2007 Purchases (and Reviews) [part 2]


22 Ene 2008, 10:54

Minutes to Midnight
Let the haters SWARM! Do I like this album will be the question and the answer is: yes. However, not for reasons you may think. I like that Linkin Park changed their sound, I respect them for that. They wanted to expand their horizons. I think this is the in-between album, their 'finding myself' album. It's not really a bad piece of music, and had anyone else released it, it would probably be well-liked and decently received. There ARE some good tracks (and I'm not referring to the endlessly repetitive Bleed It Out, ugh). The replay value is low, and the overall performance definitely leaves the listener fairly let down, but it's still a good album regardless. I predict their album will blow everyone who's open to it away.

Verse of Truth Trash and Beauty
A local band based out of San Antonio, Texas, they released their 2nd album in late '07 and I had the privilege of attending their CD Release Party. I have to say that their material is a lot better live than in the studio. The guitar work just doesn't seem as impressive on disc; live, it sounds great and unique and original, but on disc it just doesn't stick out as much. Vocally, I was never a big of fan of the lead singer, and am glad for the more obvious presence of backing vox and bassist Amanda (I think that's her name). It's good indie-pop that, if I'm in the mood for, is perfect. I'll always love their track Arming myself.

"We're so out of creativity that we're not even going to title our new album. ---errr, I mean, we're going to call it Untitled because we want it to be open for fans to title it. We want fans to interpret this record for themselves, because we have no idea what we were doing when we wrote it and think that the more we place in the fans' hands, the more likely SOMEbody out there is going to enjoy it, because we sure don't. Is that a fragmented sentence? Fragment like it's too long? Haha, why do they call it a fragment when a fragment is a piece of something but a fragmented sentence is too long...haha...hmmm...wait...I think that's called a run-on sentence, right? But yeah, about the album...I think we're gonna put it out sometime soon---oh, it's out this week? Yeah, that's what I meant...? Hmmm...I should stop doing drugs." Funny? About as funny as their new album is good. What a load of crap. And another member just dropped out. L.O.L.

Chase This Light
First listen: bored. Second listen: floored. No joke, the first time I listened to it, I shelved it. Then one of my bandmates said it was amazing, jaw-dropping, blah blah blah, so I gave him [and JEW] the benefit of the doubt and wondered how I missed out on all the melodies the first time through. Chase This Light seems to take the catchy vocals of Bleed American and fuse them with the melancholy of Futures for a very surreal listen, one that always seems to wash over me like it never happened. But that's what's so weird; I listen to it, I enjoy it, but it's always over before I realize it. I can't say I've listened to it enough to REALLY give it a fair review except that it's an odd listen, especially for something so accessible. I can say that anyone who's anyone needs to hear Gotta Be Somebody's Blues soon. Like, now.

Pressure The Hinges
HTD came highly recommended from my long-term top neighbor, and overall, I'm glad he got me into them. I enjoy the Jimmy-era and the post-Jimmy era, but it's obvious that HTD will never be the same again. Whatever intimacy they shared with their fans is gone (me not knowing the new singer's name is perfect evidence of the difference). PtH is a decent album with some amazing standout tracks and some super obvious filler ones as well. Anyone who's listened to it knows what the standout tracks are. Overall, I'm glad I bought it and hope they revamp their sound again (including another new lead singer) when they go back into the studio.

Greatest Hits Vol.1: The Singles
Everyone knows Iris even though most people didn't even see the movie (lol). Goo Goo Dolls have a defined sound and though it's formulaic and standard throughout, it still rings true for me personally. I like a lot of the tracks, especially Let Love In. I thought I bought this album for their bigger hits, but it seems the ones I wasn't aware of are the ones I should've been aware of. By the time I got to the album's closer, the juggernaut Iris, I had heard so many better songs by them that I skipped it and just went back to the beginning of the CD.

Absolute Garbage
Haven't listened to it enough to give it a credible opinion, but my first impressions are that I'm a Garbage fan.

Business Up Front/Party In The Back (Diamond Edition)
My jaw hit the floor when a friend played their music video for Love Addict. FF5 beg the question: how retarded can you act and still be hilariously super cool? They answer it too: VERY. The kings of crunk rock (wth?), FF5 have stormed onto the scene with their intense sense of humor and industrial-influenced-yet-rapcore sound. The problems with having such an incredible debut as well as unique and successful sound: 1) there will be well-defined haters and lovers, and 2) they'll never top it. If you're lookin' for some good-time party mosh music, FF5 is for you. They seriously rock in a way that no other band does right now.

Storm The Gates Of Hell
I honestly find nothing appealing about this album. ...and I've tried to. Like, really tried. Unfortunately, it's formulaic to the point B-movie predictability. Minus the title track and Sixteen, this album was a huge disappointment.

Vena Sera
Similar to the previous review, this album follows the standard Chevelle formula for every song, but with less conviction and less emotion than their previous efforts. The loss of the original trio left a major hole in the sound that I don't see being replaced anytime soon. Some of the choruses are rousing, but I'll probably only be listening to it if the other album ends and this one starts.

The Fiancée
I really do love this album. Scogin and crew (whoever any of them are by now) somehow managed to create this weird blend hardcore and punk infused with western gunfight influences. Yeah, western gunfight, like Clint Eastwood. I don't know how else to describe it, except that I really like it. The lyrics are powerful, Scogin sounds great despite the wear and tear he's put his chords through, and the music is flat-out brutal. The fact that Paramore's Hailey guests on track 6 really makes this album standout among similar artists. I don't think it'll change the world or the genre, but I really do believe that The Chariot created a record to be proud of.

I have the same opinion now that I did the first time I listened to it. The first two songs were really good. Then that guest vocalist came in on the 3rd track and just ruined the entire CD. Flat-out ruined it. That said, tracks1,2, and 9 are good. The rest....

An Ocean Between Us
I wasn't an AILD fan before this album. I had Frail Words Collapse, but couldn't hear the replay value in it after the first few listenes. But THIS album...I'm sorry, it's hands-down, THE BEST METAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Granted, I haven't listened to every album metal that was released in 2007, but of the oones I heard and was exposed to, this album utterly dominates. Think you can growl? Better get this band's opinion. Think you can scream? Uh-uh. Not like this guy. Every aspect of this album is mindblowing to me. And I have to say that it has some of the most intense clean vocals I've ever heard. The lyrics are equally passionate, humble, and determined. You won't find your standard vague, hate-spewing cliche's here. And if some metal elitist wants to argue about musicianship...no sir, not a chance. AILD prove themselves not only capable and way above par, but also excellent songwriters on this record, and THAT is where the metal genre really struggles.. ...and i'm not one to care about solos, but the solos on this CD...perfection incarnate.

..and last but not least...
Southern Weather
Not what it could've been. Not what it should've been. Minus 2 or 3 standout tracks, the rest of this would've been better spent collecting dust in Aaron's notebook. Sorry dude, but it's true. I'll give it a listen on a rare occassion, but I definitely won't buy a 2nd effort.


  • MoshForChrist

    Finally, someone else who dislikes the Almost's cd! He should stick to drumming.

    3 Feb 2008, 17:54
  • AxemRangers

    you definetly don't buy enough stuff

    8 Feb 2008, 6:46
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