• Opeth - Commodore - October 3rd, 2008

    4 Oct 2008, 17:09

    Fri 3 Oct – Opeth, High on Fire


    Heir Apparent
    The Grand Conjuration
    Serenity Painted Death
    Hope Leaves
    The Lotus Eater
    The Night and the Silent Water
    Demon of the Fall

    Great gig, my eighth time seeing Opeth. It was awesome to see another song from Watershed played, but I never expected it to be The Lotus Eater. Fantastic. High On Fire are terrible and played for far too long. Also, if only the Commodore would try to enforce the no-smoking rule, we wouldn't be getting fire alarms in the middle of concerts. Fuck's sake. Mikael dealt with it fairly well though. He continues to be the funniest, most down to earth frontman in metal, eschewing the usual traits of energy-crazed band leaders from Alexi Laiho to Angela Gossow who prefer to spit out as many expletives as possible and ask thousand-strong crowds how they're doing.
  • Red Sparowes + Russian Circles 21/3/08 Vancouver BC

    25 Mar 2008, 15:31

    Fri 21 Mar – Red Sparowes, Russian Circles

    Much quieter Richard's On Richards than last time I was here, for Isis, but the crowd was enthused nonetheless. Russian Circles came out just before 8 and were very impressive, despite being just a three-piece. Unfortunately the PA system in RoR can be very bass-heavy, with the result that a lot of the detail in the music was lost, so first-time listeners of the Circles mightn't have been too impressed.

    Red Sparowes introduced themselves with the sad news that one of their guitarists hadn't been able to make it into the country so they'd be a man down. I was thinking afterwards that it's just as well it wasn't the drummer or bassist who got stopped at the border! The show was good though, with the guys working through a lot of material from their latest release, and one from At The Soundless Dawn. There were one or two I couldn't exactly spot, I think they were from the split EP though, or maybe a new album? Anyway, the quartet stopped playing around 10pm, with no encore, apparently because the nightclub opened then. It was a real pity they didn't play longer. So poor choice of night for the Sparowes to play in RoR, but a good show overall. There was a projector playing various videos and images from Mao's time (which inspired the group's name) which was certainly a positive addition. There's always the risk with an instrumental show that the crowd will become restless because there are no lyrics or vocals to guide it, but RS dealt with this pretty well.

    So overall a good gig, just a pity it was so short.
  • Opeth's Similar Artists

    6 Feb 2008, 19:09

    Now I know it's not very good form to be moaning about a free music service, and a very good one at that, but I just have some gripes about these artists who are supposedly similar to Opeth. Where is getting them from? Anathema? Most of their tunes are total cack, meandering soundscapy shite. Orphaned Land? Just because Opeth said they'd play a gig in Jordan doesn't mean we all need to sing about the rivers of Babylon. Even Dream Theater and Symphony X, both of whom I like regardless of this flawed connection to Opeth, are nowhere near the Stockholm boys when it comes to similarity of music. I think that must be using '' as the primary tag of Opeth's music, instead of the more obvious ones like . This morning, for instance, I heard not one song with growling vocals, instead being treated to songs by the aforementioned bands, Tiamat and Pain of Salvation. Jesus Christ in a wicker basket, what is a man supposed to do? Where is the Extol, Death, the Mastodon? These bands are much closer to Opeth in terms of musical inception and delivery. I'm being forced to risk In Flames's Similar Artists in order to get any sort of metal going! Shame on you,