Top 50 Favorite Albums 40-36


13 Jul 2006, 17:11

So I suppose I'll dive right into this...

50. Wish You Were Here

At only 5 tracks long, this album stands out as what you can do with not using a great deal of sound. Each of the songs has just enough to be heart wrenching and honest, but without the slick production and over dramatizing used in a great deal of Floyd records. Each song is great individually, especially Shine on You Crazy Diamond I-IV and the title track, which are brutal tributes to pain and loss.
Favorite Track: shine on you crazy diamond I-IV

39. Requiem for a Dream

A soundtrack? That's correct. The mesmerizing soundtrack (score might be more accurate of a term) of Requiem for a Dream was what really blew me away when I watched the film (I liek the film, but this just stood out more). Somehow a quartet of strings and slight indutrial mixing tell a very moving story , defining the American dream through a triumphant fall. I don't know how many times I find my self humming Dreams and if I ever make a film, I want music like this.
Favorite Track: The Beginning of the End

38. Pale Folklore

Now here's an album I don't listen to enough. What can I say about Agalloch except they were what let the dam break. This album combines what I love about atmospheric music and sound with melodic metal. All the songs can stand individually and yet as a cohesive unit, they make a pretty big impact. It also doesn't hurt that Dead Winter Days has become one of my favorite songs (as indicated by top played tracks). I look forward to mroe from Agalloch, hoping that they can top such a strong debut.
Favorite Track: Dead Winter Days

37. Far Beyond Driven

Where I come from, Pantera is synonimous with metal. If you want a realy metal band its them or Metallica, otherwise you're stuck with metalcore. So, Pantera grew to be what I use as the stick to gauge heavy metal by and this record I think is the perfect measure, being Pantera's most brutal and hevay record. Each song is lead by the heavy drums of Vinnie and Phil's vocals which are like no one else's (not even Phil's anymore). And Dimebag of course makes some of his most memorable solos on this record (5 minutes alone, anyone?) What really suprises me is at how well written some of the lyrics on this album are, especially Slaughtered, which doesn't seem liek the song for such poetry.
Favorite Track: Slaughtered

36. Master of Reality

I really agonized on whether I wanted this or Paranoid on the list. I love both records and Paranoid probably has more individual tracks that are good, but as far as an album, Master of Reality is better. Why? I have no strong reason other then how much I used ot listen to it and rock out. This album is perfect for such endeavours, blending heavy metal and classic rock into one giant blur. Sabbath is what made metal and this is a good record to gauge it by.
Favorite Track: Sweet Leaf

Hizzaa. Another 5 down. Of course, comments and feedback are welcome.


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