Making Movies Review


26 Nov 2010, 7:53

Making Movies is the third album from Dire Straits, and the third released in the three years. Most people consider one of the, if not the best Straits album. Why? I have absouletely no idea. Apart from one or two tracks, it's nothing special, compared to say Love Over Gold, Brothers in Arms or Dire Straits.

Lets take a look at the tracks.

Tunnel of Love opens the album and is the first time extreme musical complexity is really used by the Straits. It starts off with an excerpt from Rodgers and Hammerstein, "The Carousel Waltz," due to the fact it's about a travelling carnie and the loves he meet all around. The lyrics are spectactular, music's good, it's just a tad long, clocking it at just over 8: 00 minutes, when it really didn't need to. It's a well made song, but for SOME reason, I can't get into that much, I have no idea why.

The best track on the album Romeo and Juliet has perhaps the best guitar Knopfler has ever put out. Played on a steel national, it is instantly recognizable. The song tells the story of a young man who yearns to be back with his sweetheart after she got famous and left him still poor. The lyrics are great. This is one where it's probably a really personal song to Knopfler. It seems to come straight from the heart. Beautiful

Skateaway is an ok song, however it goes for too long, the guitar riff isn't anything special. It's nothing amazing, C+ at best.

Expresso Love has an excellent guitar riff that is coupled with piano, that sets it up to be a great track. The lyrics start off and it's the second song in a row focusing just a female character. Overrall it's probably better than Skateaway.

The ballady Hand In Hand comes up next, and it's farely beautiful, the lyrics are great. Just becomes slightly repititive, and normally repititive in Knopfler is good, but this time not so much.

Solid Rock is the real rock number on the album it's farely well written, sadly the vocals are buried way down in the mix(probably to emulate a band playing in a pub feel).

What comes next is what is widely considered to be Knopfler's worst song, it's a track called Les Boys. I wouldn't consider it a bad song, it's just too silly.

Now, I've given farely positive reviews for each song. However the songs just feel like they were written so quickly, so hastily and they are barely fleshed out. It's probably because Mark was being pressured into creating another album and it had to be released quick. If he had've spent some more time on this, it could've been better, it just feels so unpolished. Only has a few truly good songs, expect more from mark & co. Overrated, B---

Next week Love Over Gold


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