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3 Oct 2008, 23:57

Wed 1 Oct – Filter at Wasted Space (Las Vegas)

Promptly at 10p, the band entered one by one, Richard last.

His band mates wore t-shirts and jeans. Richard wore a black button down and stunner shades, a Richard Patrick trademark.

The Wasted Space venue is really small and you can barely squeeze a four-man band on the little platform. Richard was pretty conservative in his rocking out for an industrial rocker. Although he did have some violent moments with his mic stand and dared the crowd to start a mosh. The whole night, their guitarist did this head-banger move where it looked like he was trying to break flaming cinder blocks with the top of his head. * bash *

Richard can still scream like back in the day.

Set list:
"Welcome To The Fold"
"American Cliche"
"Dose" strong sounds of STP. First song of the set that Richard picks up a guitar.
"What's Next?"
[new song. had "So where do we go?" in the lyrics]
"Trip Like I Do"
"Its Gonna Kill Me"
"So I Quit" Before this song, Richard asks the crowd, "Do you know punk rock?"
"Jurassitol" After this song, Richard declared that song is about and old man that tells a young man to go to war. "Do you understand?" he asked. He said they wrote it ten years ago.
"Hey Man, Nice Shot"

They "closed" at 11p and came back on for an encore a minute later. Their encore consisted of four songs:
"The Take"
"Captain Bligh" ? Extended? Richard demanded the crowd clap our hands, "Keep time," he said. I don't really like it when performers make the audience clap. If the audience feels it, they'll show it. But then again, Vegas is a really hard place to perform. My very wise friend who works in the Joint has a saying, "People here just don't fucking care."
They closed with "Take a Picture" I'm not getting into the sell out discussion. Who ever knows what the artist's intention is? But I will say that I thought it was a little fruity of them to close with this song.

Richard seemed unsatisfied with crowd participation and lack of enthusiasm, once saying "Fuck yeah, come alive, bitches!" and throughout the concert emptied a total of three water bottles over the crowd. He said, "Something drastic had to happen."

In the beginning of the show, someone in the crowd yelled out, "Play that song we know." If Richard jumped out in the crowd and beat the dude, I totally would've understood.

As far as the venue goes, I like Wasted Space. Its always cold, though. Like you can feel the AC pounding down on you. I learned to layer. When the show is done, a DJ comes on and gogo dancers take to the platforms.

I thought the sound was good. I thought it was full and balanced, the bass was hard and thrusting. The instruments didn't overpower vocals. But my friend said it sounded tinny. But then again he goes to a lot of concerts. He and my bf wore earplugs. I listened bareback.

I was reading some lyrics and lyric notes on Welcome to the FOLD (, a Filter fan community. Whomever moderates, writes the meanings of most of the songs. I've read conflicting information on other websites in some regards. But anyway, some of the song meanings are interesting as pertains to the literal lyrics.

Overall: 3/5 stars.


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