• Great show, per usual.

    16 May 2012, 17:16

    Thu 10 May – Ty Segall, The Strange Boys, White Fence, Bitchin Bajas

    Highly recommend any of these bands. Ty Segall band is always a rowdy, psych filled fuzzed out adventure.

    The Strange Boys were the only band that suprised me in a weird way, their sound was totally different from what I remembered, maybe going through an experimenting phase?

    White Fence took out some of the old jams and Tim Presley shredded guitar as only he knows how, and the Bitchin' Bajas brought the usual top-notch performance to the table.

    Only complaint about the show is that the venue is a little bourgeois for my taste. The sound is amazing here, however I don't know if it's worth the price of the upper-middle class masses and doorguys who have it out for you.