12 Jul 2009, 18:27

Put your music on shuffle and complete..

Part One.

Where do you live:
Boys and Girls

Describe your first love:

Describe your current crush:
Im Broken

What is your biggest challenge:

Who are your friends:
Well Enough Alone

Describe your looks:
Personal Jesus

What did you do last night:
Betrayed Again

What's the goal in your life:
In his words

When do you have sex:
M & M's

How do you want to die:

What do you say to your parents:

Where do you spend your time:
11th Hour

What do you think of the society:
That's That

Describe the last time you had your heart broken:
In Loving Memory

What's your explanation for everything:
Dead End

What do you think on Fridays:
Leave Dat Boy Alone

Which of your questions concerning life haven't been answered:
White Walls

What is your favourite colour:
The Crimson

What is your advice to those who have experienced less:
I've Got That Boom

What would you rather do right now:
Hallow Horns

Describe your best friend:
Dirty Women

What's under your bed:
You'll Only Make it Worse

What has been your biggest achievement:

Where will you go on your honeymoon:

What is on your to-do list:
Get It On The Floor

Where would you rather be right now:
All These Things I Hate

Part Two.

Your life is like:
Dial M For Murder

What’s happening tomorrow:
Nickels Is Money Too

Your friends think of you as:
You're the only one for me

Your personality is like:

What is something that You're proud of:
The Bringer

What’s something that’s troubling you:
Baddest Ruffest

Your parents are best described as:
Mr Boombastic

Last thing you did was:
Hallowed Be Thy Name

What cheers you up:
Dogs Out

Your mood at this moment:
Do I Even Need To Say It

When you was first born you was like:
Don't Let Up

Your future is:
A Hofasho

In your funeral the choir will be singing:

When you wake up your first thought is:
Charlatans Host

Part Three.

How are you feeling today:
Not Living

Will you get far in life:
Turning Heads

Where will you get married:
A Place Called Home

What is your bestfriends theme song:
The Dead End

What is your theme song:
My Leftovers

What is the story of your life:
Find The Real

What is the best thing about you:
Feed Us

What's in story for the weekend:
I Kno U Want It

How would you describe your grandparents:
The Innocent Ones

How do you dress:
Same Girl

Do people secretely lust after you:

Have you made a mistake:
If I Never See Your Face Again

Will you ever have children:
A Sip Of Wine Chased With Cyanide

What's some good advice:

How will you be remembered:

What's your signiture dancing song:
Paradigm Shift

What type of women/men do you like:

What's your sex life like:
Becoming the Bull

What would be the title of your porn movie:
Pretty Girl

What would be the intro song:
Again, Again And Again

What would be the end credits:
Baby Got Back


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