• asdfghjkl

    5 Ago 2010, 15:25

    Well, I really don't know where to start... Ok, I know now. Well, I started to listen to Coldplay on July, 2009. I instantly became a fan, and I am proud to say I'm still one, but I knew that, besides from Coldplay, all the other music I listened was crap. So, in my search for good music, I stumbled upon Radiohead, a band that my brother introduced to me when I was six. So, with this two awesome bands on my MP3 player, I started to think that it was enough. I couldn't be any wronger.

    When November arrived, I accidentally discovered The Killers and Muse. This encouraged me to find some more bands, like Hard-Fi or Death Cab for Cutie. But nothing could've prepared me for what was about to happen.

    On January, I rediscovered my Twitter account, and decided to follow the Coldplay community here in Perú. This led into meeting one of the admins, Fátima. Not only she was the coolest coldplayer I had ever met, but she also had a Tumblr account. Thanks to her, I joined Tumblr. Thanks to her, I got into Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Franz Ferdinand, The Last Shadow Puppets, MGMT and Oasis.

    But, it wasn't only Fátima who broadened my musical world. There's also other cool people from Tumblr, like Megan, who got me into Vampire Weekend and Kasabian, or Amy (someone who I really don't know, but whose fangirling made me like Phoenix), or Kamila, who made me remember of Coldplay and Muse when I was into this vortex of new music.

    So, yeah that's been my music life ever since.

    P.S This was made only to test this 'Journal' stuff so, yeah. However, every single word is true.