• album one liners

    30 May 2015, 9:31

    Atomic - GLITCH - so interesting for a guy who doesn't listen to industrial
    cYsmix - Voodooism the Sequel - so much talent; Volant is sexy
    M-Neko - Nekology - Koi Monogatari never forget
    lapix - Beyond the Limits - everything he touches turns to gold
    かめりあ - dreamless wanderer - the crossbreed begins
    Massive CircleZ - BREAK OUT BLACK - i can't not love their style
    Takahiro Eguchi + Tomohiko Togashi - Colorful Toque - makes me wonder, gets me thinking
    pichnopop - BLOOMIN'☆STAR - P*Light can do better
    pichnopop - BREAKIN'★STAR - solid remix take
    Diverse System - AD:TRANCE4 - they still got it
    SKETCH UP! Recordings - SKETCH UP! REMIXES TWICE! - aran is love and life
    en;Dolphin Records - Bitter Sweet Shopping - deep house is deep
    SKETCH UP! Recordings - Spumonica - listened mostly for Shim and Roughsketch
    AcuticLogics - CIERA - mellow; not too out of the ordinary considering An's record
    re:plus - Everlasting Truth - got my head bobbing
    HARDCORE TANO*C - SPEED BALL EVOLUTION - idk how i feel about change
    Diverse System - AD:Drum'n Bass 2 - my past me would orgasm with this liquid stuff
    Lost Garden - MIDNIGHT ADVENTURER - kaguraduki is straight up beautiful
    S2TB Recording - S2TB Files4:Eagle - lemme c ya hans in da ehrr
    Unitone - Unitone PHASE:Remixes - future bass rising up
    REDALiCE - REDSHIFT - bigroom is a no no; j-core stuff is aite
    Diverse System - AD:PIANO3 - so live that i'd bump this at starbucks
    Unitone - VISTA - fairly standard uplifting trance
    Niazura - Sea of Stars - anything this chill is a guilty pleasure
    Psycho Filth Records - ブチアゲスピードコア 2 - upbeat speedcore isn't a erkeep
    LV.4 - INNOCENCE & INNOCENCE - still brings the freeform; could lose the hardstyle
    削除 - fairythm - classical sense mixed with an electronic body...?
    cYsmix - Voodooism - captures the mood of said title quite accurately
    The Cancel - Diversity - jazz hop for the soul, not as diverse as they say
    Nhato - Etude - musical electronic genius
    The Cancel - Daybreak - just another day
    Betwixt & Between - Nanosecond Eternity - otherworldly
    Nujabes - Modal Soul - a journey through life itself
    Nujabes - Metaphorical Music - speak to me through beats
    Madeon - Adventure - he takin' us places we've never seen before
    DJ Shimamura - FENIX - uk hardcore master from land of rising sun
    Polyphonix - B [Blossom] - take it to the club
    DA RECORDING - Visitors 2 - direction felt all over the place
    HARDCORE TANO*C - IRREGULAR NATION - i can't dislike it; they still create good, non-hardcore sounds
    Digital Logics - The Walker LP - KaSa god tier
    Massive CircleZ - ABSOLUTE - i believe in unique hardcore x edm
    Diverse System - AD:Nearly 120 seconds - IIDX: Diverse Mix
    SKETCH UP! Recordings - Hybrid Monster - underwhelming hardcore
    Black Berry Recordings - Lio Sazer EP - straight up progressive trance
    kamome sano - archive001:reworks+ - new solo album fav
    Unitone - ETMOS - lawy stealing the show
    cubegrams - SUPER AURA - did not like initially, changed my view on psytrance
    ONE OK ROCK - 35XXXV - the levels between instruments to Taka's vocals were completely off imo
    Holtunes - FORTUNES - fresh, upfront hardcore
    STRLabel - Imitation Disco - get ya funk on
    Light Notes Recordings - …β - let your mind drift away
    【sakuraburst】- deconstructing nature - shit's demonic
    (Don't say)Goodbye - Goodbye to 1sec before - Kankitsu dubstep
    T2Kazuya - Blooming - changing up the hardcore game
    Shingo Nakamura - Days - life moves on
    Diverse System - AD:128 (Disc A) - first discovered kobaryo's versatility through here
    tsunenori - Landscape / Promising - emotional beats to reflect on life
    tsunenori - Fantastic Journey - he jazzed it up while keeping dat piano groove
    Diverse System - AD:128 (Disc B) - i was not hype for anything
    RJT Music - Campaign For Real J-Trance Vol.2 - you can feel the emotion
    nitsua - Unreleased Material - takes me back to a time when things were simple
    EXIT TUNES - EDM EXTREME - MK is true electronic god; camellia's fucking megamix doe
    banvox - At The Moment EP - dayum sun
    源屋 - MINAMOTRANCE CORE BEST+!! - i owe this guy everything
    花たん - MISERICORDIA - she's got a great vocal range
    Diverse System - AD:HOUSE 3 - yep no regrets accidentally buying this aha
    Primary - -1 - girls dead monster
    Atomic - DRUM AND BASS keep inside - HOW IS THIS GUY NOT POPULAR
    Ronald Jenkees - Disorganized Fun - the original; raps ain't his thing though
    C.H.S - KAKATTEKOYEAH!!!! - t+paz wins
    FELT - Cold Snap - the magic is still here
    µ's - μ's Best Album Best Live! collection - love is life
    MINAMOTRANCE - 田端バースト!! - all over the place
  • M3-35 (i actually ordered stuff !!)

