• Ilse de lange - Gelredome 14-9-2012

    15 Sep 2012, 12:51

    Fri 14 Sep – Ilse DeLangeComing into the arena we noticed that the stage was setup in a tight setting. halfway the arena with a triangle shaped background made of white curtains. WOW looked gracious. She started real tight on scedule with herself in the middle of the crowd. The sound was bad. More likely it sounded like some junior soundmaster was doing his first concert. During the concert it only was great when she sung accapela or with her guitar. The show started for me after her intermezzo with her band in the centre of small stage in the middle of the crowd.
    someone found the on switch for the loudness. Giving the music the sprankle it needed and be gracious to the voice and power she has in her voice. It lasted through the last 6 numbers of her show and made us forget the bad soundquality it had before.

    Thanks Ilse! You gave me all back my memories. Made me feel close to the one that passed away and I share the feelings throughout your songs thinking of the most important person who gave me life. Not only in memory to your Dad but for the love and memory of my losses.

    xx Ilse you are superb!!