Gigs in 2008


30 Dic 2008, 0:32

25.01. -/- Morrissey, London
Morrissey vanished after 4 songs due to an illness - that's what I call an "Unhappy birthday" for me!

26.01. 6/10 Art Brut, London
Small gig of Eddie and the rest of Art Brut, it was a fun night.

01.02. 9/10 Maxïmo Park, Potsdam
The smallest Park-gig I've ever been to, what an intimate and energetic show!

18.02. 8/10 Portugal. The Man, Bremen
It felt like a long jam-session rather than a gig, awesome!

22.02. 7/10 Dirty Pretty Things, Paris
Carl and the rest in a museum in Paris, really small gig, so glad I saw at least one really good show of them before their split.

16.03. 7/10 Editors, Hamburg
Better than expected, Tom really is a stage hog!

22.03. 7/10 Dartz!, Bremen
They put on a really good show, too bad there weren't more people there - they'd have truly deserved it!

28.03. 6/10 The Hives, Bremen
A lot better than at the Rock am Ring, but still, they'll never be among my favourite bands, they bore me after a while.

29.03. 7/10 The Wombats, Cologne
Sweat ran down the walls of the Gebäude 9 at the end of the show, a fun show.

18.04. 9/10 Get Well Soon, Bremen
Wow, they blew me away, Arcade Fire meets Beirut, the best new band of 2008 for me!

26.04. 5/10 No Picasso, London
Not really bad, not really good.

27.04. 7/10 Love Music Hate Racism Carnival, London
The Paddingtons and The Good, the Bad & the Queen were really good, too bad I didn't get to see Babyshambles (once more...), because Pete was in prison.

28.04. 5/10 The Holloways, London
Great location, but the gig was way too short.

28.05. 5/10 Maxïmo Park, London
Nice to see the guys again, but unfortunately I didn't hear them, no sound at the front row.

20.06. 7/10 Hurricane Festival, Scheeßel

Turbostaat 5/10
Nice, no more, no less.

Enter Shikari 4/10
Bad sound and boring somehow.

Kettcar 5/10
Again, bad sound at the Main Stage and they didn't seem to be into the show 100%.

Monster Magnet 3/10
We just had to keep our spot at the front for the Beatsteaks (one of my friend's favourites), I felt like beamed to the 80s again.

NOFX 6/10
More is less, if the singer would have stopped with his jokes at some point it could have been better.

Beatsteaks 7/10
Fun show, bad sound.

The Weakerthans 8/10
Too bad they played one of the late night spots, a real great show.

The Pigeon Detectives 7/10
A funny way to start the second day.

The Enemy 4/10
Trivial. Boring.

The Wombats 8/10
Just one big party!

The Subways 6/10
Not too bad, but after the singer yelled "HURRICANE!!! Rock 'n' Roll!!!" for about the 54th time, I got seriously p**** and bored.

Madsen 2/10
Worst show of the year. I wanted to keep my spot in the front row for Maxïmo
, so I had to get through the set. Bad lyrics, bad jokes, bad poser on stage.

Panic at the Disco 4/10
I never got into them, boring.

Maxïmo Park 9,5/10
Best show of them I saw this year! Paul ran from one end of the stage to the other like a madman, Lukas nearly knotted himself at the keyboard, even Duncan started to throw his guitar in the air - it was a magic night. When "Books From Boxes" started I really felt a hurricane in my back, hearing 50.000 people singing the song was amazing!

Tocotronic 9/10
Great show, even in the pouring rain and thunderstorm!

Flogging Molly 8/10
Biggest party of the weekend, even though I'm not into the music at all.

British Sea Power 5/10
I was really looking forward to them, but somehow I didn't get into them, too bad.

The Cribs 5/10
Same as British Sea Power.

The Kooks 4/10
Yawn, I was happy to go early to see my best gig in 2008.

Radiohead 10/10
The lights...The screens...The music...Thom Yorke...

04.07. 8/10 Get Well Soon, Bremen
Again a very good show.

12.07. 5/10 Death Cab for Cutie, Hamburg
A disappointment, boring.

