Top 100 tracks ever?


23 Oct 2006, 13:22

There are different reasons for why different songs are here. Some of them make me sing (pretty much all of them do that actually), some dance, some cry, in some cases, I have no idea why I like them. They are in somesort of an order, first I tried to number them from one to hundred, but that was impossible to do. Then I put them in groups of ten, but that was too difficult too, so I divided them into Good, Better, the Best and The Best of the Best.

I may feel the need to comment on some of my choises...


Every Time He Comes Around
Good Looking
Mother Not kidding. I love it.
Red Right Hand
Voodoo People
The Day I Tried to Live
Sell Your Body (To the Night)
Torn The singalong tune of all time, plus it makes me feel ever worse when suffering from heartache, and that's actually a good thing.
Morgenstimmung I have always thought that Edvard Grieg is the pop of classical music, if that makes any sense, mostly because I have always understood his work better than any other classical composer’s.
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Kierot Pelit Never recorded, but the best cover ever. "Eeeen tahdo pudota rakkauteen, sun kera"
Tony the Beat
All the Best Girls
Ampukaa komissaarit, nuo hullut koirat!
Heart In a Cage
Stand by Me
Time Bomb
Karma Police
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
Sunny Afternoon
Man in Black
Everybody Here Wants You
Theme from Shaft
Weird Beard
I Put a Spell on You
No Woman No Cry


La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
Beat It
Hands All Over
At Last
In My Spare Time
Just a Man
Son of a Preacher Man This track HAS to be sung by Dusty, no one else will do.
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Luonas kai olla saan
Suspicious Minds
Unfinished Sympathy
King of the Sun
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Joku kuten minä
Another Man's Vine
Leo Jokela rides again
I'm Waiting for the Man
House of the Rising Sun
Personal Jesus
Wicked Game
Get Gone
Every Day Is Exactly the Same
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky

The Best

Lust For Life
Move Over
Even Flow
Let Your Body Decide <3
Kuu saa valtansa auringolta
Aretha Franklin
Wait and Bleed
I Feel Love An amazing Donna Summer cover.
Älä astu kauppiaan päälle
Sour Times
No One Knows
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Desperate Guys
Uni saa tulla
Blue Monday
Used to Feel Before

The Best Of The Best

Multiple Spouse Wounds
Piece of My Heart
Touch Me If the Great and Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster would suddenly command that all mankind would have to turn into songs, this would be my first choice.
Hurt Well well. I really had to struggle with this one. I adore Trent Reznor as well as Mr. Cash and it feels wrong to put one of Reznor's songs in my top 10 of all time and kinda give the credit to someone else. And for that matter to compliment a great songwriter like Cash by saying that his best work is not really his... Oh well, I'm out thinking this, it's just a stupid journal in
Intertiatic E.S.P. Obviously, has to be played right after Son Et Lumiere.
I'm The King, I'm The Sun
Celestial Blues
The Pot
Help Simple reason why this is here: It's the first song ever I remember REALLY listening to and loving. First song ever I recorded on a cassette. First english song ever I tried to sing along to. It's not much of a song now, but those feeling it gave me then are kinda still there everytime I listen to it.
The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) Yes I love the movie version cause it's the first one I heard.
Jesus Christ Pose
Enjoy The Silence
Nuorena Syntynyt
Bohemian Rhapsody
Down Rodeo All RATM songs are in my top 10. That’s why there’s just this one mentioned, cause it represents all of them.
Minä olen myyrä
Where Is My Mind???

Like the most clever ones have already noticed, there’s a lot more than 100 songs in this list. I just couldn’t minimize it anymore.


  • DaytimeDilemma

    Looking at it now, it's actually not a list of top tracks ever, just of the ones I have on my computer. It's a bit boring, isn't it? Nothing weird in there... Oh well.

    23 Oct 2006, 13:23
  • a-i

    Moro, Try Arvo Pärt for classical goodness and even pop.

    26 Oct 2006, 23:59
  • Villi-ihminen

    It's working thou. I agree with most of them. Hard work you did buddy :)

    27 Oct 2006, 8:01
  • sinkfloridasink

    The fact that a Slipknot song made it into your the best list ruins any credibility you may have started off with... Just sayin'.

    2 Nov 2006, 19:53
  • DaytimeDilemma

    What credibility? :D

    2 Nov 2006, 22:35
  • shakeitmadam

    Some excellent choices you have there. I absolutely love Touch Me and Everybody Here Wants You.

    15 Abr 2007, 22:19
  • IanAR

    A bit mono-linguistic, but very nice. Now put it on a tag, so we can hear it, please - Ian

    10 Jul 2007, 23:13
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