• Back To My Roots

    25 Sep 2007, 11:14

    Well!!! Now my true musical history will unfold. My good lady has bought me a means of getting my vinyl onto my hard drive.
    My music addiction began in 1975 when i was 14 years old. Up until then i was listening to pop stuff on the radio and black music was very hard to get hold of. My first purchase was K.C and the Sunshine Band when they first hit the scene.
    Ever since then i have collected all kinds of black music except Reggae ( unusual since i am of Jamaican heritage) and over the next months my playlist will reflect what i used to listen to in the 20 years before i bought my first cd.
    I hope some of the material will take people back to the days before the internet, back to the days of the record shop,cassette tapes, ghetto blasters and the wet look hairstyle!!!K.C. and the Sunshine BandGraham Central StationParliamentOhio PlayersCameoStevie WonderPrince