• Thought of the month: July 2008 - Some people are just not very friendly are they?

    22 Jul 2008, 23:02

    Some people are just not very friendly are they?

    This never used to affect me, but as I have gotten older, it seems more of an issue.

    Why can't some people learn the simplest of social graces and/or make the effort to communicate?

    I find it especially odd, that some people who make the effort to goto interesting gigs, have such an aloof nature to them.

    indifference; disinterest; apathy... these are personality traits I have come to dislike in people.


    Personal note:

    I have come to realise I give too much to people. I do so because I enjoy sharing.

    It seems in these times, generosity is more often met with suspicion instead of joy.

    Some people are just too paranoid, and I sometimes yearn for the "good old days", when people where tougher in spirit, but friendly and approachable with a relaxed view on life. /rant.