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Tom WaitsOl' '55 14 Jul 12:47
IndianSupplicants 10 Jul 15:06
IndianThe End of Truth 10 Jul 15:01
IndianGuilty 10 Jul 14:56
IndianGuiltless 10 Jul 14:48
IndianThe Fate Before Fate 10 Jul 14:44
IndianNo Grace 10 Jul 14:37
IsisNot in Rivers, But in Drops 8 Jul 17:22
IsisWrists of Kings 8 Jul 17:14
IsisGrinning Mouths 8 Jul 17:05
IsisAltered Course 8 Jul 16:55
IsisSyndic Calls 8 Jul 16:46
IsisWills Dissolve 8 Jul 16:39
IsisIn Fiction 8 Jul 16:30
IsisBacklit 8 Jul 16:22
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  • AzazelBM

    Look, man!

    17 Jul 7:00 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    Dude, here's the second new Opeth song!

    3 Jul 16:22 Responder
  • DKRafi

    Cannibal Corpse skuffer overhovedet ikke! Glæder mig sgu allerede :)

    1 Jul 18:56 Responder
  • DKRafi

    Lækkert med nogle gode anbefalinger! Har hørt lidt Triptykon mens de andre har jeg stadig til gode. Conan, Dead Congregation, Cerebral Effusion, Incantation og Kampfar har alle udgivet nogle solide plader.

    1 Jul 18:54 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    I, for one, am waiting forward to hearing the whole thing! Thankfully I'm not a fanboy anymore, because I would have gone nuts over 'Cusp of Eternity' already. Yeah, it's a 3/5 album imo, not mindblowing...It's true that I'm not into them (or metal) that much anymore, but still the album was pretty weak in comparison to Teh Hunteur. Sad day ;( On the other hand, Godflesh and Swans surprised me very good with their releases.

    1 Jul 17:06 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    Cool, right on time to hear their new album schedlued for release in August. Have you heard the new song released by the band so far?

    1 Jul 16:47 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    I thought you never liked the -and I quote- turtle moaning of Opeth :P

    1 Jul 15:19 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    Opeth, dude?

    1 Jul 10:59 Responder
  • DKRafi

    Hvad så der! Det er sgu lidt længe siden hæhæ. Håber alt er vel. Nogle gode udgivelser i år som du gerne vil anbefale?

    1 Jul 7:56 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    28 May 17:30 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    That really sucks, but I guess some sacrifices must be done :P For how long will you be attending the courses? I bet you can hardly wait to produce your first album :D

    28 Feb 13:26 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    Hey man, how's it going with your school?

    25 Feb 18:20 Responder
  • abomanation666

    umm thanks man, but we already talked before, i have you on this site i think for about 2 years noe :D really i always wanted to be a studio engineer but unfortunately in my country there are no possibilities for such education, well i study law nad i show not much affiliation towards it, i find it quite boring

    27 Ene 0:23 Responder
  • abomanation666

    hey man, wassup? i see you are listening to a lot of diverse stuff, respect for that

    24 Ene 17:55 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    It depends very much on the person, man :P One might laugh and watch videos, another one might take a walk, sit down and think, while there's possible for one to do both (not simultaneously though).

    10 Ene 14:25 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    Weed makes you also more introspective, analytic, etc

    10 Ene 14:01 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    I agree! Weed is a hell of an economic booster. But why would they legalise it? If they had, they wouldn't be able to control you anymore. Weed opens the mind as well.

    10 Ene 7:24 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    Hahaha, never saw one of those xD That's hideous indeed. Well, it's sad to see a utopia falling down...

    9 Ene 18:36 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    I'd happily take lessons from you! Well, Denmark has that awesome hippie neighbourhood Norway will never have.

    9 Ene 16:35 Responder
  • AzazelBM

    Haha, tell me about it! You should see how are things going over here. I agree with you about the quality of life; if I'm not mistaking, you guys are the happiest in Europe!

    9 Ene 15:19 Responder
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