• New Jersey bands - Help me find 'em!

    30 Nov 2010, 18:22

    Hello All,

    I'm searching for any and all musicians and bands and projects,
    past, present and potentially future
    Which originated in or hail from the great state of
    New Jersey. Or even if they spent a large period of time working or performing there, like George Clinton.

    So if you know of a New Jersey band, please comment here and maybe leave a link.

    Also, feel free to help me build the 'new jersey' tag by tagging bands from new jersey.

    Here's my list so far:

    Eternity Void
    Falls In The Forest
    Sunburst Carrier
    In Musth
    Titan Andronicus
    Count Basie
    Dizzy Gillespie
    George Clinton
    Where The Ocean Meets the Sky
    My Chemical Bromance
    The Wrens

    Here is my New Jersey tag bio:

    "New Jersey is the birth place of an endless wealth of excellent music.
    Home of huge acts including Frank Sinatra, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, Leslie Gore, Count Basie, Wayne Shorter, Dizzy Gillespie, James P. Johnson, The Fugees, Whitney Houston, George Clinton, Kool and the Gang, Sarah Vaughan, Wyclef Jean, The Misfits, Skidrow, Symphony X, Overkill, Thursday, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and many many more.

    New Jersey has also given birth to important artists of the indie scene including The Gasight Anthem, Yo La Tengo, and Real Estate. Additionally New Jersey has contributed a large number of artists to the Hip Hop scene.

    All of which makes sense given that Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph in Menlo Park, New Jersey."

    The line about the indie scene is what was in existence prior and it felt less that aware of the true wealth of new jersey musical heritage.

    Feel free to add to the bio, but don't shorten it or make it single genre.

    Thanks loves!

    Dannabis Ax
  • The Wall Philly

    9 Nov 2010, 23:59

    Mon 8 Nov – The Wall Live

    The place was packed, sold out or nearly sold out. The set was huge and the crowd was rowdy and fun. It got started pretty much on time. I had floor seats in the middle by the sound guy, BEST SEATS in the house. I could see the stage clearly and was not too close to the speakers. The huge puppets were really a treat, three different puppets were used, the teacher, big momma, and the girlfriend/wife. The first two had light up eyes and the wife had a neon mouth.

    Shirts went for 40$-50$ for adult sizes and 25$ish for youth. Anything XL or XXL was 5$ extra.
    They sold a hoodie for 65$. Hats and key chains were also available.

    The Wells Fargo center's (yes, it has been renamed again) food services were taken care of by Aramark, a huge company which had also provided mediocre food for one of the colleges I've attended.
    Beer went for 8.50$ for a 16oz and 11.50$ for a 24oz.
    Popcorn was 5$ for a box. Water ices were also sold but I didn't catch the prices.

    I ate beforehand and brought snacks and left them in the car for afterward because there is no reason to burn your money on food or beverages like that.

    On the way in to the venue, I whooped in excitement and a toothless old guy shouted at me to 'Settle the f*ck down.' Which was the opposite of why I was attending the concert.

    Tickets were about 135$ plus convenience charges and parking.
    Going to the bathroom at these sorts of venues is a nightmare. People pushing and hooting and catcalling and insulting each other and cutting in lines and such.

    The smell of sweet herbs was heavy and constant, increasing as the show went on. I was glad that we have distanced ourselves in time from the tragedies and fear of 9/11/01. At this concert I was not frisked by security and they didn't try to put their thumbs up your butts or anything weird like has happened at concerts more close to 9/11.
    The slightly relaxed security was great. Getting felt up and searched and such is a MAJOR bummer, deterrent and killjoy at concerts.

    The show occurred in two acts and Roger Waters was cordial and addressed the crowd lovingly at several points in the show. At the end he expressed sadness at the closing down of a local venue (my mind is blanking on the name) and asked if the electric factory was still open which received a large audience cheer.

    The show went off with out a hitch, the visuals were entrancing and effective. The wall being knocked down slightly and altered during the first act and then built up to it's fullness and then at the end of the second act it collapsed beautifully

    There was also a flying inflatable pig painted with the words "Trust Us"

    The loudest moment in the concert was during the song "Mother" when Roger sang 'Momma should I trust the government?'
    The whole place erupted in booing and loud jeering which was exciting and deeply appropriate. (Love thy country, question and oppose thy government)

    Roger mostly sang and played bass on several songs and occasionally broke out a black acoustic guitar. I enjoyed singing along to parts of 'Comfortably Numb.'

    Overall an excellent experience, with a great entertainer and an awesome crowd.