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Call of the Raven Moon

The night sky is ever still as silence descends
The four winds becoming one caressing my naked body
And as you watch the branches bend revealing all of you

Long lost but never forgotten

Will you meet me at the lake where the water calms my fear?
Will you once more fall in love and lighten me your flame?
Come to me once more and I shall know peace

The shattered path before my heavy feet
Leading me inward to this broken temple
This temple of love, lust and creation
Resting here whilst heeding the call

We now lay under the moonlit sky in the shadows of the past
And as we become one the stars kneel down
Whispering poetry of this withering moment

The falling leaves
Weaving a blanket
Underneath it the innermost truth
Feeding the sands of time
Stilling it's hunger
While we quench our thirst

Taking our place among forever
Remembered only by two

Now closing our eyes to see changing our hearts to feel
Sealing our lips to hear, to hear the call
The call of the raven moon laying us to rest

Your skin like silver in the night
Your face like a poem without words
Your touch was the sun in my heart
And my heart was found by you

And as the worlds begins to wake
So falls the last petal
And at all things end
We must go our separate ways
Into the night
Always alone
Because I couldn't save you
And for that, I am sorry
And always will be...


Secret Sphere


Welcome to your fantasy,
this is a journey through the dimension
where lays the truth of your essence
beyond the reality


Seven Kingdoms

After the Fall

I feel the cold of Northwind's Breeze
Raven show me how to fly
Set me free in Summer's eyes
Across the frozen land of Winterfell's Kings
A quest to breach the Wall
To reach the land of ice and snow

After the fall
I finally realized
The future of my life
Is not always what it seems
After the fall
I fully understand
The answers that I seek
Are beyond my wildest dreams


Secret Sphere


I hear the voice of the white rose,
flames of emotion dance before my eyes,
in ocean of shadow shine your spell,
creating fable of dreams, take my hand,
plunge your essence inside of me,
along this ride through destiny,
queen of the stars,
to far fairy lands we'll fly



Ever Dream

Ever felt away with me
Just once that all I need
Entwined in finding you one day

Ever felt away without me
My love it lies so deep
Ever dream of me

Would you do it with me?
Held the scars and change the stars
Would you do it for me?
Turn loose the heaven within

I’d take you away
Castaway on a lonely day
Bosom for a teary cheek
My song can but borrow your grace

Dreaming away!

Come out, come out wherever you are
So lost in your sea
Give in, give in for my touch
For my taste for my lust

Your beauty cascaded on me
In this white night fantasy

Dream away!

Dreaming away!

"All I ever craved were the two dreams I shared with you.
One I now have, will the other one ever dream remain.
For yours I truly wish to be."


Tarja Turunen

Tired of being alone

Once , you dreamed of me , twice
you wished that i'd pull you out
you chose your life , and put me down
still you don't understand

Tired of being alone

what you have dreamed
is not what i am
so far
let me be the one
please understand me
how i am
but i don't want , to walk alone
i need your hands to warm my soul

Tired of being alone
Tired of being alone

i will do my best
to become your love
i'll try
to fill the emptyness
in our hearts
oh so tired of being alone

Tired of being alone
i want to feel , i need to fall in love with you
Tired of being alone



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