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  • hitsuji-hime

    Oh wow D: I had me a shitty job too, but at least my new job now is much better (except for the fact that I have to work Sundays too). And no problem ^^ That's so cool *o* Technology can really help us out, y'know? But yeah, I was brought up the same way, learned a lot over the internet for the past ten years or so; without it, I wouldn't even know that gay was even a thing and end up getting a bigoted view from a family member or something if I asked. And that's understandable; money is not important to some people, which is what we need more in this too greedy world. As for me, I just want money to help my family, plus to satisfy my cravings for Jrock stuffs and all that mess. ;w;

    12 Oct 5:31 Responder
  • hitsuji-hime

    OH THANKS A LOT ;w; But yeah, it is a pain in the ass ;w; never been so pressured to do my work and turn it in on time...But so far, I have all financial stuff worked out, but this is only my first semester, so it's too soon to tell. I'm majoring in art, which I hate so far....I don't know if I wanna change it yet. And thanks ^^ Oh wow, really? You sound pretty educated to me though; you have an advanced vocabulary, and you know more stuff than I do, which is pretty cool. And don't you have any other ways to make money? :o

    10 Oct 21:27 Responder
  • hitsuji-hime

    Ah, sorry about that ^^;; That's great to hear dear! I'm currently busy with college's kicking my ass - I have two writing projects that are both due days apart in November. ;w; Oh well, at least it's Thursday, and I'm off again for the weekend.

    9 Oct 22:43 Responder
  • hitsuji-hime

    It's cool, thanks for accepting! ^^ So how are you?

    9 Oct 17:49 Responder
  • Nox-Aeternus

    - HELLO ! Merci . Respect & Salutations ! Grand plaisir de vous voir rejoindre notre groupe , bienvenue . Les Jumelles Monosy-Goths ; Chantel & Chantal ! Respect ! Les Jumelles !

    25 Sep 5:33 Responder
  • Nox-Aeternus

    - HELLO ! Respect & Salutations ! Tres belle médiatheque , félicitations ! Les Jumelles Monosy-Goths ; Aeternus&Nox-Aeternus ! Respect ! Les Jumelles ; Chantel & Chantal !

    24 Sep 9:20 Responder
  • RickGazerock

    Hi ^^ Sorry for bother you, but, can you tell me where you got Platina songs?

    22 Jul 18:38 Responder
  • gazerock91


    16 May 17:53 Responder
  • gazerock91

    ohi do you hate me? :з

    7 May 18:44 Responder
  • luvmoonGAZE

    coreans [2]

    19 Feb 7:18 Responder
  • blvmbe

    It's not the one that listens to all the coreans is it? The other seemingly non-wap listens to a peculiar mix of hipster staples, jpop vomit and bouncy WWF nu-metal...

    10 Feb 23:15 Responder
  • blvmbe

    I don't know, but you spoke of purging in the group so I deduced that is was possible! It would be pretty silly if last.sux didn't allow it too. And I understand the context now lolol intentional misspellings are infectious too, among others things

    10 Feb 22:55 Responder
  • blvmbe

    It should suffice! Did the group leader suffer the same fate as cake? If not, he should go there to look for whoever listened to iamamiwhoami and purge. Off-topic but as a little shota many many moons ago, I was scur'dd of this eroterrorist and one junna777, whom spoke to each other in riddles were part of the strangest groups!

    10 Feb 22:26 Responder
  • blvmbe

    Scratch the suggestion, with the name taken there's not much one can do. I recall you don't remember the password for that particular account?

    9 Feb 19:13 Responder
  • blvmbe

    AH HE IS NOT RESPONSIVE TO YOU EITHER? I THOUGHT HE WAS JUST DELIBERATELY AVOIDING ME. I wasn't not a member, but I would join; and now with the same breath I'd propose making a new visual gay in effort to get rid of the stereotypes and other waste. YOU'D BE CORRECT, AND CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY BECAUSE THE ONE THAT PRECEDED IT WAS POP ART.

    9 Feb 18:56 Responder
  • Grado3

    i love u *_*

    10 Dic 2013 Responder
  • Junna777


    16 Ago 2013 Responder
  • pinkmakona

    Nice to see you listen to エルム!

    23 May 2013 Responder
  • pinkmakona

    It still took time though! :p Well, i can't promise anything but i will have a look. I don't really buy of itunes and i don't like to buy music that way. Yes, that was my plan. The band deserve a bio, i am going to do it tomorrow now. It's kind of late here and i don't want to rush it!

    23 May 2013 Responder
  • pinkmakona

    Ah, ok. I was thinking of doing a small biography for them, since they don't have one. I should be able to do one now.Thanks for the links and taking time to do some research! I agree with you! I think it's the same person. Also, the album is called " D_STREAM", lol. I will see if i can get any D_CLACX releases. :o

    23 May 2013 Responder
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