perfect would be if Godspeed You! Black Emperor suddenly decided to go a tour and came to the UK during the same week!