Warped Tour Milwaukee 2010


31 Jul 2010, 1:30

Thu 29 Jul – Vans Warped Tour 2010

Milwaukee was awesome.

First band I wanted to see was Parkway Drive, but they were at 12:20 so I had about an hour or so to kill. I checked out Suicide Silence... definitely not my thing but they had a big crowd. Parkway Drive came on afterwards and were awesome. One of their guitarists really messed up his ankle (a few days prior I'm guessing) and had to play with this big brace on his leg. He basically just stood there, couldn't move around at all, but it didn't take away from the show. Their other guitarist can shred and Winstons vocals were spot on.

I had some more time to kill between the bands I really wanted to see so I checked out the last few VersaEmerge songs. They were okay live, the girl is cute, and I could see them blowing up into the next big female fronted band. Right after them were the Casualties. I was never big into them, but I did recognize "Tomorrow Belongs To Us" and a cover of "Blitzkrieg Bop". They had lots of hardcore fans there and had one of the better pits I saw all day.

After that I watched 2 Fight Fair songs, "Game On" and "Pop Rocks". I've already seen them live before and they don't really do anything for me so I headed over to watch the rest of Every Time I Die's set. It was my first time seeing them and they pretty much killed it. Songs I remember were "Floater" and "We'rewolf". They also ended up playing a Nirvana cover which was kind of disappointing seeing as how according to the contest website, Kelsey and the Chaos were the winners of that.

Up next was Set Your Goals. They played Gaia Bleeds, The Fallen, Summer Jam, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Mutiny, Echoes, To Be Continued, Goonies Never Say Die, and This Very Moment (not in order). One of the best sets/shows of the day. These guys have improved tremendously since the last time I saw them, 2 years ago. Cool part in Gaia Bleeds, Jordan took over on guitar while one of the guitarists took over on vocals for the screaming part.

Then I headed over to Alkaline Trio, one of my most anticipated of the day. Last time I saw these guys was 2003. This show was unbelievable, mainly because they played a TON of old school songs. Cringe, She Took Him To The Lake (I was like HOLY SHIT! when they played this, very unexpected), My Friend Peter, Private Eye, Armageddon, Continental, Emma, Blue Carolina, This Addiction, and Dine Dine My Darling. Those are not in order but I'm pretty sure thats all of them.

After getting some food I watched Vanna play a few songs and then headed back over to the main stage to watch The Dillinger Escape Plan. They had the smallest crowd out of any main stage band there, mainly because I think they are one of those bands that have their hardcore fans, and then people that just can't get into it. Everyone should at least check them out though, because their live show is absolutely apeshit. I've never seen guitarists move around and act as insane as they do and still pull off the technical sound so well. Right when one would jump off an amp another guy would jump right back on it. And their singer is ripped.

Then I checked out the Rocket Summer. I really never listened to them before, but I ended up staying for their whole set. It's just really good poppy rock music and the frontman seems really talented as a musician.

After that I headed back over to the Altec Lansing to watch Pierce The Veil. I never saw them before, but they were really good live. They sound just like the CD, in a good way. I really liked the intro of a masked/spanish dude coming out to hype the crowd up. Vic wins the award for best assortment of guitars for the day.

I stayed at the Altec Lansing stage for Four Year Strong, obviously my most anticipated. It was the most intense, crazy show of the day. I was in the front row, constantly getting slammed/pushed up against the barricade. The crowd surfing was nonstop the entire time. They played Maniac, Bada Bing, Heroes, It Must Really Suck..., On a Saturday, Wasting Time, One Step At a Time, and What The Hell is a Gigawatt. Not in order.

After that everyone rushed back into the amphitheater to watch Sum 41. I have no idea why they weren't main stage, let alone why they were on one of the smallest stages there. Really fun show, off the top of my head they played Hell Song, Motivation, In Too Deep, Paint It Black cover, a cover of a portion of Master of Puppets, Still Waiting, Fat Lip, and We're All To Blame. Not in order. Fun show, but hated how everyone was jam packed into such a small space.

Mike Posner ended the night off. I'll admit, his music makes me feel a little sexy.


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