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  • ButTheRegrets

    >445 scrobbles of the dicklick brigade

    11 Abr 11:47 Responder
  • ButTheRegrets

    image regeneration expired, absolutely epic

    11 Abr 11:46 Responder
  • sumidiotdude

    i went to go see them at a university two years ago and the organizer told us to go wait in a line for non-students because they had to let everybody in that was a student before any non-students since it was their show. thirty minutes later we found out after waiting in the line that the rest of the organizers had non-students wait at the back of the line with the other students, so the show was at capacity and we couldnt get in. sean came out and talked with us and we told him where we drove in from and he got us into the show and it was great. you'll have an awesome time. we tried chanting to get them to play Fuck White People but Ben said they probably can't since university representatives were in attendance. did you like Christmas Island?

    22 Mar 3:48 Responder
  • sumidiotdude

    how stoked are you to see AJJ? have you seen them before?

    22 Mar 3:38 Responder
  • leavethecapitol

    no i actually couldn't go :'(

    19 Mar 20:36 Responder
  • hubertselbysr

    Sure, why not, right? I'll see you there

    18 Mar 1:47 Responder
  • hubertselbysr

    I wasn't planning on it; it has been years since I was seriously partial to AJJ. Still, I may go for the sake of nostalgia and for something to do on a dreary Tuesday night. Why, are you going?

    16 Mar 23:50 Responder
  • hubertselbysr

    I have heard wondrous things about the season finale so I am slugging through the mid-season atrocities in order to get to it. This is exactly the reason why I am wary of television shows; the structuring and the methods of production have severely inhibiting effects on creativity and originality. Everything becomes focused on getting the audience 'hooked' by getting them addicted to living vicariously thru the emotionally-charged lives of fictional characters. The 'commercialization of sentimentalism', as a novel I am currently reading wittily refers to these tactics :P It feels like TP begun as a soap opera that knew it was a soap opera and mocked its own soap-opera-ness, but eventually lost the self-mocking tone, and retained its overt sentimentality and melodrama.

    1 Mar 5:35 Responder
  • hubertselbysr

    I am about mid-way through the second season but I've been increasingly disappointed...the first season was absolutely fantastic, but I can sense a real decline in quality following the first few episodes of season 2...season one was lynch at his height, but it seems now all he is attempting to do is scramble to push the plot forward, instead of exerting his creative efforts into crafting an atmosphere that will impress itself powerfully onto the viewer...and every time the focus is moved onto James' subplot I start retching.

    26 Feb 22:15 Responder
  • win7erfell


    23 Feb 1:14 Responder
  • hubertselbysr

    I've been watching Twin Peaks since you advised that I should and you're right it's very cool! Kyle Maclachlan's acting style really goes well with the kind of awkward-creepy tension Lynch aspires towards

    22 Feb 1:55 Responder
  • Adrian347

    aw thanks man! that means a lot. where you at in Canada? once we finish up the CD-Rs for that album i'll send you one. fyi we're working on a new EP at the moment so check back on the bandcamp every now and then

    6 Ene 22:26 Responder
  • girlpuke

    cool avi

    6 Ene 4:06 Responder
  • Keolia

    happy new year(っ^▿^)

    2 Ene 4:25 Responder
  • promisedeyes

    Happy holidays! :-)

    26 Dic 2014 Responder
  • MasterAmnesiac

    What is the best Mountain Goats album??

    13 Dic 2014 Responder
  • nobacksies

    cool facepaint

    12 Dic 2014 Responder
  • Keolia

    thx but I am a nerd. I can name all 151 pokemon. Isn't that awful?

    12 Dic 2014 Responder
  • Keolia

    Can you tell me what defines a nerd tho? Like apparently our musical compatibility is very high, but what if I happen to be a nerd?

    12 Dic 2014 Responder
  • GoWai

    how are you?

    11 Dic 2014 Responder
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