    21 Abr 2015, 21:41

    EDIT: ordered again to grab FORTUNES, chaotic solutions and Goodbye to 1sec before aha
    EDIT2: friend offered to buy me Light Notes' shits sick

    ***progressive scene is in with Digital Logics, Light Notes, BBR & Unitone among others representing jeez they're too good
    **hardcore scene didn't impress much with xfd's (exempting SOLIDBOX and Holtunez; those will be bangers)
    **rip tano*c. some tracks could've easily been switched with MNK's and Noriken's upcoming releases imo. i can't move on ;;
    *KaSa is straight up supa hot fiya. a shocker for sure if he's actually C-Show
    *XIO hopefully still bringing a new JWF release moved to fall M3 ,_,
    full anticipation for The Walker LP, SOLIDCORE VIII, FORTUNES and ...β

    DYNASTY RECORDS - FENIX: yeah idk why i overlooked this album in the first place. this is currently my hardcore bible of 2015 until otherwise. there's tons of energy to go around; it's that good
    SOLIDBOX RECORDS - SOLIDCORE VIII: despite XIO's track being the shortest of the bunch, i still can't go against my main man. his melodies are way too addicting to pass up. as for the album, solid, just like the previous ones of recent memory. no DJ 490? i'd bet he's secretly Hellbent because those opening basslines sound awfully familiar.
    pce Arzest; i hardly knew ye. will listen to some Evolve Tune soon in ya memory~
    ADSRecordings (Polyphonix) - B [Blossom]: whoaaaaaaaaa. this ain't bigroom no more. this is tune. haven't jammed to this kind of dance music for awhile. re:vision's sax all day errday
    DA RECORDING - Visitors 2: DA knows how to keep it mellow. there were highs and lows, but i felt the direction was all over the place. that, or i couldn't figure out a story from start to finish
    HARDCORE TANO*C - IRREGULAR NATION: okay, i give. big ups to the tano*c crew. high energy from minamotoya and t+paz, unique trap (am i really saying this?) sounds in the middle, Kobaryo with chill vibes, even P*Light with psytrance? would be interesting to see kenta give dubstep another try. maybe next time
    Digital Logics - The Walker LP: ..leaving me out in the cold...
    Massive CircleZ - ABSOLUTE: Hardcore x EDM + trap pt 2. i believe Genki's got it down now. this new direction he's taking works for me. Kobaryo still killin' it with dem crossbreed tings
    Diverse System - AD:Nearly 120 seconds: IIDX: Diverse Mix. great batch of talent; brings out the best of the artists in such a small frame of time per song. VALLEYSTONE's trap is probably the only track i couldn't get down with, yet, Avans' future bass is cool by me
    SKETCH UP! Recordings - Hybrid Monster: feels like an attempt at club hardcore. aside from that annoying police siren sample Relect used, the rest was alright. not sure why Noriken added (This is not) Anthem; the space should've been used for another track altogether. Nhato's main lead reminds me of Moogl3 / Chasers' stuff lol. shoutouts to Shimamura and P*Light for these bangers
    Black Berry Recordings - Lio Sazer EP: i hope the uplifting / progressive trance scene won't die out in the doujin world because this cd's a golden treasure. goin' on repeat fo sho
    tatsuta recordings - archive001:reworks+: well then. i haven't had this much fun with a solo electronic album since Camellia and SirensCeol. this nig covers a broad range styles which never lets up. i feel bad for not listening to any of these previous works mang. plasma (2015 rework) is such juicy hardcore
    Unitone - ETMOS: aran's dnb style reminiscent of the Apolo EP, a funky Kudo, an on point lawy, and experimental satella. this works. i find lawy's stuff starting to really grow and evolve on me; Genetic Atmosphere really did plan out a, well, genetic atmosphere. call me crazy, but i couldn't find much variance in his older works (kind of what's happening to aran now).