09.08. 4/10 The Killers, Cologne
What happened to The Killers? I'll have to post about them in my journal about the albums in 2008 again with a even worse score.

10.08. 9/10 Maxïmo Park, Amsterdam
Great location, great show, my 20th gig of the Park and "Once, a Glimpse" - oh happy day!

11.08. 4/10 Louis XIV, Cologne
Too loud, boring show.

12.08. 8/10 Maxïmo Park, Luxembourg
Another great show of the Park, if they keep on putting up shows like this I'll never get bored of them.

16.08. 7/10 V-Festival, Chelmsford

The Futureheads 6/10
I expected a bit more, but maybe I should try to see them in a small club rather than at a festival.

Alanis Morisette 4/10
Nice to hear some old songs like "You oughta know" and "Ironic".

Lost Prophets 3/10
I can hardly remember them to be honest.

Maxïmo Park 6/10
One of the weaker gigs of the Park this year.

The Kooks 3/10
They get more and more boring everytime I see them.

Stereophonics 9/10
See them in Germany and you're bored to death - see them in England with 40.000 people singing "Dakota" and you love them!

The Prodigy 8/10
Dancing the night away!

The Rifles 5/10
Nice, no more, no less.

Amy Winehouse 6/10
A strange gig, at some points I thought I see a living dead on stage, poor Amy.

Kings of Leon 4/10
Sorry, I don't get the hype.

The Verve 9/10
A dream came true, The Verve live!

23.08. 5/10 Lovebox Weekender, Dublin

Das Pop 5/10
Simply nice.

Plain White T's 3/10
Not my cup of tea at all.

Kid Creole And The Coconuts 7/10
Haha, one of the funniest shows of the year!

Paolo Nutini 4/10
Again, I don't get the hype. Probably I'm too old.

N.E.R.D. 5/10
Hey...Ho...Hey...Ho... Well...

Maxïmo Park 6/10
They did their best, but most of the audience was there for other artists, so there was a lack of people and vibes.

13.09. 8/10 Sport, Hannover
A great German band, too bad there weren't more people.

19.09. 6/10 Tomte, Hamburg
Another great German band, but this was the weakest performance I saw of them this year.

27.09. 7/10 Portugal. The Man, Bremen
Too crowded, but nearly as good as in February.

14.10. 3/10 Dirty Pretty Things, London
What a bummer!

15.10. 6/10 Little Man Tate, London
Great location (Proud Galleries) and nice show.

16.10. 8/10 Oasis, London
Finally...after 14 (!!!) years I managed to see them! Front row, great show!

17.10. 9/10 Oasis, London
Even better than the night before, the atmosphere at an Oasis-gig is just awesome!

18.10. 6/10 The Charlatans, London
It was ok, but I was a bit disappointed.

05.11. 5/10 Blood Red Shoes, Bremen
They should take a break, they certainly need one.

07.11. 8/10 Oasis, Cologne
Oasis in such an intimate venue, a dream came true.

12.11. 7/10 Tomte, Bremen
Much better than in Hamburg in September.

17.11. 8/10 Feeder, London
Dancing and jumping around at Brixton Academy.

18.11. 7/10 Feeder, London
Another good show, but the day before was better.

22.11. 9/10 Tomte, Hamburg
One of the best shows of the year, they blew me away!

15.12. 8/10 Olli Schulz, Bremen
A great German singer/songwriter who would have deserved a better audience, giving his best for almost 3 hours!

20.12. 8/10 Tomte, Berlin
Last gig of the year, Tomte yet again! Tomte were awesome again, but the audience was a bit poor.


  • Floh1991

    Wow, dass ist ja mal ne Liste...!!! Und im nächstem Jahr scheints bei dir ja so weiterzugehen.....

    30 Dic 2008, 15:44
  • Plato12

    hui... sehr fleißig, da kann ich nur äh sehr bedingt mithalten, aber immerhin hatten wir das gleiche beinahe-konzert am anfang des jahres (naja, bei mir wars noch weniger beinahe wie bei dir)

    13 Ene 2009, 17:39
  • bonethehead

    macht richtig spaß die liste mit den kommentaren zu lesen! neid steigt in mir auf XD

    25 Mar 2009, 22:17
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