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  • adside


    Ayer 5:09pm Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    Hi Liesel..I hope you're ok and having a sparkling weekend..xoxo ;-)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7OSSUwPVM4

    4 Oct 22:05 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Hello, balloon girl : )

    25 Sep 7:31 Responder
  • scott_sea

    Howdy DSD.

    13 Sep 7:49 Responder
  • music-offshore

    Greetings from Belgium , Herman

    21 Ago 18:57 Responder
  • Bluesman24

    Dankeschön! It is Raining and it looks like Autumn, nicht wie Sommer:-)

    13 Ago 11:34 Responder
  • Bluesman24

    Hi! Greetings from Switzerland:-)

    13 Ago 5:13 Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    After so many "weekend shouts" the moment has come .. to be more than I've been for all of you.... sometime a pleasure.. some other a nuisance.. but looking back proudly ... to all I have been and become .. all I have always meant to be. The moment has come ... to glance skyward....pause, and take one final calming breath before transforming anew.... better..worse ..when ?.. who knows? maybe some other ....further .. from time to time ...occasionally .. when my soul will scream again... Many thanks dear Liesel.., and many thanks also go to all of you always following me.. I will always follow you.. 'cause I will always need you.. and our music..of course.. hugs .... Andy.... (thanks to the marvelous Mehdi for this song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J22A2qifeZc

    19 Jul 14:23 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Have a wonderful weekend, Liesel :) Hope the wheather is still good enough for outdoor activities in South Australia.

    11 Jul 10:38 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Oh that was easy, i recently discover Frente! and one of the top listeners was a well known balloon girl ;)

    15 Jun 7:03 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Have a nice weekend dear Liesel. For whatever reason i lost contact to you between my 2nd and 3rd incarnation, life gets complicated sometimes ;)

    13 Jun 14:12 Responder
  • yahzenbahzen

    Well these on-line ticket sites buy in bulk and sell them off at over-inflated prices. It is scandalous!! Anyway, How are you? :D

    5 Abr 10:27 Responder
  • yahzenbahzen

    I've seen Kate Bush tickets on sale, on some ticket websites for up to £200 each. Outrageous!

    4 Abr 19:56 Responder
  • wilbeh

    Thanks for offering, had a ticket. Was a great night. (:

    23 Feb 5:48 Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    thanx for visiting....nice to see you.. xoxo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HhnWawrobA&list=ALYL4kY05133pFcEds9HcVfNvLctpQvLlv&feature=c4-overview-vl

    15 Feb 18:46 Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    Ohh.. my WEEKEND .. come on this Valentine's day....... You should know... I begun to live ..when you turned round and looked at me... I think of you thinking of me.... I really am alive.... for that one little moment... thinking of you thinking of me... breathing your same breath... You know, even your words, sound like music to my ears.... And those words you say...every thinking of yours.. more like seeing music with my own eyes, beautiful in every wave and ripple .. of the perfection that is your essence.. live me, as I live you... love me, as I love you. If there comes a time I can’t catch my breath, will you please catch it for me..through a kiss...My WEEKEND ??..;-)) have a special romantic WEEKEND..my dear Liesel xoxo ..how're you ?? :-)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0DvjgagJko

    14 Feb 13:17 Responder
  • elpercebeN13


    8 Feb 1:25 Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    ohh my WEEKEND.. I woke up this morning.. terrified with a thought:.. What if feelings are not a renewable resource?.. What if I am wasting too many of mine. on others when they all belong to you?.. What if I'm realizing there are still so many things I’ve not yet said... to you...and I've been recently near to die.. "You will live to love and live me".. you whispered to me ..when I was in a coma ohh my love ...LOVE is to know what you are saying to me..when you’re not speaking... at all.....you are the reason for every word I will write and all I have written...MY WEEKEND .. Wish you a marvelous one ..my dear Liesel xoxo..;-)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeMmpfZhNoc

    7 Feb 13:19 Responder
  • For_absolution

    after a week with -30C I'm dreaming of a place which is chilly and warm!

    4 Feb 5:00 Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    Ohhh..My WEEKEND... I'm not scared at all when I fight for you.. and for a life that force you to struggle.. when my hands curl into fists ..... and i throw punches to smash the sorrow and the injustice around you.. and when I draw my sword to impale your nightmares... I will laugh at my blood stained shirt.... when all the monsters have gone .... and with my blood i will write *LOVE* on our flag... screaming your name .. wildly into the darkness where they came from .. I will not ever.. take a single kiss of you at all for granted... It never matters if your clothes are torn and dirty.. because I will want them off. If I will grow old and if wrinkles there will be among my scars , I want you with me...my WEEKEND ... Enjoy your own one ...my dear Liesel. xoxo :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADIEAW65H5o

    31 Ene 13:38 Responder
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Liesel_MW * March 2007 - 2nd July 2010

de-li-la * 4th July 2010 - 5th April 2011



never be careless or jealous with hearts
and don't try to think of the end from the start



and every now and then i get a little too close * to the kind of truth that's not worth thinking about * but you can't stop the mind from wandering * you gotta slow it down * maybe get yourself under control... * and i have no need for such things * but to make you happy * does it make you happy?



sometimes I know where I am * and what I'm doing and what things might become * but that always seems such a fleeting state * for the remainder of the time * i feel that i am a babe in the woods * howling for deliverance


See the path cut by the moon
For you to walk on
See the waves on distant shores
Awaiting your arrival


best intentions
bring joyless drought
pack your hacksaw
come bust me out

when your dentures
prevent your smile
these adventures
will fill your eyes

with love

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