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17 Nov 2007, 20:17

So here's a list of my favourit Interprets. I've got this idea from a good friend, STILLxSTANDING .
Some of the Interprets i don't hear very ofen anymore, but I think some of them are worth to mention here.
I hope I won't forget to edit it, if i got more ideas or if something changed... Well I will forget ;] but i hope, I'll remind me sumtimes :P
So, let's just start!

Green Day
First Song I heard: American Idiot
Fell in love with: American Idiot
Actual favourite: Give Me Novocaine and American Idiot
At this place, I got to say, that Green Day was my first Punk-Rock Band.
Before I heard them, I was only listening to Hip-Hop.
That’s why I write a special thanx to them here.
I had so many f*ckin’ special moments with their songs, and got so cool friends I met only because I heard them.
So again a fat THANXXXXX GREEN DAY!!!

Simple Plan
First Song I heard: Welcome to My Life
Fell in love with: Welcome to My Life
Actual favourite: Thank You and Welcome to My Life

Sum 41
First Song I heard: Crazy Amanda Bunkface
Fell in love with: Crazy Amanda Bunkface
Actual favourite: Angels With Dirty Faces

First Song I heard: The Party Song
Fell in love with: First Date
Actual favourite: Shut Up

Bullet for My Valentine:
First Song I heard: Four Words To Choke Upon
Fell in love with: Cries in Vain
Actual favourite: Just Another Star

My Chemical Romance
First Song I heard: Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Fell in love with: Thank You for the Venom
Actual favourite: All I Want for Christmas Is You and Teenagers

First Song I heard: The Brews
Fell in love with: Linoleum
Actual favourite: Separation of Church and Skate

First Song I heard: Right Now
Fell in love with: Right Now
Actual favourite: Politically Correct

First Song I heard: I Melt With You
Fell in love with: 2000 Miles
Actual favourite: Rooftops

Taking Back Sunday
First Song I heard: You Are So Last Summer
Fell in love with: There's No "I" in Team
Actual favourite: MakeDamnSure and Cute Without The E (cut From The Team)

First Song I heard: If Everyone Cared
Fell in love with: If Everyone Cared
Actual favourite: Rockstar

First Song I heard: An alle Ladies
Fell in love with: Autobahn
Favorite: Ich glaube
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NOFX, Sum 41, Green Day Paradise


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