Density of sound 35


15 Nov 2009, 15:20

Well, this one is so good I'd advise you stand back in case it burns you. Loads of new stuff and plenty of twists and turns along the way, yes, we are truly proud to bring you DENSITY OF SOUND 35!

Get it right now at:

Degiheugi - Soundtrack of my day with Ghostown
Prince Kong - Crazy (acroplane)
Dirt Complain - I want Nutella now (Gatto Blaster)

Ion Siren - Strontium (Sociopath Recordings) -
The freak fandango orchestra - The Hug
ZXDK - ZpH 1 (LibreCommeLair)

Mikus - Belly of the Beast (Planet Terror)
DJ TOH - Drops (Studio Haen Remix) (WM Recordings)
Abby Lee Tee - Floating Airstrip (Hillbilly Soul)

Twelve Insomnia- Rave\01 (Hujan!Rekords)
Simptom Pogremushki- Countray Radio Channel
1800s Sea Monster - Swallow the Sun

Volatil - No Bans (LibreCommeLair)
Nekkroteukh - Spirits VIP (TwentyTwelve)
Joe Frawley Ensemble - Tough Times (Clinical Archives)

Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs - M. Samba


  • 1800sseamonster

    Thanks for using that ancient 1800s Sea Monster song, it's a treat to see it here.

    22 Abr 2010, 0:38
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