Actual Lungbutter Live Review


6 Dic 2009, 17:32

Fri 4 Dec – Actual Lungbutter LIVE at The Exchange
ACTUAL LUNGBUTTER Show At The Exchange A Success!

It was a sight to behold for fans of Actual Lungbutter Saturday night. Once again, a stunned audience was treated to the band's wacky stage antics, costumery, odd rhythms, satirical lyrics and comical stage banter for the first time onstage since the fall of 2001.

Actual Lungbutter performed about a 40 minute set of classic songs from their first three albums like "Boogerchair" and "Sewage Missile" from the "Available Now" album (1997), "I Ate That" and "Ass Machine Box" from "What Have They Done This TIme?" (1999) and "Free Kill Pass" and "Stupidity" from the "The Most Hated Band In Town" CD (2002).

Frontman Reverend Reed Collins shocked and entertained the crowd as if eight years hadn't even passed. Almost "like a time warp", as guitarist Tony A. Ward had put it just before taking the stage.

Ward acquired four KISS masks which they dawned for the start of the set, and the band's Dallas Ross-Hicks-designed Actual Lungbutter hockey jerseys were also a hit - photos of those will prove how cool they are. Thanks, Dallas!

The concert was recorded, and will likely be the basis for an upcoming "live" album in 2010.

Sadly for Gil, no food was thrown. However, he did say, "that also means no food was wasted either. Hey, are we going for pizza afterwards?"


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