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  • Versilium

    Hello My Friend, I would like to share with you this video, from one of my bands Self-Inflicted Violence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS3UHXzulsY

    7 Jul 4:51 Responder
  • ClassyMusicSnob

    Oh man, my German is so bad now. I haven't spoken a word of it in 5 years, and I only took a class for it for about 2 years.. Oh well... How did your graduation go? Well I'm doin better than I was before, but my girlfriend is going away to College in Illinois and leaving tomorrow. Sorry for the late response. I don't really use LFM too much, anymore.

    6 Jun 21:57 Responder

    No prob, finnish black metal is easily my favorite

    8 May 0:54 Responder

    you need to listen to Horna

    5 May 21:37 Responder
  • alezzzix

    Things are ok here, thanks for asking. Most of that chaos happens in the bigger cities, especially the ones up north and west of the country, I live in the south where we haven't had any incidents since last month, I think.

    3 May 15:51 Responder
  • alezzzix

    Hey, thanks for accepting my friend request. Have a nice weekend =)

    2 May 22:25 Responder
  • ClassyMusicSnob

    Hallo, ich bin Nate. Wie gehts?

    2 May 19:18 Responder
  • nebulowanine

    Thank you! :)

    2 May 17:49 Responder
  • Els0r

    Danke, mir geht es gut. Dir auch? Was hast studierst du denn?

    24 Mar 13:35 Responder
  • jonnylion

    Thanks for add

    18 Mar 23:36 Responder
  • Els0r

    Hallo, du hast einen sehr guten Musikgeschmack! Und da du gerne dein Deutsch verbessern willst habe ich dir einfach mal in die Shoutbox geschrieben :-) Grüße

    12 Mar 10:40 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    There will be a day I listen to a Behemoth album completely. I'd like to see them live because I know they play really good shows. I just wish I could sit through their albums lol. I don't know if I'm too ADD or their music just doesn't pull me in as I wish it would. :I

    2 Feb 2:19 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    So I read on metalinjection that Mastodon is putting out a new album and will be going on a full-US tour once it's out. They would be touring with Gojira and Kvelertak. I thought you'd like to know. :)

    30 Ene 20:13 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    Is it bad that I knew I would like the album solely based on their artwork? I'm definitely going to check them out. Awesome recommendation, bro! :P

    24 Ene 18:29 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    I guess this means us metalheads are elitist assholes. XD That has to be the summary. Hey, Daniiiiii have you heard of the Swiss band Dreamshade? I think you'll like them. I revisited a few of their songs last night for whatever reason. They're solid melodeath.

    23 Ene 2:39 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    I've done that too. xD ...only cool people post on their own wall unintentionally... Yeah. I don't understand the process that goes on to get bands removed. :\ Yep. Genres and sub-genres are good for honing in on what type of sound you like. The only time I ever give people shit is if they say they don't like 'emo' music where people are 'screaming' when they're referring to metal. That'll get me mad because emo rock is completely different from metal. -__- Wintersun isn't wankery. Maybe they give Wintersun shit for having a very polished sound, but I like that... I like when an album sounds good, clean and is mastered properly. I mean, I also love grungy black metal, but if a band goes for a certain sound then they should. I feel like wankery happens most in a genre like progressive or power/speed.

    19 Ene 23:28 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    Well, I guess so. I might have HAD direction. I'll hope for the best. XD DUDE I KNOW. Like okay, I am a genre-whore and I am a bit judgmental if someone's music tastes don't match mine... or if they're into harder music and only listen to deathcore (because deathcore is terrible and I can't find anything positive about the genre). But metal-archives takes it to a new level when they try to define that is 'metal' enough for the site. Kvelertak's first LP is undeniably black metal mixed with hardcore and some other influence. Their second LP is undeniably more hardcore and punk. But their first album still makes them a metal band...so is their overall sound (imo). Ghost B.C. is borderline metal, yet they're still on the site. Grey Waters is not metal at all, but it's on M/A... Eh. I feel like there are legitimate criticisms and then ridiculous criticisms. If a band is showing technical skills without a song being musical or melodic, I call it wankery. But idk. -___-

    17 Ene 2:11 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    Definitely. I've been fascinated by surgery since I was in 4th grade. I originally wanted to become a trauma surgeon, but I think I'm more interested in specializing in a field. Not sure what it'd be yet lol. Aight, so here's why I asked. I love metal-archives and think it's extremely useful as a database. But the elitism there is such a pain in the ass. I searched Kvelertak the other day just to read some reviews for the hell of it, and it turns out they were deleted from M/A for not being 'metal' enough. -______-''

    15 Ene 15:43 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    The ideal path, down the road is medical school (either MD or DO - I don't care at this point). But the current approach is that I either land a research position at either a hospital or some company or, if I look to get certified as an EMT/medical assistant, to work as a medical/clinical assistant in a hospital. I'm pretty much limited to biology/health related fields. I've listened to OT's third album a few times and it still hasn't clicked. I love the song A Custodian of Science though. So I actually do have the newest album in my iTunes...I never knew! :P Oh, another question. Do you use metal-archives?

    13 Ene 19:16 Responder
  • DSelden21791

    So true. That's partly why I didn't want to rush into medical school. I wanted to get some real world experience and have a change of pace - a break from "study, study, study...". I'm happy to hear you like it. I wasn't too crazy about their third album. I love their first two though. I'm not even sure if I knew they released a new album... ...not sure if I downloaded it. I'll definitely check it out, but right now I'm on a Type O Negative binge for no real reason. XD

    13 Ene 2:16 Responder
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