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27 Dic 2006, 12:47

I made a compilation for my brother-in-law for christmas. It's mostely , some & some songs that just fit. I think it's a nice introduction to "that kind" of music. Here's the track listing:

01. All the Pretty Little Horses (feat. Nick Cave)
02. Rivertime Tome
03. Media
04. Mitt stackars hjärta
05. Can You See the Forest for the Trees?
06. Against The Modern World
07. Then Kill Cæsar
08. The Ride
09. I
10. Anyám édesanyám
11. Runes and Men
12. A Song For Douglas After He's Dead
13. Train to Rome
14. The Saddest Thing
15. Wind That Cracks The Leaves
16. The Dreamer Is Still Asleep


  • Maiknp

    Funny, I always used Nick Caves All the pretty... performance as the final track on every comp. - maybe I got it all wrong ;)

    3 Nov 2007, 1:20
  • JJM1

    Good idea, though I would have choosen only one song from each band. Ya know diversity and everything is good.

    17 Dic 2008, 14:03
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