    Chiba's hiatus better just be writer's block and not something worse :|

    Holtunes - FORTUNES: from the xfade alone i knew everyone on the lineup here was going to smash it. party ova hurrrrrr
    Light Notes Recordings - ...β: so soothing that you can trance out and drift away. i used this to drown out friends' snoring during anime north lol. truly magical
    (Don't say)Goodbye - Goodbye to 1sec before: has its moments; got a soft spot for nora2r's hardcore. although s-don's tech dance track did not go well with that vocal. but Kankitsu drumstep...holy shit
    RJT Music - Campaign For Real J-Trance Vol.2: you can feel the emotion. big ups to D-Fener for putting this collaboration together. Deadline's my shit
  • C87

    27 Dic 2014, 16:46


    Kusemono Records (cYsmix) - Voodooism the Sequel: omg. i totes should listen to the prequel sometime. Volant stole the show for me with dem ~Porter Robinson~ vibes
    MEGAREX (lapix) - Beyond the Limits: everything he touches must turn to gold because this album gets me pumped up like crayZ
    かめるかめりあ - dreamless wanderer: Camellia fusing up even more different genres together to produce heavier tunes. his neurofunk with dreamless wanderer is the highlight here imo. why no entry to AD:DnB 2 ??
    Massive CircleZ - BREAK OUT BLACK: nothing game changer but hey MNK signature. could've equalized better with more of their darker sound and less uplifting. Rock The Party edit and P*Light remix for days doe
    UOM Records - BREAK OUT WHITE: WE'LL SHAKE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD. Sector 7 rly cool dubstyle. aran trap disappoint
    MORNINGWELCOME (Takahiro Eguchi + Tomohiko Togashi) - Colorful Toque: makes me wonder, gets me thinking. nice & consistent
    pichnopop - BLOOMIN'☆STAR: although not as repetitive and exhausting to listen to as Genki's works, P*Light's sounds really uninspired here imo. Hommarju's collab is aite though. here's to hope for more Prismatic stuff in the works
    pichnopop - BREAKIN'★STAR: Junk and Hommarju top as fuc tunes as always, Noriken with some throwback hardcore, Ryu with the lazy production. all in all a solid remix take.
    Diverse System - AD:TRANCE4:

    DISC 1 - Lilium Records on the rise. Sanaas i could imagine on here but ETIA. and Ujico* were surprising additions. i feel Nhato is out of place as his track sounds different compared to the rest; ain't a bad thing, still kicks ass aha
    DISC 2 - from Taishi's trademark design, Kobaryo's hard kicks and the psytrance contributions, there's something for everyone. Puru's Second Sea was the only track i wasn't too content on. but mang, Nordkapp so gud
    DISC 3 - dis uplifting sound
    DISC 4 - and this one is truly emotional. definitely a proper finish to the album. i really can't pick a favourite here

