• here i go

    18 Abr 2010, 16:15

    this is the first entry in a whole while, and i must say a lot has changed.
    i am producing my own music, and putting together my own mix tapes ... right now, i am going through old mix tapes recorded and am loving this shit, i have put together tunes i have never heard out together before, and with the programs now, damn, pretty good. i must say , i have to say i know how to throw a party... i just need the right sound system to throw this shit in full swing, everything is great when your chest is pushed in by mega bass. I have a partner who is building music on a whole 'nother level and scheme then i... and that is most refreshing... i think this can really get off the ground...its just a matter of passion and even more passion pursuit... got to make this happen or i have to go to school for real, and fuck that shit.. it is hard enough to find someone who listens to the same music, let alone someone who wants and lives to build upon that, i am going to take this and ride it...making some paper, doing what I love to do most. spread music and make others happy..what else is there....???? really, tell me........serato can suck my dick hard, but it would be sweet.... vinyl is major weight , and to stop that is money well spent...and i can say i am a true master of spreading music even in my own way, i tunes--------no longer......my torq... and my mind blazing is all i really need, no longer doing parties by vinyl and a notebook.. now i have something a little more concrete.........and i still am better than 80% of djs out there.. i hunt and play to well... next birthday party watch out, your legs might just hurt extra good the next day...
  • RIP Leroi Moore

    20 Ago 2008, 21:27

    Today is a very sad day for all Dave Matthews Band fans...Yesterday leroi moore the sax and flute player passed away from complications that occured after he had an atv accident near his ranch...
    best wishes to his friends and family...
    he was the best..
    the band will not be the same without you

    much love and music
  • I wrote one before, but let me see if i can remember

    16 Jul 2008, 7:06

    Hello again,
    I have not written a journal in a while and today was one of those days..so i wrote in a journal on my phone, but apparently i did not work. So here i go again. I was at work in the petaluma store today and someone complimented me on the music i was playing which was G.Love and Special Sauce.. it was the new album, which is truly growing on me. And i had a woman ask me in the santa rosa store, which blew my mind because she was forty something.....about Does this offend you,yeah?..it's my latest find at borders..I can't stop listening to it..i really should stop, but i love it soo..Also before i forget i was working in marin and this young couple came in. they could not be more then 32, but they stopped and asked about A Tribe Called Quest..they had no idea on who they were. Who has not heard of A Tribe Called Quest
    seriously????? really??? dame shame...
    on another note six people have asked about moe.
    and a woman in rosa asked about Angie Stone
    Crookers has been my main playlist for a while now, about a week and a half..
    and i am about to seeChromeo at the fillmore and i couldn't be more excited..
    well i should go now, i am jumping around...
    until next time,
    much love and music
  • at work but at home now

    23 May 2008, 5:11

    so today i had three people ask me about Noiseshaper i was playing their "reel to reel album and people loved it...
    i am going to Mindless Self Indulgence
    tomorrow, me the hip hop head at msi...wish me luck, it's going to be one hell of a show...

    much love and music,
    J to the C
  • at work

    21 Mar 2008, 0:48

    I have not written a journal in a while but I just had the whitest man alive ask me about the new 8Ball and devous album.
    And last week I had someone a dude asked me aboutDave Matthews Band I was playing the live trax vol 7. I was sauce.
    Much love and music. Almost outta here.
  • here at work

    16 Feb 2008, 0:04

    So I just had two people comment on my music and I just realized that the Lifesavas are playing with X-Clantonight at ther mezzanine. I hope I will make it. The two groups that were asked about were the Lifesavas and Hot Chip. Much love and music.
  • another day/night

    15 Feb 2008, 9:35

    So to make a long story short. I missed theDJ Shadow.cut chemist and Kid Koala show because I am fucking stupid and not thinking. Not to talk about that and all. I purchased some shit from djsdhadow.com before the actual show date to get a hold of an exclusive mix from dj shadow's website before the show. Anyway the merch arrived today and I cannot be more excited about the music I am hearing so I have to lay it down here. First off you have to purchase a certain collection of t shirts to get the exclusive "4 track" album. Which you should do. As long as you pick up the public works cd before it becomes out of print. I am telling you this because I downloaded it to my xbox 360 and it is such the cd to skate to really in game world or real word. Bottom line is you should go out of your way to take the oppourtunity to cop thses great albums. Ni matter what. Much love and music. J To The C.
  • at work again

    15 Feb 2008, 2:06

    So I am at work and I got yet another artist inquiry. Todays question was about KT Tunstall. The day has two more hours until I get to go home. Hopefully I will get at least one more musical question. I will let you know
  • still at work

    9 Feb 2008, 2:28

    I am still at work. So I have moved on to a cocktail of Rob Crow as well as Chromeo and KT Tunstall
    A man came and rob crow wasd playing. A track off of his realease of "my room is a mess" and the man said "what the hell are we listening to,that was a weird transition." I gave him the history of rob crow and pinback. I was listening to that album to get nyself pumped up for the Pinback show coming up on this sunday MC Chris is opening. A little strange. But I am amped.
  • the list grows

    9 Feb 2008, 2:04

    I am here at work and I am listening to a collection of Tegan and Sara songs and I was listening to the track missing you, and a female customer commented on how nice the music was. She asked who we were listening to and I told her. She had no clue who they were. There is no greater joy in life than bringing new music to people who have an ear open.