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31 Oct 2010, 5:22

Born Ben Larsson in Michigan back in 1992, DJ Infektial Blowjob!'s aim from the start was 'to share his music with others'. By first gaining experience with his residency in American club The Spock all while perfecting his producing skills in the studio at the start of 2002, he was always searching for the next best set to play. By 2004 it all came true when he and close friend Freddie Strunk founded the now legendary Stuff Your Ears! Recordings. Spawning numerous hits such as the trance music classics 'Suck My Cock Happily (Amazing House Hard Beats Mix)', 'Suck My Dick Lesbian! (Super Cum on Lezzys Mouth Mixxx)' and 'Give Me Pleasure In My Penis (Super Hot New Vocal Effect House Remix)', DJ Infektial Blowjob!'s debut album 'The DJ Infektial Blowjob! Album: Self-Titled Amazing Compilation 3xCD (Feat. Remixes And Reworkings)' became one of America's best selling dance albums in 2007 while also being voted DJ Magazine's World No. 1 DJ beating of former holder John Digweed in the same year.

This was not yet his peak though. In 2008 DJ Infektial Blowjob! envisioned performing a set, but not in just a club venue - a stadium. For the first time in music history DJ Infektial Blowjob! became the first DJ to host a concert in a sell-out event in a 25,000 capacity stadium going on to what became the 'Infektial Live!' Tour around the world. In doing this, DJ Infektial Blowjob! broke the boundaries of the superstar DJ and set new records while at the same time being crowned world number one again by the readers of DJ Magazine.

Jump forward just one year. As well as the successful mix compilation series 'Infektial Tunes Fore Ya Head (Bang This Mix CD)' (Vols 1-4) and Super Hot Techno Trance (1-7) DJ Infektial Blowjob! became the first DJ ever to host the Olympic Opening Ceremony for the Athens 2004 Olympics, setting another record for biggest audience ever played to by a DJ - 3.8 billion. As well as performing his set, DJ Infektial Blowjob! also produced an album exclusively for the event - Get Rid Of Ya Athleets Foot Thru Dancing, with all new material as well as his next studio effort 'Beats R Da Reazzin 4 Da Seazzin - The SexXxy DJ Infektial Blowjob! Christmas Album' spawning the hit 'XXX-Mas Is The Fuckkkin Shit (Shake The Motherload Misx)', the first non-vocal track to make the number one spot in the American national charts for 23 years.

Having won pretty much every dance music award there is, DJ Infektial Blowjob!'s aim is, as he says just to keep on improving and produce more albums. With another mix compilation and solo effort due for 2011, even if he was to retire tomorrow, DJ Infektial Blowjob! would be looked upon as one of the greatest DJ's to go behind a set of turntables.


  • chinesechurch

    thank you for sharing your interests and fun things to do at home

    7 Nov 2010, 9:54
  • blibblipblib

    still got it. keep on keepin on

    11 Nov 2010, 18:50
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