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30 Sep 2009, 20:21

Andrew Morrison:
Dandelion Radio marks the 5th anniversary of John Peel's death with "Peel Legends" month in October. Andy's 3-hour show features brand new sessions from past session guests on John's BBC Radio 1 show. You'll hear exclusive material from Eat Static, Davey MacManus (of The Crimea), The Aphrodisiacs, Decoration and Martin Carr, as well as some classic tracks from Extreme Noise Terror. On top of all this is a "New Legends" session from Atomizer, whom Andy feels John would've approved of. You'll also hear a New Order jukebox track from their 1998 Peel session; Teresa and Scott's monthly selections; and details of the 2009 Festive Fifty.

Jeff Grainger:
Jeff will be featuring two 'New Legends' Sessions for his October Show. First two songs from Clutter (There should have been three but the CD player buggered up!) recorded exclusively for the show. Whilst wolfram wire 'curates' the second exclusive and invites his friends Roj (Broadcast) Kristian Goddard (Woman, Scout Niblett), Hypnotique & the excellent Alisia Casper to join him throughout the show to make magnificent sonic madness.
Elsewhere, first time plays by The Crepes, Huckelberry In The Kingdom of the Broken Hearted, Numan, Asian Women on the telephone. and Aunt Dracula. There'll also be repeat spins by the likes of Middx, 180Gs and The Answering Machine. Not to forget Mrs Grainger's eldest take on Take That (now you never thought you'd see that written here, did you?)

The great indecisions
Marcelle can be in real life quite indecisive, but very firm on the turntables. However, in this month's show she even can't decide which Look Back Bore Records (of October 1979) to play so she (non-)decides to play five of them, including her favourite cover version of all time! However, when it comes to playing the exciting sounds of today she is as resolute as ever and plays already classic tracks by the likes of Haddenham One, Dave Swain, Cobra Killer, Christy and Emily, Shackleton, Sukh Knight, Curse Ov Dialect and Throttler. Ronald Lippok and Bernd Jestram, former East-Berlin punks brought up on a diet of "illegal Peel-listening" and for years now making timeless music as Tarwater, pay their tribute to John Peel by submitting three brand new session tracks.

Mark Cunliffe:
It is five years this month since John Peel passed away and loads of DJ's on Dandelion are marking this anniversary with a Peel Legends session or two. My session comes from the wonderful MaGoo who have been making great music for seventeen years and are a band who John had a real soft spot for.
In addition to the Peel Legend session we have Gappy Ranks looking at a pupil and seeing God ... is it dilated? Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara sneeze onto the scene and leave dobblers everywhere, give 'em a Kleenex will ya???? Skream goes raving with some drum & bass, is Skream for turning???? Synkro's breathed in Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara's dobblers, he'll regret that.... Audio Dakoos stun Major Lazer and Zombie Disco Squad have been interfered with...but in a good way. Andy Nice gives us some cello action the saucy bugger and Ruff Sqwad are Tryna Be Me which I wouldn't recommend unless they like having a painting-the-forth-bridge approach to trimming nasal hair.
Cheers John.

Mark Whitby:
Mark has 2 shows this in this Peel special month.
In the first 2 hour show, Mark lines up Peel legends in the form of sessions from Calvin Party and Trembling Blue Stars and an exclusive live track from Peel favourite Solex.
Among these, you'll find new stuff from Russia's Pinkshinyultrablast, Liverpool's Go Heeled and Australians Raven. There's an exquisite blast of troubled electronica from the amazing Llamatron and more from the finally released debut albums by Extradition Order and Crowhead.

What we're calling part two of the Mark Whitby Peel legends extravaganza features exclusive tracks from The Woodentops, as well as one-off exclusives from Caroline Martin and The Orchids.
Celebrating the legacy of John Peel in the best possible way, we add tasty new tracks from Fuck Buttons, Photophob and Skeleteen, throw in another excellent track from Lord Numb, taste the even darker side of the fantastic Dark Times and sample 12 inches of the finest raw noise courtesy of Railcars.

Matt Jones:
This month, Matt's show is 3 hours long, with the usual mix of new music orbiting round a central core of a fantastic session from the legendary Fun-Da-Mental. If Aki and co are the planet at the heart of this month's musical solar system, then moons include the Phantom Band, Sun Araw, Dave Swain, Tickley Feather, Stearica, Raspian, Sufjan Stevens and Osso, Volatil, Illyah and Ltd. Candy, Necro Deathmort, Halogen and The Delgados.
A proper cosmic journey man!

Pete Jackson:
Pete Jackson proudly presents a brand new session from Peel Legends I, Ludicrous, proving their social relevance by tackling subjects like the global economy, the effect of the recession on touring and, erm, cricketing rivalry.
There's also brand new music from Extradition Order, Dr Slaggleberry, The Gaslamp Killer and Gooseflesh, while Thee Vicars continue to party like its 1965 and The Fall get busy with a bit of Zappa.

Rachael Neiman:
'The Rachael Neiman Experience' is back for October after a couple of months off the air and we're delighted to be back and be part of October's fantastic schedule!
This month's show is jam-packed with treats for your ears. We are joined in the Cherryade Towers studio by Dan and Hannah from Manchester DIY gig promoters and zine-writers extraordinaire 'Pull Yourself Together' to talk about the big John Peel tribute gig they're organising in Manchester on October 10th, to discuss the event, John's legacy and the exciting stuff 'Pull Yourself Together' have planned for the future.
Elsewhere we have brilliant new tracks by the likes of Tender Trap, Allo Darlin' and the spooky Twin Peaks Halloween single from The Lovely Eggs, a celebration of five years of brilliant UK-based DIY label Filthy Little Angels playing tracks from the likes of We Do Kung-Fu and The Fountain and Adam and I both take the opportunity to celebrate our memories of what John Peel meant to us by playing some tracks by some of the landmark bands we might not have heard but for him.

This month's three-hour show is part of a special month's output from Dandelion Radio to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of the world's greatest DJ, John Peel.
Every other record in my show is a John Peel favourite - tracks discovered and beloved by the great man, many of which no-one else would have played.
Fear not though, this is not purely a nostalgia-fest! There's a brand new session recorded for my show by Beatnik Filmstars, veterans of five Peel Sessions, as well as an exclusive new track by Peel Show regulars Calvin Party.
There's also plenty of new tracks, from acts such as Liechtenstein; The Pains of Being Pure At Heart; Coming Soon; The Television Personalities; Je Suis Animal; Soulsavers feat. Bonnie Price Billy; Emmy the Great; The Pastels And Tenniscoats; Eux Autres; and Vivian Girls.
There's new electronica from Alan Fitzpatrick; and Kollektiv Turmstrasse remixed by Oliver Huntemann; also new dubstep on the Hotflush label from Mount Kimbie, and Joy Orbison.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: John Peel described this month's Peel's Big 45, "I Can Take You To The Sun" by The Misunderstood, as "The best popular record that's ever been recorded".

Ste McCabe:
In my one hour October show I collaborate with my cat, The Child, to bring you the best in queer and female music. My technical/DJ skills show themselves to be as dodgy as you have probably come to expect, but I get through this whilst playing amazing songs by bands such as electro-pop boys Atomizer, Manchester queer-grrrl punk legends Valerie with a brand new song from ramshackle pop lovelies Candy Panic Attack. I also find the time to shamelessly plug my new album whilst throwing in some past delights from Soft Cell and Echobelly. Come listen, yer buggars!
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