    SKETCH UP! Recordings - SKETCH UP! REMIXES TWICE!: XIO, P*Light, Myosuke & Minamotoya standing strong while Shim's happytrappy stuff and C-Show's bigroom not really impressing. aran redemption; surely hype for Unitone remixes now
    en;Dolphin Records - Bitter Sweet Shopping: oh you know we gettin' down tonight. downtown to the malls, obviously
    SKETCH UP! Recordings - Spumonica: more Genki, more or less the same. i felt lapix could've done better with a full on drumstep track rather than hardcore (probably wouldn't be on here if so); seemed like the melody was all over the place. i intially thought RoughSketch was going to botch with the 'happy gabber' but i somehow enjoyed the thing. totes could be on a Bright Colors as opposed to his DJ Laugh works
    AcuticLogics - CIERA: An dabbing into his mellow side to match Alinut's progressive groove. both their styles rarely have variance, but man do they sound good time and time again
    HARDCORE TANO*C - SPEED BALL EVOLUTION: P*Light, Genki & aran don't fit here to the series' previous moods; alright as standalone tracks. 2nd half is quite tight with lots of crossbreed juicyness
    Diverse System - AD:Drum'n Bass 2: this takes me on a trip back in time where dnb from UKF and Liquicity was the norm.

    DISC 1: i remember disliking neurofunk as opposed to all the Feint tracks i listened to years ago. still not a full fan favourite but the darker side is growing. love the endings with Warm Ball and while (true) to finish and cool off the disc
    DISC 2: experimental jungle vibes to the minimalistic liquid approach; this is great. though, maidable was not my cup of tea

    Lost Garden - MIDNIGHT ADVENTURER: now that's what's up. thank you kaguraduki for depicting the mysterious Girls' talk to us. bumping this on a late night drive is plausible
    S2TB Recording - S2TB Files4:Eagle: camon, lemme c ya hans in da ehrr. sorry Kosuke, that kick does not go well with the leads in Strings. most of the rest is deliciously breaktastic
    Unitone - Unitone PHASE:Remixes: Kobaryo, USAO and now even aran incorporating 'bit' sounds into their works. it's a conspiracy. ryunosuke with that future bass; i feel it's so much better / chiller than trap
    ALiCE'S EMOTiON - REDSHIFT: i've never been the biggest redalice fan. maybe it's partially due to me not accepting big room house works (same as to when dubstep was at the forefront of electronic music). but his hardcore's alright; i can jam to Red Dwarf and his Rebirth update
    Diverse System - AD:PIANO3: not much to say; i'm always down for piano incorporations. only masaki kawasaki's contribution felt too bland with that recurring bell sound and b's harmonica, which i'm not fond with
    Unitone - VISTA: a fairly standard trance album. MK & Junk can do no wrong
    Psycho Filth Records - ブチアゲスピードコア 2: had high hopes from the xfd. i'm trying to like this but the album's not clicking very well. H.U.T and RedOgre's happy sound feel like they conflict with their respective speedcore beats. i just don't understand, perhaps
    CODE-49 - INNOCENCE & INNOCENCE: a step up from BEYOND AROUND imo. the vocals aren't anything special, but LV.4 overshadows that anyway. bring freeform to tano*c again pls. more psytrance pls
    Diverse System (削除) - fairythm: i can't even come up with proper words to describe this work. 'hacking the system', let's go with that
    MINAMOTRANCE - MINAMOTRANCE CORE BEST+!!: (i actually ordered this album recently \o/)

    this takes me back. i attribute Minamotoya's 'CORE' series for introducing me to j-core and even further into the doujin world in general. i still remember having a playlist on my ipod of everything in his discography from CORE DUO to CORE X SKETCH during my final years of high school. aside from electronic tracks i've listened casually and played in my time on FFR, this had quite a different sound as to what i'm used to hearing -- mind you i mostly listened to hands up, a couple touhou arranges and animu during this period.

    what else can i say. this shit's nostalgic. his melodies were simple, yet memorable. Blue Sky, You Will Be, Dear, moonlight night, into the night, everything from CORE X SKETCH; all time favs. forever eternal support


