2nd Radio Show


14 Feb 2006, 22:41

Whoo, another journal. Explosive excitement is imminent, I'm sure. This time, in order to try and catch up to the present, I'm posting the playlist of my second show.

1. D.I.Y.
2. First talk segment.
3. Spybreak!
4. Smells Like Teen Spirit
5. Second talk segment.
6. Law (Earthlings on Fire)
7. Alpha Omega
8. EnDai
9. Third talk segment.
10. Mindless
11. Waving Not Drowning
12. Fourth talk segment.
13. Between Worlds
14. Dragostea Din Tei
15. Fifth talk segment.
16. Girls

Looking back, I think we were trying to keep it kind of light-hearted, and Dragostea Din Tei worked well for that. Rock on, indeed.


  • MadCowDzz

    I'd be interested in that Nirvana cover... can't say I've heard it. light-hearted... [i]D.I.Y., destroy what destroys you[/i] :)

    15 Feb 2006, 14:18
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