    C-Show - Sideflip | t+pazolite - NAughty ADventure - maybe C-Show wasn't too hardcore enough here. i wasn't feelin' it
    aran - All I Need | t+pazolite - Luv Again - if aran took away the vocal sample, i would give the match to him because that shit was groovy. but i can't hate on t+paz here either
    Roughsketch - Akihabara Warriors with ちよこ | t+pazolite - Otsukumi PARTY HARD feat. ななひら - i call a tie. RoughSketch produced a harsher and more pleasing track to my ears but t+paz used denpa vocals a lot better imo
    Yooh - MariannE | t+pazolite - Bad Boy's missa - Yooh gothic masta
    cosMo@暴走P - ほしのもりびと | t+pazolite - Count down 321 - Kobaryo should've replaced cosMo as the latter's song lacked any depth at this bpm. it was a total massacre

    tl;dr gg t+pazzer

    FELT - Cold Snap: yer FELT doing what they do. Eris' You're the sunshine didn't mesh with the flow of the rest cause bigroom. on the bright side, Vivienne's Lost My Way gave off the vibe of being off track fo sho
    MINAMOTRANCE - 田端バースト!!: been putting this one off for awhile since there wasn't many tracks i was interested in. initially thought this was going to be a future bass compilation with Minamotoya opening. most of the tracks felt like they were missing something. perhaps this was more experimentation than anything
  • M3-34

    7 Nov 2014, 11:58

    so many great tunes where do i start

    C.H.S - deposition e.p.2: mang, this goes hard in a slow way and that definitely isn't a bad thing by any means. new love
    Lilium Records (Arch vs Sanaas) - Ray of Eternity: hardcore tings, but too many generic vocal samples here and there. i dig Answer and nora2r's Pink Blink remix nonetheless
    ETIA. - Hard & Catchy: quality jams, in need of more trancecore stuffs. (Love is not) Logical is some neat hard dance doe. wouldn't mind more of that
    Next Reflection - Resonance of reverse/obverse: takes me to another planet. departure and starless #1
    Unitone - Unitone phase:03: Kenichi Chiba MIA ;; aran's Wipeout / Reconstruction too similar to Old Heaven / Wanderlust, respectively. will jam to DA and the rest
    SKETCH UP! Recordings - JP-H/D #05: original bangerz, 10/10, would blast again
    J-NERATION - J-NERATION: j-core fusions unite. how is Kobaryo so versatile. promise also 2gud
    Massive CircleZ - Massive Circlez 4: COME ON OVAAAAAAAAAAA
    GAT - GAT Friends: GAT02 still the best in my heart. i'm not that hype on big room yet. Muryoku-P's Intent, however...
    Lilium Records - Lilium X1: Noriken's totally killing it with all his hardcore rave stuff lately. the house stuff on here is coolio
    SOLIDBOX RECORDS - SOLIDCORE VII: the majority is a bit underwhelming imo; Fuck The System stood out to me. always a pleasure hearing XIO too
    AcuticNotes - I/K INTERCEPTION KNOWS: An confirmed hacktivist. still pumping out great albums with interesting themes to boot. the various collabs keep his works fresh as well
    Binzokomegane Girls Union - 秋奏色フルコース: what is this collaborative effort. it's cool hearing some artists like Genki and C-Show out of their usual elements. Taishi and void gone though :<
    pichnopop - HAPPYNATION #02: so upbeat and happenin'. Noriken's totally on his hardcore game lately, DID I SAY THAT ALREADY
    Illegal wave Records - Reincarnation: i have mixed feelings on this one. can't get into Succubus Helna / Morita yuuhei / baruA's style of gabber; need more exposure in the long run perhaps. i can ride with 300yEn and 6th for sure
    MINAMOTRANCE - E.O.W.A.: mah main man. classic Minamotoya tracks with a dash of middle eastern / oriental vibes
    Japanese Stream Hardcore - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.5: a variety of different styles to love on this compilation of mainstream hardcore. Capture grabbed my attention
    Digital Logics - Silhouette: so chill, uplifting and progressive. think i found my favourite of the event unless Noizenecio can deliver
    Digital Logics (BERNIS) - The stars my destination: ahhhh. fucking Yuri Yuzriha. the piano parts fill me up with so much emotion; i might tear up any moment now. top tier shit
    SOLIDBOX RECORDS (Noizenecio) - TRICK OF PHANTOM: listening to this made me think that i should pay more attention to the mainstream hardcore scene in general. Noizenecio best. The fury of excitement, Typhoon, the older tracks, the remixes; unrivaled mang
    ADSRecordings - A [Are you ready?]: some big room, some mainstream house. i can bob my head to this. MK solo album when
    Splash Energy Recordings - Voice of the Wolves: i like the consistency on this album. varying up freeform is beyond me